Saturday, 27 August 2011

The reviews are slow in coming...

"Coming Back" has been out in the big wide world for two weeks now but to date I have only received one review...and that was three stars. Not bad but not the longed for five stars either! Maybe there will be more to come, maybe I am being impatient. How do you other writers out there feel about the dreaded review? Is it something you check your email for every five minutes? Something you dread? Or take with a pinch of salt?

Whatever our reactions to reviews, they are there whether we like them or not. If you missed my review, here is the link:

My question this week to both my visiting writers & readers? How much do reviews affect your choice of which erotic story you will buy or pass on? Are they a big influence of your choice? Or do you stick by a certain author or publisher? Let's talk!

Rachel x


  1. Reviews influence me little in my choice of reading. Now, in my writing they affect me and how! Bianca Swan

  2. I'm a reviewer for Night Owl Review, The Romance Studio and The Forbidden Bookshelf. Sorry if that scares you. When I review I'm looking for flow, plot, characterization and if the book held my interest. Honestly, sex in a book is the last thing I look for. If the emotions and the connection isn't there then the sex means nothing to me.

    As a reader, reviews mean almost nothing to me. I know, I'm a reviewer but on the flip side of that, reviews are subjective. Its one persons opinion and that's what it is...their opinion. I tell authors that if they get a review that they don't like don't worry about it. Some people will like you and some won't.

    I'm an aspiring writer and I've already gotten some rejections and that hurt but I haven't stopped writing.

    I'm completely across the board on authors and publishers. If the story is interesting, I'll buy it and read it.

  3. Reviews mean little to me in terms of buying a book. As Harlie Reader said, they are just one person's opinion. I also find that many reviewers like to go on and on and reveal far too much. I want to read the book, not find out everything in the review.

    I don't particularly care who the publisher is and I love trying new/new to me authors. Again, like Harlie Reader - if the story interests me, I'll buy it and read it.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, ladies! This has made me feel so much better about my own work and others. Lately I have found far too many authors worrying about reviews to the point that they actually stopped writing!

    Can you imagine?? I can't. No way, no how would I be able to stop writing regardless of the review. I want to do this forever. Through the good, bad and ugly, I intend to keep going. Thanks for sharing, especially Harlie Reader, it's great to get a reviewer POV.

    Onwards and upwards...hopefully to a 5 Star review (joking!)

    R x

  5. To all the authors out there just remember that reviews are only ONE opinion of one person. You are going to have some like your work and some not. Its not the end of the world UNLESS its does with malice, snark and generally mean and rude. If this happens to you, do not hesitate to contact the admin/owner of the review site. That should not be tolerated at all.

    Again, just my opinion.