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Amanda Wellington is a twenty-eight year old home renovator who is still waiting for Mr. Right. Every day, she's haunted by a ghostly image that resides in her antique mirror, and each night, her dream lover strokes her aching flesh, keeping her just on the edge of release. But men like him don't exist. Or so she thinks until she wakes to find her desires have pulled him from the mirror to her bed.Is Amanda willing to pay the ultimate price--her body and soul--to free the sexy stranger from decades of loneliness?

Cameron Mackenzie--part Norse demigod and part immortal Celtic warrior--must spend eternity in the mirror unless he can find a virgin--not just any virgin--but a direct descendant of the goddess who cursed him. Women have always been a means to an end...until Amanda. This delicate mortal has the heart and the passion to set him free, but only if she can face her own demons and, quite literally, walk through the fires of hell to save him.


“My name is Cameron MacKenzie and I am here to fulfill your wildest dreams.” Without looking absurd, he managed a courtly bow.

“Oh, I get it. My sister must have sent you. Are you going to turn on a boom box and start gyrating all around me?” She stared without attempting to conceal her interest at the snug-fitting jeans slung low on his hips. They certainly didn’t look like tear away pants, too bad.

“I do not understand. I assure you that I am only here to bring you pleasure,” Cameron said, his brows knitting in a puzzled frown.

Amanda snorted slightly and retorted quickly, “Okay, this is my dream, so cut the BS. I have never known a man who could fit that description. You must take me for some kind of fool.”

“Amanda,” his voice caressed her with its warmth, “look deeply into my eyes and see what it is I am offering you.”

Amanda looked into the mirror and gasped in disbelief as the erotic images from last night’s dream flooded her mind. Her body responded with the same heat and desire. She could feel the peaks of her nipples hardening and the dampness between her legs. He played out fantasies that Amanda had never admitted even to herself. As she watched his strong, hard body taking her every way and everywhere, she trembled uncontrollably.

“Amanda, are you truly ready for me?” Cameron’s hazel eyes held the gentlest hint of a smile.

“Well, Mr. MacKenzie, as much as I would like to continue this dream with myself actually participating in some of those fantasies, there is one problem. You are inside the mirror and I’m outside of it. Presents a challenge, doesn’t it?” Amanda struggled to keep the smug look on her face, feeling a little safer now.

It was a great dream though. Trying to direct her dream like a play wasn’t working well at all.

“Amanda, tell me that you truly want me. Show me you are ready. Imagine us together touching, kissing, licking,” Cameron leaned toward her, beseeching her with his golden eyes, “I have waited so long to be with you. I know that you want me. You cannot possibly resist me. I am the one.”

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