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Welcome Siren Publishing author, Daisy Harris!

 Hi, Daisy! Nice to meet you - I think I'm right in saying we haven't met before. Wishing you all the best with your tour and sales of your latest release - can't wait to find out more about you and your writing. Let's get started....

1)   Did you set any goals for 2012?

Yes! I made a plan to release a dozen books with a single publisher before the end of the year. And I managed to do eleven with Siren before life got the better of me and I ran out of steam. That said, I had thirteen releases total in 2012. (Two were with Ellora’s Cave.) So I figure I met my goal.

I am working on another book right now and I hope to have it contracted by the end of the year, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be released until 2013.

 2)   What is the best part of the writing process for you?

I love when I get in the flow of a story and it just starts writing itself. Surprises are the most fun I have at this job. I’m a horrible planner, so whatever I think the characters are going to do is never what they end up doing.

However, when I reread what I’ve written I can see patterns and plot points. It’s just that I never seem to know what’s going to happen in my books until I’ve written it.

3)   The worst part?

The worst part is the same as the best part—getting into the flow. Near the end of writing a book I get completely manic. All the connections come together and I can’t write fast enough. This leads to a breakneck revision phase where I go faster and faster until I can make changes to the book in one sitting, or at least one day. And by the time I’ve got something ready to submit, my kids have eaten nothing but take out for days, I haven’t slept or showered and I’m flying so high on endorphins I probably shouldn’t be driving.

By that time, I’m so raring to submit a story that I often can’t even wait for feedback from beta readers. I know I’m done. I can FEEL it. And, okay… It pains me to admit it, but I’ve been known for the occasional drunken, late-night, impulse submission.

So, yeah. By the time I finish a story, I look like David Hasselhoff asking for a cheeseburger. But I’m trying to pace myself better… >.<

4)   What is the book you wish you’d written?
Hmmm… I wish I could write books like Maybe with a Chance of Certainty, by John Good. His work is so sweet. But I think maybe you need to be a gay man to write the gay high school experience convincingly. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t attempt it.

Then again, I often wish I could write YA, but I probably wouldn’t attempt it from a female point of view, either. My characters always end up having sex. Graphically. So, I guess that pushes me out of the YA fold.

5)   Favourite author/s & book/s?

I love Marie Sexton, John Goode, KA Mitchell and Anne Tenino. All their books are favorites of mine. Then there are books I love—Country Mouse by Amy Lane and Aleksandr Voinov and Muscling Through by JL Merrow. But my favorite books and authors change from moment to moment. I’m really excited about Brien Michaels’ upcoming releases (which I’ve had the luck to have critiqued) and I loved Jumbo by Todd Young.

Oh, and I adored Grown Men by Damon Suede. I know it’s sci-fi, but everyone should read it!

The individual books I like best are usually the ones that pose a question or present a theme I hadn’t considered before. However, the authors I like best are the ones whose voice most resonates with me.

6)   Tell us about your latest release?
It’s the most straightforward premise I’ve ever written: dork with a giant penis.

That’s really about it. Harold is a socially inept college freshman with a penis so big he’s embarrassed about it. Owen is a golden-boy popular kids who runs into Harold in the showers and becomes fascinated by making Harold over. At first, Owen wants to help Harold break out of his nerdy shell, but later, he just wants Harold.

Hijinks ensue.

7)   What is your favourite attribute of the hero and heroine?

I like my heroes to be vulnerable. I know that puts me in a minority among romance writers, but there you have it. I love tentative sex scenes, and nervousness, and breathless excitement. They don’t need to be na├»ve or waifish. But a degree of self-consciousness always makes a hero feel more real to me.

9)   What’s next?
I’m working on a story about a college guy who loses his home in a fire, and a sexy firefighter helps him rescue the deadbeat neighbors’ dog. It’s a story near and dear to my heart as I once had a house fire. But overall, it’s more of a comedy than a drama, as my small town college boy and his newly rescued bull mastiff end up living with the firefighter and his extended Latino family.

10)                  Tell me where you write?
In a word: Starbucks. I write at home sometimes, and I do have a desk. But I do more blogging and brainstorming there. To really buckle down and write, I need to be out of the house. With coffee.

11)                  Where would you like your career to be in 5 years?
That’s a toughie. I guess I’d want to have at least one book with decent print distribution. But really, I just want more fans.

Holsum College fans are so awesome. They’re dedicated to the series and the characters, and they’re so supportive of everything I do. I want to keep building on that base of support and continue to produce great stories for my readers.

12)                  Where can we find you?
I’m on Twitter all day and all night. I’m a complete tweet-a-holic, and am hardly on Facebook at all. Follow me on Twitter as @thedaisyharris. Of you can “like” my Fan Page on Facebook. I make a point to update my Fan Page with all relevant news.

Oh, and if you live in Seattle, you can find me at Starbucks!

My Fair Dork (Men of Holsum College 8)
by Daisy Harris



They say a guy can never be too hung. Well, Harold Jacobs doesn’t know who they are, but they’re wrong. Socially awkward for as long as he can remember, Harold feels his enormous package is just one more thing to be embarrassed about. Especially once hunky and popular
Owen McKenzie notices it in the showers.

Owen knows he’s bi, but he keeps that secret close to his chest. He likes Harold, and wants to help him shed his dorky image and maybe even find a boyfriend. Still, Owen can’t stop obsessing about Harold’s equipment. And much as he doesn’t want to flip-flop on his sexuality, Owen does want to test-drive what Harold has between his legs.

Their friendship erupts into full-blown lust. But can Owen accept the loss of his golden child status and be Harold’s boyfriend? And can Harold outgrow his insecurity in time to keep the man he loves?


Harold held up yet another striped T-shirt, a hopeful look on his face. “How about this one?”

“Still too big.” Owen shook his head. Man, the kid needed his help something awful. “Maybe you’re better off borrowing something of mine.”

“Yeah, right.” Harold turned away, blushing. It was pretty funny how he did that all the time. His skin was so pale, he couldn’t hide it at all when he turned pink. That milky, English tone probably sucked when Harold had a zit. Owen remembered how when he’d had acne first semester, the redness had shined like a beacon.

But his blushes were sort of cute.

“What’s your middle name? Maybe we could do something with that.” Actually, Owen was starting to think it was a lost cause, cool-ing up Harold’s name. But he was having fun with the process.

“Eugene.” Harold folded up his shirt and laid it neatly in his drawer.

“You’re kidding.” Owen could stop the snicker that escaped his lips. Wow. Harold’s parents had really screwed him over in the name department.

“Don’t laugh.” But Harold was smiling, too.

Owen’s belly got warm, the way it did when he found someone he really liked to hang out with, or a girl he wanted to date. Why hadn’t he and Harold gotten to know each other sooner? The guy was funny, and had this great, deadpan sense of humor. But his personality was like his dick—something people would be amazed by if they ever saw it, but that Harold felt the need to hide.

“Okay.” Owen bounced off the bed. “We’re gonna have to stick with the name you’re currently using.”

“That’s good to hear. It’s on all my school forms,” Harold said.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Birkenstock-wearing glamour girl and mother of two by immaculate conception, Daisy Harris still isn't sure if she writes erotica. Her romances start out innocently enough. However, her characters behave like complete sluts. Much to Miss Harris's dismay the sex tends to get completely out of hand.

She writes about fantastical creatures and about young men getting their freak on, and she's never missed an episode of The Walking Dead

            My website: http://www.thedaisyharris.com/
            Twitter: @thedaisyharris
            Siren Page: http://www.bookstrand.com/daisy-harris
            Book buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/my-fair-dork

Daisy will be awarding a large-size dildo, a scented penis candle, as well as a $20 gift certificate to the winner’s choice of Barnes and Noble or Amazon to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. 
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Saturday Promo - Grace Marshall...

New Release: An Executive Decision by Grace Marshall

A hot romance novel - first in a series of three.

Overworked CEO Ellison Thorne has no time for sex, let alone romance. The only answer, at least where his retiring business partner Beverly is concerned, is a no-strings sex clause in her replacement’s contract, designed to make Ellis’ busy life easier – and hotter. But she’s joking, right?
When Dee Henning takes over Beverly’s job, sparks fly between her and Ellis, but work takes priority in driven Dee’s life too. Can one night of passion in a Paris hotel room prove Beverly’s Sex Clause is their secret to success in the boardroom and the bedroom, and what will happen if that private clause becomes public knowledge?

Grace Marshall lives in South England with her husband and the growing gang of hooligan birds who frequent their feeders. When Grace isn’t busy writing something sexy and romantic, she’s busy digging in her ever-expanding veg garden or walking across the British countryside. She finds inspiration outdoors in nature, and most of her best story ideas come to her while she’s walking or gardening.

Grace is the author of the fast paced, quirky Executive Decisions Trilogy published by Xcite Romance. 
An Executive Decision, the first novel in the trilogy, will be available soon at all your favourite book sellers with lots more romance served hot to follow in the near future.

Grace Marshall’s alter-ego, K D Grace, writes critically acclaimed, best-selling erotic romance. Whether it’s sexy romance or romantic sex, between The Graces, there’s a story for you.

Find Grace here:

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Paradise Hops by Liz Crowe...

Paradise Hops
Liz Crowe

A brutal attack left Lori Brockton convinced she was damaged goods. By the time she emerges from hiding two years later, ready to run her family's famous brewery, she's determined to be independent--never rely on anyone ever again. Nearly a year of working in every corner of Brockton Brewing Company, from warehouse to pub, front office to kitchen, teaches her all she needs to know about the business.
Then, she comes face-to-face with masculine perfection in a suit and her world is rocked in more ways than one. Garret Hunter is the new Brockton business manager who takes one look at the beautiful, sad young woman and his entire existence coalesces around winning her heart. 

But standing between Garrett and what he believes is his true love, is a six-feet six-inch blond-haired bad boy brewer.
Eli Buchannan is a craft beer rock star, recently hired by Brockton to drag the company into the 21st century. He brings innovation and attitude plus a prima donna ladies man reputation.  But he's sworn off anything resembling commitment, personal or professional, after getting burned at his last job on both fronts. 
Garret Hunter is “The Perfect Man” -- handsome, successful, stable, eager to settle down. Eli Buchannan... is not.  Compelling, smoking hot, creative and elusive, he represents everything Lori Brockton should avoid.  But just as she makes a difficult choice, a drastic life-changing shift occurs, and nothing is ever the same again.  

Lori smiled as the classical music rolled around in the brewery space, watched the brewery staff scurry around, efficient, happy, in spite of the scowling presence of the brew master. They’d all learned so much from him. He’d instilled a sense of pride, a ton of new processes and systems and generally made the whole place run better. She looked over at him and blushed when she realized he’d been starting straight at her, his eyes dark and brooding.

She ignored him for another hour, busying herself with cleaning, then running the filter for a new batch of dark lager. When a hand touched her arm she jumped, and the safety glasses slid down her nose. “What?” Eli gestured for her to follow him out of the cooler. She did so, all the way into the office at the back, her scalp tingling at the memory of their one encounter there. His broad shoulders were tense and his face radiated anger when he turned to her.


Microbrewery owner, best-selling author, beer blogger and journalist, mom of three teenagers, and soccer fan, Liz lives in the great Midwest, in a major college town.  Years of experience in sales and fund raising, plus an eight-year stint as an ex-pat trailing spouse, plus making her way in a world of men (i.e. the beer industry), has prepped her for life as erotic romance author. 

When she isn't sweating inventory and sales figures for the brewery, she can be found writing, editing or sweating promotional efforts for her latest publications. 

Her groundbreaking romance subgenre, “Romance for Real Life,” has gained thousands of fans and followers who are interested less in the “HEA” and more in the “WHA” (“What Happens After?”)

Her beer blog a2beerwench.com is nationally recognized for its insider yet outsider views on the craft beer industry. Her books are set in the not-so-common worlds of breweries, on the soccer pitch and in high-powered real estate offices.  Don’t ask her for anything “like” a Budweiser or risk painful injury.

 ARC reviews for Paradise Hops:

Liz will be awarding a "swag pack" from her brewery, the Wolverine State Brewing Co including 2 tee shirts, a pint glass, a hat and a certificate for a free growler fill plus $15 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

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Saturday Promo - Laura Browning...


He’s hot, he’s sexy, and he’s a seal!

For seven years, Cayden Clifton’s had to stay away from the woman he can’t forget. But now his banishment is over and he’s returning to claim Annabel Barton, if she’ll accept him for what he is… a Silkie. 

Annabel has returned to Long Island Sound to close up her father’s home. The place holds nothing but bitter memories of a summer that changed her life forever. She lost the boy she loved and the use of her legs. The last person she wants or expects to see is Cayden. He walked away from her when he found out she was paralyzed, so what could he want with her now?

Book 1 of the Sea Lovers Series


She fumbled in the dark to find her crutches.

Slowly, carefully, she negotiated the slope down to the dock. It had always been the place she came to whenever her heart was heaviest. She had come here when she was seven and her mother had just died. She had come here again when she was fourteen. Now she was back, seven years later. As she stared down into the water lapping at her toes, her gaze went to her legs. Taylor was right. You couldn’t tell, just looking at her, that her legs were next to useless.

Annabel dragged her hand across her eyes with sudden decision. Without bothering to remove the t-shirt she slept in, she dove off the end of the dock and swam out and away. At least here she felt at home, felt normal.

“A little late for a swim, isn’t it, Annabel?”

The deep voice startled her. Cay! She floundered. Unable to effectively use her legs to tread water, she frantically scissored her arms to regain her equilibrium. Hard fingers closed around her upper arms. He grabbed her, holding her pressed against him while he stood, his feet firmly planted on the bottom of the bay.

“Leave me alone, Cayden!” she protested, arching away from him and pushing at him with her hands. Even as her mind panicked her body reacted to him. No, not again! At that moment she hated her body even more. Even in the darkness, she saw his nostrils flare as the scent of her arousal rose up to him. She didn’t want this; it was too painful. He was in her past and he should stay there, not see her like she was, not see her as a cripple! “Go away!”

Buy Link:

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Welcome erotic romance author, Samantha Holt!

 Hi Samantha, welcome! It's great to be able to host another UK romance writer on my site. I look forward to learning more about you and your writing. Good luck with the tour!

Let's get going with the questions...

1)   When and why did you decide you wanted to be a published author?

Shortly after finishing my first story. I originally wrote it purely for my own pleasure but I decided that, even if only one other person ever read it, it would be nice to share something that I loved creating.

2)   What is the best and worse thing you have learned from an editor/agent?

I’ve learnt that I’m not very good with taking criticism! But the best advice was remembering to show rather than tell. You don’t need to describe every nuance if you can show it in your characters reactions. Let the reader take the lead. I don’t think I’ve had any bad advice yet.

3)   Favourite author/s?

Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, Terry Pratchett and Sue Grafton and numerous unnamed romantic authors. I love so many!

4)   What is your typical day?

I have twin girls who are six, so my day starts with getting them sorted for school. I don’t write until the afternoon so if I’m not spending time with friends, then I’ll do some housework and tackle all my emails. I do the rest of my writing in the evening, when I seem to be at my most productive.

5)   Share your blurb or short excerpt from your latest release with us

As a rebellion sweeps England, Lady Annabel finds her home overrun by rebels. Much to her relief, a dark knight comes to her rescue, claiming to have been sent to protect her by her uncle.

But Nicholas holds a secret about the job he was sent to do and it is a far cry from what Annabel believes it to be. As the attraction between them grows, Nicholas begins to question the dark life he has lived. But is it enough to change him and will Annabel ever trust again after learning the true nature of his sinful duty?

6)   Who would you cast to play your hero & heroine in a movie?

I watched a film called Ironclad recently which was set in Medieval England. It was not a particularly romantic film but James Purefoy played a beautifully brooding knight and he would be perfect as Nicholas. As for Annabel, that’s tough. She’s so unaffected, it’s hard to imagine many actresses that could do her. I enjoyed Scarlett Johansson’s performance in Girl With a Pearl Earring, so perhaps her.

7)   Did you plan this book? Or write it as it came?

I don’t really plan my books properly. I certainly have a strong idea of where they are to go but I don’t write anything down and The Angel’s Assassin was the same. I wanted to write an anti-hero but a lot of it just developed as I went along. About halfway through I had the end written. I don’t write in order very often so I frequently have the end before I have the beginning!

8)   What surprised you the most when you became a published?

I was surprised by how willing people were to take a chance on an unknown author. My first novel reached bestseller status very quickly, at a time when it hardly had any reviews, and I was just blown away. The support I receive from readers still amazes me.

9)   Do you have a dedicated writing space? What does it look like?

I don’t. I ought to but I don’t. I generally write from my couch which is a gorgeously soft thing and probably terrible for my back. I also like to write in the bath. One day I’m sure that will end in disaster!

10)                   What’s next for you?

I’m working on my next medieval romance at the moment. It’s still in the early stages but it deals with communication issues and features two very sexy brothers. My ‘One Knight’ series is also being released as a collection this month.

You can follow me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/romanticfiction

I frequently host book some great giveaways on my website http://www.samanthaholt.org.uk.

The Angel's Assassin
by Samantha Holt
44,000 words (eBook format)
Erotic Historical Romance
Contains Elements of Action
Heat Level: Steamy

Available at:


A medieval story of love and betrayal.

As a rebellion sweeps England, Lady Annabel finds her home overrun by rebels. Much to her relief, a dark knight comes to her rescue, claiming to have been sent to protect her by her uncle.

But Nicholas holds a secret about the job he was sent to do and it is a far cry from what Annabel believes it to be. As the attraction between them grows, Nicholas begins to question the dark life he has lived. But is it enough to change him and will Annabel ever trust again after learning the true nature of his sinful duty? 


“What is your name?”

He stared at her as he paused mid-bite. Withdrawing the bread, he shifted uncomfortably.

“My name is of no import, my lady.”

“I would know the name of my rescuer.”

He looked to the floor. “I am no rescuer, just a lowly knight doing his duty.”

“Your modesty becomes you, Sir Knight, but I would still know your name.”

Annabel awaited his response, the air between them growing uncomfortably thick.

He heaved a sigh, wondering how it was that a diminutive woman had got the better of him.

“Nicholas,” he grated out reluctantly.

“Nicholas,” she repeated softly. “And I am Annabel.”

“I know, my lady.”

“Nay, Annabel. Not ‘my lady’. You have surely earned the right to address me as such.”

He shook his head, dropping his gaze to the ground once more. He could not bring himself to utter her name, not when he knew what was to come. “Nay, my lady, I am your servant and I will address you as a servant should.”

Annabel must have sensed she was fighting a losing battle as she protested no more and fell silent. Nicholas risked sideways glances at her as her as she nibbled delicately on the hardened bread, and he realised he took far too much pleasure in the sight of her ample lips moving with each bite.

Brushing the crumbs from her skirts, Nicholas watched, mesmerised, as she twisted her long braid over her shoulder. Tugging on the red ribbon that tied the end of the braid, it loosened, sending the length of her hair shimmering across her shoulders. It brushed the dirt and Nicholas felt his mouth dry as she touched a finger to his arm. Surrounded by a halo of hair, she glanced up at him, her mouth curling. Without a word, she tied the ribbon about his large arm and fussed with it until she was satisfied.

Nicholas touched tentatively at the ribbon and gave her a perplexed look.

“You saved my life, Nicholas. ‘Tis a favour from a lady to a knight.” She grinned at his confusion. “You have received favours before, surely? I would expect a knight of your valour to have championed many a lady.”

He wondered if she was teasing him but her expression was completely guileless. He groaned inwardly. This woman probably believed wholeheartedly in courtly love. From his little experience he had come to conclude that it did not exist.

“For fear of disappointing you, my lady, I am sorry to admit that there you are mistaken. I have championed no ladies.”

“Well, ‘tis no matter,” she told him with a tender smile, “For you have championed me.”

Unable to bare her dazzling eyes any longer, he stood abruptly. Champion? He laughed inwardly. She had no idea of the kind of man he was, and he was thoroughly aware that he was far removed from the heroic knights that minstrels and poets spoke of.

He felt a pang of something, an uncomfortable sensation settling in his gut. Nicholas couldn’t name it but he didn’t like its implications. For all her naivety and gentle manners, this woman was going to be trouble. He felt threatened by her somehow, as if she had directly challenged him rather than quietly accepting his every word without question.

“Are you ready to continue on, my lady?”

Annabel sighed and stood, in spite of her obvious weariness. “I am in your hands, Nicholas. I will do whatever you command.”

Nicholas tried to tamp down on the desire stirring in his loins at her words and failed. Instead, he grunted and turned away, stomping off without checking if she was following. The sooner this job was over, the better.

Book Trailer:

About the Author:
Samantha Holt resides in Warwickshire, England, with her twin girls, having followed her soldier husband around the UK for nearly 10 years. Growing up in Hampshire, she was inspired by the authors Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell, both of which lived and wrote only miles from her home town.

Samantha loves the romance genre and has been devouring romantic literature for as long as she can remember. History is another passion of hers and she loves to combine her love for history and romance into exciting and passionate tales.

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Welcome Musa Publishing author, Vanessa North!

 Welcome, Vanessa! This is the first time we've met so I am glad to be a part of your ongoing tour. I love discovering new authors to read and share with - looking forward to hearing more about you and your work. Over to you!

Rachel, Thanks so much for having me here on your blog for an interview today!

1.              Did you set any goals for 2012?

Yes, actually, I went into 2012 an unpublished, completely green writer who had just received her very first rejection letter. My friend Jason urged me to take more chances and keep putting myself out there, so I made this champagne-fueled new years resolution. I decided that I’d call 2012 the year of taking chances. I kept submitting my work and busting my tail and by the end of 2012 I’ll have five stand alone books published along with a short story in an anthology for charity. It’s been a very good year, goal-wise.

 2.              What is the best part of the writing process for you?

I really love plotting, and that sort of planning out who my characters are going to be. They are really the soul of the story, so I get to know them first.

3.              The worst part?

I have a very difficult time with the “black moment” type scenes. They are very hard to write, it’s difficult to go to those places in my head.

4.              What is the book you wish you’d written?

I don’t so much wish I had written it, but I wish I had the sort of creative mind that could come up with something like “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” Love or hate it, (and it seems most people do one or the other) it’s such a breathtakingly unique premise.

5.              Favourite author/s & book/s?

Well, we’ve covered the “Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger. Recently I read a romance called “Ethan Who Loved Carter” by Ryan Loveless which was really amazing. I have so many favorites it’s hard to pick, but my auto-buys are Lauren Dane and KA Mitchell.

6.              Tell us about your latest release?

“Amazon” is the first book in my trilogy called The Ushers. It’s a story about an albino werewolf who has been told her whole life that she was born to fulfill this prophecy. She didn’t choose it, anymore than she chose to be albino, but once she does, she’ll repair this huge rift in werewolf culture.

7.              What is your favourite attribute of the hero and heroine?

What I love about Bianca is how fiercely protective she is of the people she loves. With Jack, it’s his flexibility--under his gruff alpha-wolf exterior, he’s very open-minded and forward thinking.

8.              What’s next?

Next up I have a novella for Musa Publishing’s shared world series, the Wiccan Haus. My novella is called “Shifter’s Dance” and it’s about a ballet dancer, Romy, who lost her eyesight and her career as the result of a mean prank. She goes to the Wiccan Haus when she leaves the hospital to sort of regroup and figure out what’s next. While there, she meets bear-shifter and sometimes-spy, Stephen, who never imagined he’d fall in love with a delicate little human. Hijinks and sexy times ensue.

9.           Tell me where you write?

I have a home office, complete with an antique desk and a very uncomfortable matching chair. Considering this is where I spend most of my day, you would think I’d invest in something more comfortable, but no. I guess discomfort is good for my writing.

10.           Where would you like your career to be in 5 years?

As long as I am still writing and people are reading, I’ll be happy. Truly.

11.           Where can we find you?

My website is http://www.vanessanorth.com and of course I’m on facebook: http://facebook.com/authorvanessanorth and I tweet a whole lot: https://twitter.com/VanessaNWrites

I absolutely love chatting with readers on twitter (and not just about my books, other books too! I love discovering something new to read!) 

Title: Amazon (The Ushers, Book One)
Author: Vanessa North
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Length: 54,000 words
Genre(s): Erotic Paranormal Romance (Action, F/F/M)
Heat Level: Sizzling

Available at:
Coming Oct 12 from Musa Publishing


Jack's routine investigation of rogue wolf sightings threatens to uncover both Bianca's secrets and her passionate nature. Can she trust him enough to make the sacrifice her destiny demands?

Born albino, Bianca was spared death in infancy when her mother found safe haven among the ghosts and misfits of Amazon Pack. As Guardian of Amazon, she protects the hidden pack with a ferocity that belies her delicate appearance.

Jack’s routine investigation of rogue wolf sightings in his territory uncovers both Bianca’s secrets and her passionate nature. He finds her alluring and terrifying: he’s convinced she’s his mate, but is she also the Usher--key to their culture’s most sacred prophecies?

The Usher’s destiny requires a sacrifice to repair a rift in wolf culture and set the Goddess free. Can Jack and Bianca trust each other enough to pay that price?


Bianca pulled her v-neck t-shirt over her head, shucking off her shoes and jeans. Jack immediately started shedding his clothes as well. Growing up among wolves, he’d never really given much thought to nudity. Their bodies grew in size as they shifted, so he was accustomed to stripping down before a run in order to preserve his wardrobe. He glanced over at the Albina as she shook her hair out. Standing in the moonlight, she was stunning. He saw her delicate pink nipples were still hard and aroused from his kiss. The curls of hair on her mound were as fair as her hair, and he saw the delicate pink folds glistening, swollen with arousal, peeking through the white curls. Her beauty was astounding. He saw marks on her skin, leaned closer to examine them. Tattoos, he realized suddenly. All wolves were tattooed after their first shift. Most of them were tattooed in black ink with colors for emphasis, but several of hers were done in white. As befits Albina, he thought as he admired the elegant symbols. Her entire back was covered, here and there a shadow in grey? or a bit of color drawing attention to some of the more consequential tattoos. Clearly she was a powerful Guardian for her pack--she’d not have been tattooed so many times without having achieved her place of power by virtue of her skills. As she turned to fold her discarded clothes, he could see some scars on her body, remnants of fights won. The tattoos glimmered in the dark, beckoning him to trace them with his fingers, his tongue. He groaned, and she looked over her shoulder at him with a smile.

“Kathy has changed already, are you ready?” she asked, turning to stare at his body in the moonlight. Hard and muscled everywhere, his upper body hairy and tattooed all over. She looked at his signs and symbols of strength and honor, a visual representation of his place in his pack. They confirmed that he was a fit mate for her--his beautiful body bore scars of fights clearly dominated, and the tattoos that marked him as a leader curled around them. She smiled, her gaze lingering at the proof of his arousal, standing proudly from the bed of black curls at the top of his legs. She blushed slightly as she realized he had followed her gaze. He grinned back at her with a wink as he sank to his knees.

She had seen many wolves shift before. However, she found herself curiously watching him, to see if her mate--there was no longer a doubt in her mind that he was indeed her mate—would seem different from those others. It was sensual, witnessing his change--his body shook and he turned his head with a loud cracking noise. He owned his change like only a powerful wolf could--it was masterful, graceful almost, as his black fur grew over his body. Then he sat, watching her, a huge black wolf with golden-brown eyes. He was resplendent. She knelt next to him, still in her human form, and caressed between his ears. His fur was soft and his eyes kind. He closed them and rolled his head into her hand like a dog seeking a touch from his mistress. His essential masculine scent still surrounded him in his animal form, and as she stroked his head, he snorted and his tongue lolled out between sharp lethal teeth to lap at her hand. She loved the feel of his fur between her fingers, and he clearly enjoyed her attentions. But then he shook his head, took a couple of steps towards the woods and whined back at her. If they were mated, they’d be able to read each other’s thoughts, as pack-mates could, and even more than that, they’d be able to share their feelings through their mate bond. But even without that bond, she could sense his eagerness to run. She grinned and let loose her wolf, feeling the change work over her, bringing forward the animal, tucking the woman away inside.

About the Author:
Vanessa North was born in New England but moved to the South as a teenager, where she learned to appreciate biscuits and gravy, bluegrass, and that most welcome of greetings: “Hey y’all!” She has a degree in Mass Communication but has long since abandoned journalism in favor of writing romance. Instead of telling the news, V would rather tell stories.

Vanessa has a voracious appetite for books and loves all kinds. She writes obsessively: every day brings new ideas and stories to tell. When she’s not buried in a book—hers or someone else’s—you can find her taking thousands of photographs of the people she loves.

She lives in Northwest Georgia with her handsome husband, not-quite-civilized twin boy-children, and a pack of dogs.

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