Saturday, 21 January 2012

Saturday Promo - Dena de Paulo


Laurel Stevens's professionalism has earned her the opportunity to orchestrate one of Spain's most important art events of the year. She needs the Lunera Exhibition to go off without a hitch, to assure her dream position back home in the States. But when sexy Spanish artist, Alejandro Lunera, introduces her to desires she's never known, she's tempted to risk everything she's worked for to spend one night in his arms.

Alejandro has built his career celebrating the sensual side of women through paint, but he's tired of the clientele his work attracts. He needs a new direction...a new muse. And he's found her. The intriguing Laurel rekindles his passion for color and inspires him to create paint the woman of his dreams.

Can Alejandro convince Laurel to choose the passion and love he offers, or will their time together become no more than a moment painted with pleasure?


Damn, the sooner this meeting was over the better. 

He tugged her through a series of concrete tunnels until they approached a large steel door guarded by two big men, Jorge and Louis. They both looked Laurel over then smiled at her in unison. Alejandro yanked at the door and loud heavy metal music greeted them. 

Whips and paddles decorated one wall. A leather masked man named Fernando, sat spanking a woman on his lap. The dance floor held many people in states of undress grinding against one another. Some were in leather and chains, some in khakis and polos. Some people had their sexual body parts exposed and painted. One corner held a pillowed harem style platform with women draped over the laps of the most influential men in Madrid. And in another corner the pool tables sat innocently enough but for the man who ran his hands up the lady in a mini leather skirt much like the one Laurel wore as he showed her how to use the cue stick. 

“You come here often?” She edged backward, eyes wide and for the first time uncertainty played over her delicate face. 

“No. One of my biggest clients is in the harem corner and he has some buyers with him. I’m hoping to sell out of my canvases and start a new venture.” 

“You want to what?” She tugged at his hand. “You want out?” 

“I don’t know. But right now, I want something else.” He wanted her, needed to paint them entwined. Was that possible after a single one night of great sex? Hell. “Come on, I’ll make it worth your while.”

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Dena is giving away a PDF or Kindle version of her book to one random commenter today!!


  1. Thanks so much for this opportunity. Love the blog and all the wonderful authors you have guest blogging.
    Dena de paulo

  2. Just bought if off Amazon. Looking forward to reading it. :) Is it safe to read at the gym, or might I trip and fall off the elliptical machine?

  3. Well, Lisa. It depends on how large the font is... At least the elliptical machine is easier to stay on then the treadmill. ;)