Sunday, 4 September 2011

Help me out and WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

As a new erotic romance writer I still feel as though I am learning all the time about what readers want, what I love to write, the themes people like to see, the characters, the SEX...

The things is - am I getting it right? How can I make the novella I am working on right now the one that scorches the hearts and panties off my readers? ;)

And then it occurred to me this morning, ask them! So instead of my usual poll, I want my lovely visitors to answer some questions...the ones that amuse or strike a chord with me the most will have the choice of a free download of either Explicitly English or Coming Back.

Here's the questions!

1) Favorite type of erotic romance?

Historical (which era?)

2) Preferred first sexual contact?

Page 1
Chapter 1
Within the first quarter of the story

3) Preferred situation?

Same sex

This is blatant market research, but I think writers need to ask these questions in order to know their readers - help me out and win a book, easy!

I'll announce the winner and why on Tuesday - good luck!

Rachel x


  1. 1. Contemporary is my favorite, but I read all of them.
    2. Within the first quarter. I love the build up.
    3. M/F first and then menage.

    BTW, loved Explicity English.

  2. 1. Contemporary (especially if it has paranormal elements) but I like most erotic romance
    2. Need the build up of the characters getting to know one another-so first quarter
    3. You know what they say-the more the merrier-I love menage and also M/F

  3. 1) Contemporary
    2) Within 1st quarter - need some tension to build
    3) M/f and Menage


  4. 1. contemporary
    2. Within the first quarter of the story
    3. M/F

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