Monday, 26 September 2011

Publishers, publishers, publishers - Oh my!!

With more and more publishers opening up to us every day (and some closing!), I often wonder how writers and readers choose which publisher to buy from. Or does the publisher name have anything to do with our buying decision at all?

I personally tend to rely either on 'word of mouth' recommendation of a book or publisher OR the all-important cover of course, draws me in time and time again. God bless our cover artists :). Is that bad coming from a struggling writer trying to get her work noticed? Maybe, but it's also honest. Why would a reader buy a brand new story from a writer they have never heard of without a 'heads-up' on the writer's talent to weave a great story?

It doesn't upset me that my books might be pushed aside in favour of another BUT it does bother me if I know I haven't done my best to get to know my readers and they know me. So my next question is how well does promo work and what is your favourite thing for an author to do when he or she is celebrating their new release?

I love blogging and especially love interviewing - the comments and discussions afterwards are alway fun, enjoyable and a great way to find out about my readers personalities, lives and families. We are human, writers are human and that means we like personal contact.

So let's open the debate! Word of mouth, publisher reputation, cover...what makes you buy that book?

R x

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  1. It really depends. I have never read a bad book from Carina or the Wild Rose. Never. That said, sometimes my other go-to publishers, I have been disappointed.

    I have auto buy authors, too but lately, some of them haven't been all that good. I used to read the blurb but even that now a days, is misleading.

    Also, blogging and word of mouth helps me, too. I want to hear what people are reading and going to author websites to check out an author. I have found some wonderful authors that way.

    Great post Rachel. Its making me think at 5:30 am today. And I'm only on my first cup of coffee.