Thursday, 8 September 2011

Blog or Not to Blog - That is the question!!

As I have a missing a guest, I thought I would fill in the space temporarily until Livia arrives...

Today, I want your views and comments on guest blogging - does it work in bumping up those sales? Increasing name recognition? How much and how often should we be blogging as writers? How often do you 'check in' on your favourite writers OR google them to find out what they are up to?

I love guest blogging, especially interviews that kick-start my brain and get me thinking. I like sharing my personal side my readers and not just talk about my writing. As a reader, I like to know about the person behind the pen or keyboard. How did they come to write? What sort of person are they? Do they have a family?

Let's talk subjects! What are your favourite subjects for erotic romance writers to blog about? Do you prefer blogs or interviews?

Over to you, guys!!

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