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Welcome Siren Publishing author, Eliza March!!

Welcome, Eliza! I think this is your second visit here so thanks so much for coming back to enduring another grilling by yours truly :) You're backlist is forever growing, you are one busy lady! Can't wait to find out how you do it...

Shall we dive straight in?

1) What is your writing routine?

I was very disciplined for awhile. Now, the more books I have out, the less organized I am. I’m one of those people who gets more done when there’s more to do. I need more WIP’s to stay on target.

2) Which author/s inspire you to write?

Different authors inspire me in various ways. JR Ward inspires me to go darker with snappier dialogue for my heroes. CL Wilson makes me want to build a better world. Christine Feehan inspires me to deeper internal emotional relationships. Nora Roberts makes me feel like a sloth I write so slowly.

3) Which is your favorite romance subgenre to read? To write?

I love reading paranormal romance. I think it my favorite to write, but it’s also the most challenging for me. World building is something I have to work at.

4) How do you deal with criticism/rejection?

I have a noose hanging from a tree out back... No really, there was a time when criticism and or rejection depressed me for awhile. I think so many of us are “pleasers” it’s hard not to be disappointed when a reader or reviewer or agent or editor says “Eh...” about our work. I prefer a reason for rejection. That way I can learn something from it. Now I accept the fact I can’t write something for everyone’s taste, but it doesn’t stop me from trying.

I recently decided to write the books “I” want to write. The ones I love and enjoy being inside the covers with are going to fill me with joy and when I’m finished I hope the readers will love them as well.

5) What do you expect from an editor?

I want my editor to be my harshest critic and my most avid cheerleader. I guess that sums it up.

6) Tell me about your latest release

Dual Bondage: Roped and Tied published by Siren Publishing and released through is the second book in my Hollywood Cowboys ménage series. In the first book Any Way West, Trey Barnes is the conduit to bringing Carly and Jake back together again. In Dual Bondage, Trey’s twin (yum yum), Marc, rides in on a Harley and plays a tattooed “cupid” in leather for Trey and Mariah. The story takes place in Vegas, where Mariah explores all the fantasies available in a BDSM club.

The research was... What can I say...? Interesting?

7) Tease us with a blurb or short excerpt

Here’s the blurb and a short excerpt exclusively for your readers. Two other excerpts are available at the BUY site.

[Ménage and More: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, with M/M and M/M/F not involving heroes/heroine, BDSM, orgies, public exhibition, sex toys]

Desperate to fulfill her fantasies, BDSM and a ménage with the Barnes twins tests Mariah O’Donnell’s boundaries: Marc the master instructor with a dark past and secret baggage—Trey the charismatic charmer with a slow hand and a gentle touch.

Trey Barnes’s production contract has a morality clause, and the one woman who turns him inside out is testing his mettle. His competent location manager is trying to seduce him. Forgetting Mariah means bedding every available woman. Only it’s not working.

After unsuccessfully seducing her boss, Mariah is hot, horny, and furious. Until Trey’s roped and tied beneath her, revenge sex with his twin may be a daunting diversion, but Marc wants Trey to see how much Mariah cares.

Trey wants Mariah too much to resist the ménage she offers. If he wants a shot at happiness, he’ll have to find a way around the contract.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Hollywood Cowboys

Any Way West Dual Bondage: Roped and Tied (MFM)


Mariah imagined his breath hovering over her breasts and trembled. “I’ll bet there’s never been a woman born who could turn you down.”

“Including you?”

“Including me, if I believed you were serious.”

“I was serious, Mariah.” His lowered voice went all gravelly, sending tingling sensations to her nipples. “Something about you… I don’t know. You make me want to be different. Gentler.” His next words were almost a rugged rasp of air when he grunted out, “I am fucking serious.”

She sensed he was genuinely aroused and frustrated. So was she. The moistness between her thighs felt almost slick when he moved behind her. He wrapped an arm around her waist, clasping her body against his, and his erection stabbed insistently into the cleft of her ass.

“If it’s my brother you really want…”

She stiffened in his embrace when he mentioned Trey, but he didn’t release her. “I don’t know.”

His grip tightened slightly. She liked his firm control.

“Is it wrong to want you both?” Was it? Should she react like this to Marc when she felt the way she did about Trey? Was it wrong to want both men, and what each could offer? Would Trey resent her for offering herself up to both of them?

“I can assure you, we’ve never had a problem sharing before. I like to dominate. He likes to soothe. It works out best for both of us and our partner.”

Her heart pounded in her ears, and she held her breath. She didn’t respond when he continued explaining, “He’s the sensitive one, slow hands and detail-oriented. I’m the one who’ll give you a hard, fast ride without missing a beat.”

8) Which is your favorite character in the book? Why?

Marc. No doubt about it. He’s the bad boy with attitude and a little sense of humor. He’s damaged and redeemable. I’m a sucker for a wounded hero. The harder they are, the more the challenge. He was also so much fun to write, I’m thinking about writing him some more. We’ll see.

9) What are you working on right now?

I’m a frustrated writer of vampire stories. So far, I’ve written, were-wolves, shifters, unicorns, succubae, dragons, fae, and only God know what, but I haven’t completed either one of my vampire books. I’m ready to finish one soon... Someone, hold my feet to the fire!

10) Your biggest piece of advice to aspiring novelists?

Your words aren’t golden. If an agent or editor suggests revising, try it. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, but keep an open mind. If someone is willing to invest their time in you, it’s probably a good thing. Listen to all advice – take what you want and discard the rest. Some things will work for you others won’t.

11) Where can readers find you?

My website ( ) is an embarrassment at the moment. I spend so much time blogging ( ) that’s where I focus all the most up to date information. Some of you may not know I write romantic suspense under the name Elizabeth Marchat, the full length novel from Siren is called Across a Crowded Room. All my other books are available at Bookstrand.

Great interview, Eliza - and fantastic advice on many levels, right from editors through to writing what you want to write rather than what you THINK others want. This never works. I know this from personal experience and my writing friends experiences. If you don't love your story, no one else will. Fact.

Let's open to questions & comments! :)

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Publishers, publishers, publishers - Oh my!!

With more and more publishers opening up to us every day (and some closing!), I often wonder how writers and readers choose which publisher to buy from. Or does the publisher name have anything to do with our buying decision at all?

I personally tend to rely either on 'word of mouth' recommendation of a book or publisher OR the all-important cover of course, draws me in time and time again. God bless our cover artists :). Is that bad coming from a struggling writer trying to get her work noticed? Maybe, but it's also honest. Why would a reader buy a brand new story from a writer they have never heard of without a 'heads-up' on the writer's talent to weave a great story?

It doesn't upset me that my books might be pushed aside in favour of another BUT it does bother me if I know I haven't done my best to get to know my readers and they know me. So my next question is how well does promo work and what is your favourite thing for an author to do when he or she is celebrating their new release?

I love blogging and especially love interviewing - the comments and discussions afterwards are alway fun, enjoyable and a great way to find out about my readers personalities, lives and families. We are human, writers are human and that means we like personal contact.

So let's open the debate! Word of mouth, publisher reputation, cover...what makes you buy that book?

R x

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Welcome fellow Wild Rose Press writer, Rynne Raines!

I am very lucky that the day is still showing as Tuesday when in fact, as I type this it is Wednesday morning in the UK. If it wasn't for Rynne contacting me yesterday I would've completely forgotten to put up her interview. When did life get so mad??

Anyway, all's well...over to you patient lady! ;)

1 1) Who is your favourite author and why?

Oh man, so many great writers and so little time. For Historical Romance, I'd have to say Nicole Jordon. Paranormal, Marie Treanor has recently caught my attention. And for BDSM themed, Brynn Paulin is up there on my list. Those are the first three that come to mind at the moment. Oh, and if you're looking outside the romance genre for super creepy suspense, Tess Gerritsen takes the cake. I LOVE her Rizzoli and Isles series.

2) When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I've been trying my hand at writing since I was about thirteen but I think I really decided I was a writer when I signed my first contract five years ago. Does that sound too cliché? LOL

3) Describe your writing space?

My writing space is clean and organized. It helps compensate for all the clutter in my head. My office is a 10 x 8 room dominated by a cherry wood desk that showcases a few pictures of family next to my laptop. Oh, and I have a baby gate across the doorway to keep my dog from gnawing on my desk and laptop.

4) What are you reading now?

Your interview questions...ah, okay, you want books. What book am I reading now. Well, I have a hard time writing and reading at the same time so I'm not reading anything at the moment. I do have a few books awaiting my attention. Right now I have Blood Sin by Marie Treanor lying in wait. That will be the next book I read once I'm finished the first draft of my work in progress and ready to let it stew.

5) How many books have your written?

I've written five eBooks so far.

Which is your favourite? That has to be my new BDSM themed release, Legally Bound. Given it's my longest story so far, I spent a lot of time with the characters and love them dearly. They just felt right for me, in every way. The entire Eden Series is close to my heart.

6) What comes first, plot or characters?

I tend to go with a loose plot at first before developing my characters. Once the characters are introduced to the world I've created they usually take over and dictate the brunt of the story.

7) Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

HA! Sometimes I wonder if there's ever a time when I'm not suffering from writer's

8) What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

To tell you the truth, I love to watch the cooking network. OMG, does that sound totally lame? Ah well, even if it does, it's true. I also like to eat. Didn't see that coming, did you? With that being said, between eating and watching the cooking network which only makes me eat more, I go to the pool with my better half three times a week and do a little kickboxing/aerobics from time to time. I also love to camp and travel and spend time with friends.

9) Tell us about your latest book?

Legally Bound is the third story in my BDSM Eden series and the one that is closest to my heart. Here's the blurb:

Evelyn Morgan has a secret. Donavan Carver wants to expose it. Bondage, debauchery, and a weekend at Eden lands one of them on their knees….

For years, Eve has craved sexual domination, but a kinky romp in the hay isn't worth destroying her prestigious legal reputation over. Even if that romp’s with her handsome rival and legendary Dominant, Donavan Carver. Desperate to protect her secret and keep the notorious playboy at bay, Eve clings to the lie she’s told for two years—she’s a Domme. Donavan doesn’t buy it. Given an opportunity to put Donavan’s doubts to rest, Eve lures him into a bet he can’t win—one that will tether him to her leash. So what if she cheats to win? He’ll never find out. Or will he?

10) What’s next for you?

I'm currently working on a new BDSM Romance that should be done within the next month then it'll be time to find it a good home. I've got a few more ideas on the burner that are churning in my mind and here in Canada the winter's are long, so I hope to kick out some good writing over the next 8 months.

Fabulous interview, Rynne! Really jealous over your clean and tidy workspace, mine is a mess! My husband is desperate for us to visit Canada. Whereabouts are you?


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My critique partner and me!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

I am 15,000 words into my latest work in progress which i estimate will be my longest yet at 40,000 words. Up until now, i have only written short stories around the 12,000 word mark as I found my feet and confidence in writing erotica romance. After the feedback and reviews my stories have received, I am starting to find my strengths and weaknesses and want to try a longer length story.

Of course, the new added extra I have while working on this book, is the most amazing critique partner I could have ever hoped for. She is thorough and honest and I can already feel myself becoming a better writer because of her feedback. What more could I ask for?

I hope to have the new story done by the end of October and submit it to my editor. In the meantime, here's the blurb:


Michelle Hutton leaves everything behind and flies from the UK to Greece in search of a new beginning. Her first encounter is with a sexy, pro-bono lawyer with a body that could adorn the cover of Playgirl. When they talk, he tells her his sister has a restaurant that desperately needs a new chef. Sam Clarke seems too good to be true. And Michelle doesn’t trust anyone else after being let down time and again by the people she loves. Including the mother she left behind. But damn, he’s hard to resist…

Sam Clarke is a busy man – a man on a mission to help women in jeopardy. So when a woman with hair like a sheet of gold and eyes bluer than the ocean walks into an airport bar needing help, what is he’s supposed to do? The electricity between them is hotter than a live wire and Sam soon learns Michelle is more than capable of demanding and getting what she wants. She doesn’t need him, he should walk away…yet time and again he goes back for more.

What do you think?

R x

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Welcome Amira Press author, Tina Gayle!!

Hi Tina, it's great to have you visited my blog today! Looking forward to hearing about your latest release. Enjoy your time here!

The floor is yours...

Skills that Can Transcend One Obstacle Can Also Help With Others

As a writer I use a number of techniques to help me stay focus and to motivate myself to keep working at the daunting task of finishing a book.

One of the first things writers learn is that their characters need goal, motivation, and conflict to make a good story, but don’t we all have the same challenges.

Goal – to finish the book

Motivation – to prove to myself I can do it.

Conflict – finding time to write.

What I find interesting is this can apply to other things too – say to lose weight or achieve a difficult task.

Goal – to lose weight

Motivation – to look and feel better

Conflict – finding time to exercise, eating the right things

If we can apply the skill we learn in writing a good book to our everyday life, then like finishing the book, we can achieve anything.

Am I as good as others at these skills--probably not, but it drives home the point I have more to learn. Not only about writing, but at positive self-talk, visualization of the dreams I want to achieve and letting go of bad.

Here’s to you achieving your dream and having a happy-ending.

Youthful Temptations


A widow with two grown children, Linda Clayton is ready to let loose and have some fun. Jilted at a party, she met a younger man, Vaughn Reagan. He has an active imagination and allures her into his life by tempting her with seductive games.

Vaughn is thrilled to find a woman who doesn’t want children. He offers Linda a job so he can spend his days with her. Now, if he could only convince her to forget their age difference and enjoy the nights in his arms.


"Damn it, why can’t he ever be home when I need him?" She turned and glared at Vaughn. "Who are you, and what do you want? I’m telling you, I’m not in the mood to put up with anything at the moment."

The light streaming through the patio doors showed the angry set of her mouth and the heated look in her eyes. The red flush of her face displayed her irritation. He wondered if it’d deepen to the same crimson shade when she was excited. A faint light flashed. She snapped her cell phone shut indicating she’d been trying to call someone.

Not surprised by her reaction to him interrupting her, Vaughn raised his hands to show her he meant no harm. "Can’t say I blame you with the way Philip treated you. He can be a real prick at times, especially if you’re balking at his current pet project."

"And exactly why does he hanker for a wife and a child?" She pointed her cell phone at Vaughn’s chest. "Because I’ll tell you, marrying a woman just to produce kids is a really bad idea."

"I couldn’t agree with you more." Vaughn stepped forward and held out his hand. He craved her touch and the sensation of the fast beat of her pulse against his fingers. "By the way, I’m Vaughn Reagan. Philip introduced us at the start of the evening."

Her forehead wrinkled, and she tilted her head slightly to the right.

Vaughn added Philip’s earlier description. "I’m the computer nerd who works at home and never gets out."

"Oh, yeah, shows you what a total idiot he is." She shifted her phone to her other hand.

She closed her cold fingers around his, and their palms touched briefly. The image of her hand stroking other parts of his body teased his mind with erotic possibilities. He released his grip and reminded himself to take it slow. Six months marked a long enough dry spell to suffer without a date.

"My son is working on his degree in computer science," she added and slipped her hand from his. "And even though he doesn’t travel much, he’s brilliant. He surfs the Net and learns all sorts of useful facts. Knows more about the world than anyone I’ve ever met."

"Yes, well, the Web can be a lonely place. Chat rooms and cybersex don’t provide much of a physical connection." His words registered. At the same time, she jerked back with a shocked look on her face. "I mean . . ."

She shook her head, her full lips quirking into a grin. "I know what you mean." Her gaze shifted to the people still inside the house. "But sometimes I think companionship is overrated."

"No, there are jerks everywhere." He crowded closer and pointed to her phone. "But I can’t blame you for wanting to leave. Bill and Karen are nice neighbors, but some of their friends are less than polite."

"So you live around here, too?"

"Next door." He pointed over her right shoulder. She turned, and her arm brushed his shirt.

A sweet fragrance tickled his senses, almost the same scent as fresh-baked cookies. He drew in a deeper breath and identified the alluring scent.

Vanilla. His mouth watered for a taste.

She glanced back over her shoulder. The sexy pose plunged his heart into overdrive. "That really is close."

"Yes, and it provides an easy way to escape the boring company of fools." He forced himself to step around her and held out his hand. "Why don’t you run away with me?"

Her hair caught by the wind blew across her face and blocked his ability to read her expression.

She shoved the silky auburn strands out of her eyes and frowned. "That’s not a very good idea. I don’t even know you."

"Yes, but are you sure you’d like to return to the party?" He read the answer on her face. The light from the sliding glass door lit the frown forming on her lips and the subtle narrowing of her eyes.

The notion of her going home with him caused excitement to race through him, and he tried to remember if the place appeared presentable.

"No, but if forced to choose between the devil I know and the devil I don’t . . ." She strolled forward and laid her hands in his. "I guess you win."

"Good, you won’t regret it."

Tina Gayle

Great excerpt! I understand Amira Press are a new publisher. Would you mind sharing a bit about your experience with them?


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Welcome Silver Publishing author, Rebecca Rose!!

I am thrilled to be hosting Rebecca here as part of her "Love Beyond Time" blog tour. Rebecca is offering a $50 Amazon gift certificate as a grand prize so please follow her along the tour. The more you comment, the more chance you have of winning this fabulous prize!

Here are the details of where and when you can find her:

Okay, let's start the interview...

1) What is your writing routine?

I get up in the morning and I get the kids ready for whatever they’re doing that day. After they’re settled, dropped off, or entertained I sit down to write. Basically, I write every day in every moment I can.

2) Which author/s inspire you to write?

When I read Nalini Singh or Stephanie Tyler I want to be a better writer.

3) Which is your favorite romance subgenre to read? To write?

My favorite romance genre to write is always Paranormal but I vary what I read. I always prefer Paranormal but a great Historical or Contemporary Suspense makes me happy too.

4) How do you deal with criticism/rejection?

I hope that I am developing a thick skin. If a reader doesn’t like the book or a reviewer writes a thoughtful review disliking a book, I can respect that. Not every one is going to like all the same things.

As for rejection, it still burns. I think it always will. But its part of the process and I accept that.

5) What do you expect from an editor?

I’d like a teamwork experience. I like when they care about the story and want to work with me to make it better.

6) Tell me about your latest release

Love Beyond Time is the first book in my series The Outsiders. A prophecy foresees eighteen children being born within hours of one another. They will be the only ones who are capable of destroying the greatest evil ever born on earth. But when things go horribly wrong, the eighteen are separated from one another, left to live in the human world with little to no knowledge of who or what they are not. But finding their soul mates will bring the fight to them whether they want to be involved or not.

7) Tease us with a blurb or short excerpt

Born one half of a perfect pair, Kal has spent his life believing his other half is gone. But when fate thrusts Isabelle into his arms, he will have no choice but to become the man he was destined to be. That is, if he can battle his own demons first.

Not willing to accept her heritage as an Outsider, Isabelle tries to hide from the truth. But when Kal’s life is on the line, she will have to step forward and embrace her powers or watch everything she has come to love disappear.


Abraxas Moore stared one more time at the unforgiving clouds forming above him. The weather would soon become perilous, and he knew he had very little time until they caught him. Even the Green Hills, the place that had sheltered him and his kind for centuries--their home--was no longer safe.

The rain that he was sure would start at any moment would not be life renewing. It was not a sign of rebirth, and he knew with a near perfect certainty it was not even natural in its origins. Rather, it had been conjured by those who sought to kill him as a means to draw him out into the open. They hoped he would make a mistake and fail at his task. Then they would be able to trap and kill him.

Most disturbing, however, was he knew they would succeed in their task.

His role as leader of his people, not one he ever truly sought, weighed heavily on him that night, and he knew not even the love of his wife, Niki, would sustain him through what was to come. The prophecy was no longer something that would eventually happen, but was actually occurring in front of his eyes.

Time had finally caught up with them.

8) Which is your favorite character in the book? Why?

Kal is a fabulous character to write. He’s been through a lot but he still wants to do the right thing and protect the people around him. I really fell in love with Kal when I was writing him.

9) What are you working on right now?

I’m writing the fourth book in this series and I’m so excited with how its turning out.

10) Your biggest piece of advice to aspiring novelists?

Keep writing. Write all the time. The more you do it, the better it will get.

Excerpt 2

Isabelle Listora stood in front of the creepiest cabin she had ever seen. It didn't look deserted, not really, but it didn't look lived in either. It hadn't been occupied for at least several days, she was sure about that. The door hung open and it looked like the local wildlife had taken what was left of the food from the cupboards. At the very least, Isabelle was relatively sure that she wasn't going to be finding any neglected children occupying the cabin today. If they were there—and her instincts told her they were not—then they were well hidden and not likely to come out just because she asked.

Everything about what had happened since she had woken up this morning had seemed so bizarre to her. Why was she being sent out into the woods to investigate child abuse? Where was the local agency and why were they not looking into what was happening? She had, in fact, asked her boss those same questions several times before heading off into the middle of nowhere, driving four hours from home to an unknown destination where she would have no police help or known local resources to call upon in case of an emergency. Once again, inwardly, she groaned at the absurdity of the whole thing.

11) Where can readers find you?!/rebeccaroyce

Author Bio:

As a teenager, Rebecca Royce would hide in her room to read her favorite romance novels when she was supposed to be doing her homework. She hopes, these days, that her parents think it was well worth it.

Rebecca is the mother of three adorable boys and is fortunate to be married to her best friend. They live in northern New Jersey and try not to freeze too badly during the winter months.

She's in love with science fiction, fantasy, and the pararnormal and tries to use all of these elements in her writing. She's been told she's a little bloodthirsty so she hopes that when you read her work you'll enjoy the action packed ride that always ends in romance. Rebecca loves to write series because she loves to see characters develop over time and it always makes her happy to see her favorite characters make guest appearances in other books.

In Rebecca Royce's world anything is possible, anything can happen, and you should suspect that it will.

Book Video Embed code:

Great interview, great excerpts, great trailer - I wish you lots of sales and a huge following on your tour! Enjoy!


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Welcome fellow WIld Rose Press author, Livia Ellis!

Hi Livia,

Welcome to my site, I have been looking forward to this interview because I don't think we've 'met' before, have we? I love meeting new authors from a reader's point of view as well as a fellow writer. Can't wait to learn more about you!

1) When and why did you decide you wanted to be a published author?

I've always written. I wrote my first story when I was about eight. Coming around to the idea that I could make a living as a writer took a lot longer than I imagine it takes most writers. The moment when I realized this was a possibility was during an on-line creative writing course. The feedback I received from my submissions from the other participants and the instructor was so positive and encouraging, I realized that maybe I might have the chops to make it.

2) What is the best and worse thing you have learned from an editor/agent?

I have learned so many things both bad and good during my experience with editors and agents it's hard to single out just one example of each. I could probably write a book on what I've learned the hard way in my quest to become published. If I had to offer up a nugget or two of wisdom based on my experience in dealing with editors/agents, I would have to say the following: Buyer beware. Do not hitch your wagon to a person or organization that you wouldn't want to go on vacation with. There's a symbiotic relationship between the writer and the editor.

When I first made contact with my wonderful editor Lori LeBonde at The Wild Rose Press I knew I wanted to work with her. My upcoming first release Bare in Bermuda was initially sent back from her with a rejection letter attached to it. But... that rejection letter contained about five pages of suggestions on how I could make the story better and annotations on the manuscript where improvements could be make. I couldn't believe that someone who had rejected my manuscript felt it had so much potential to succeed that she'd make that much effort to help me improve it. I took her suggestions to heart, rewrote, fiddled and fussed then finally resubmitted. When it was accepted for publication, I knew I'd finally found the person I'd been looking for.

3) Favourite author/s?

At the top of the list I have to put two novels. Anna Karenina and Gone With the Wind are my all time favorites. There are a few authors I keep going back to, I've just discovered Gaelen Foley. I love her Knight Miscellany series. Devil Takes a Bride is tremendous fun. Jo Goodman is another favorite. Jude Deveraux of course is my goddess. She inspired me to write romance when I was a teenage girl learning about love.

4) What is your typical day?

I'm a bit of an early bird so I'm usually up at 6:00am. I'm addicted to my iPhone, so I always check my mail and Facebook before I'm out of bed. After I'm up, showered and have my coffee in my hand I get to work. Because I'm in Europe, I try to respond to emails as quickly as possible so I can catch my respondents before they go to bed. From about 7:00am to eleven I write and edit. Depending on what I have to do and what needs to be accomplished, I either take a short break or I'm done for the day. I try not to write in the evening. I like to keep my evenings free for reading, knitting and socializing.

5) Share your blurb or short excerpt from your latest release with us

Here's a small excerpt. This is the moment my two main characters meet for the first time:

As she looked up into the tall man's dark brown eyes she gave him a sassy look of naughtiness. It wasn't her normal practice to pick up men in airport bars, or bars period, but Henna couldn't help herself. “So,” she said. “Have you ever fantasized about picking up a total stranger in an airport and having your way with them?” Henna wasn't sure how far she was willing to go at that moment, but there was no harm in flirting with a stranger she'd never see again.

“What makes you think I haven't?” The look in his eyes and the tilt of his mouth told her what she needed to know. The who of her fantasy had been sorted out. The how and the where could be problematic, but nothing was impossible when one had credit cards and determination. If nothing else, the encounter would make for a funny tale to tell Simon when she returned home.

“Have you?” She returned his look.

“No,” he said. “But there is a first for everything. You are very beautiful and my flight is delayed.” His knuckles reached up and ran a line down her jaw. “Perhaps we can have a drink or two and discuss the nature of this fantasy of yours.”

“Eduardo!” An older man with graying black hair and the smell of money about him inserted himself into the cocoon Henna was starting to build. “Commo estas?” As she spoke about three words of Spanish, Henna rolled her eyes and turned away from the man and back to her drink. The older man that had interrupted her plans walked off leaving them alone.

Henna turned to her fantasy man. “Friend of yours?”

“Yes,” Eduardo nodded. “You'll have to excuse me. I am afraid I will be disappointing you. Perhaps destiny will bring us together again.” He then did the impossible and lifted her hand to kiss her knuckles. “You are very beautiful and it is not with a little bit of regret that I am going to say goodbye. I have not seen my very old friend in many years and will perhaps not see him again in many more.” He put a large bill on the bar then gathered his things. With a smile and a nod he was gone.

6) Who would you cast to play your hero & heroine in a movie?

Benjamin Bratt, without a doubt, is Eduardo incarnate. He has that sexy Latin man thing going on to his bones. Rachel Weisz has that combination of beauty and intelligence that is core to who Henna is. She also has the look of a woman that could be both passionate and cool.

7) Did you plan this book? Or write it as it came?

For me, a story idea is generally fleshed out in my head before I sit down and start to type. Bare in Bermuda was no different. I wrote through the first draft start to finish. Then I let it sit for a month, did a rewrite and sent it off as a submission.

8) What surprised you the most when you became a published?

That I'd finally done it, and that it had taken so long!

9) Do you have a dedicated writing space? What does it look like?

I don't. I like to float around depending on my mood. Silence when I write drives me up the wall. I need some noise. Either the radio or the TV.

What’s next for you?

I'm working on Passion in Portugal which is a follow up to Bare in Bermuda. I'm also working on my first m/m which is about a foxy Swill mountaineer and a gorgeous yet nerdy hot mess that find love in Tibet. Per normal for me, I always have more than one iron in the writing fire. I don't know how other writers work, but I always like to have more than one manuscript to go to depending on my mood.

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We seem to be very similar people, Livia! From Gone With The Wind being one of your favourite books, to living in Europe (i'm in the UK), to Facebook before you get out of bed, to not writing but reading, knitting or socialising in the evening. Amazing!

Great interview - comments??