Saturday, 13 October 2012

I'm thinking of a series next....

Good morning!

How are we all??

I am busy polishing novella number four to send to my editor and so, of course, once one project is coming to an end, an author starts thinking of their next...or at least, they should be! I read a great 'how to' blog post about creating a series of novellas a couple of days ago. It really inspired me and immediately the old brain starting turning, wondering if I could possibly write a series.

A series...set in the same town. Yes! That's what I want to do next.

The thing is as much as I know series are popular in mainstream romance, I'm now so sure with erotic romance. I can't remember seeing or discovering many series of erotic romance over the years. Or am I wrong? As I started to debate, i immediately thought of you--my lovely readers and visitors....

How do you guys feel about series? Are they a good idea? Do you buy them religiously? Can you recommend a good series or two for me to read as inspiration?

Love to hear from you!

Rachel x


  1. From what I've seen from my time in GoodReads, the readers LOVE series. A lot seem to be frustrated with the open-ended series that make you wait for a book for conclusion, but all of them love getting hooked into a town their writer has created, visiting with characters they feel they know and love. I think you should go for it.

    And from personal experience, I know there's nothing more exciting than seeing a person complete your first book, rate it on GoodReads and then a minute later the second one is open as 'Currently Reading.' The second book generates more sales from the first, and so forth!

    Good luck!

    1. And that's exactly what I've got in mind, the town, the people, the bar, the annual fair...have you written a series, Mia? I'm going to look it up right now!

  2. I love series and it doesn't matter if it's suspense, paranormal or sizzling sheets. The fact that as a reader I get to know a set of characters, a town, or a set of makes me very happy. I'll read and buy series like they are brain food.

    If you have an idea for one...I'd go with it. Rock on

  3. I'm so excited! This idea will not stop pestering me...I've just got to hope + pray my US readers love my fictional UK town!!