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Welcome Eternal Press author, Gianna Bruno!

Today I have Gianna Bruno join me to chat - I am so glad because it has been FAR too long since I've welcomed one of the lovely Eternal Press authors to my little corner of cyber-world. Can't wait to see what you have for us, Gianna!

The floor is yours...

Thanks for having me, Rachel!

It's hard to believe Christmas was a month ago and that Valentine's Day is just around the bend. I've long lived my life with holidays, and holiday celebrations as mile markers. Since having children, the months tick by as I carefully pack up the crepe paper ghosts and Q-tip skeletons, pull out the pinecone turkeys, then tuck them in a corner to hang the ice cream stick ornaments with fall school portraits lovingly placed inside.

Soon it will be time for candy and hearts (sex and chocolate for the adults) and that's where I get on the nostalgia train. Some of my hottest memories are wintry ones in a Vermont log cabin with smoke spiraling from the chimney, soaking muscles tested to the aching point by icy ski slopes in a hot tub, then generating plenty of body heat to get through the long, cold nights.

I'l love to hear your memories of winters past--both the good and the bad ones. How did they inspire you to write a story, a poem, a love letter? Did your experiences motivate you to make big changes in your life, cement or break a bond between a friend or a lover?

My paranormal novelette Hot Chocolate Kiss was "born" on a wintry mountaintop. Rick and Keela not only battle the slopes, they face off with the metaphorical demons of life, lingering in a moment of "hopefully ever after," which is the best we can hope for in real life as well.

Readers have shared that they liked the story because the characters feel real and face the same dilemmas as the rest of us. And I struggled to write the characters as composites of friends and family to make them come to life.

In my novella The Journey, Milena's darkest moments are during a long, cold winter during which she wonders whether her lover--a sailor named Thomas--is dead or alive. It was easy for me to tap into those emotions--not being able to imagine being alone and cold, battling the elements as well as dark magick.

So if you'd like a special Valentine's gift for a special someone, consider Hot Chocolate Kiss, a quick sexy read that which guys love because of the extreme sports both on and off the slopes. Or The Journey, the story of a woman's odyssey during which she not only finds her man, but discovers dark truths about her own past while battling the both human and supernatural forces that threaten to tear them, as well as the North and the South, apart.

Contact me at gianna AT for special print gift packages or personalized gift cards for digital formats. Please click over to my blog at for excerpts and to view the trailers. And I always love to hear from readers on my blog, on Facebook or Twitter.

Hugs and Hot Chocolate Kisses,


What a brilliant idea for a Valentine's gift, Gianna! I love it :) Your post has really inspired me to come up with a Christmas story. All that snow, log cabins and skiing - how's a girl to resist?

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