Friday, 6 January 2012

Here we go...

Hip, hip, hooray! A brand new year means brand new goals. I love this time of year and the chance it brings to start afresh. I speak to a lot of writers every day, whether in person, through email or responding to blog posts and Time Management is a massive subject for discussion. I think after seriously writing and working at my craft for two years now, I have my daily writing goal sussed.

Five hundred words minimum – every day, seven days a week (okay, so I took Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off this year, naught girl!) because this is totally achievable. I used to have a goal of a thousand words per day but beat myself to a pulp of guilty mush every time I failed to achieve that. And with a husband, two young kids, a dog, two hamsters and a part time job, I failed A LOT.

Therefore, five hundred words works perfectly for me and I very often exceed that amount – and it also means a guaranteed one hundred and eighty two thousand words a year! Imagine, that’s six thirty-thousand word novellas every year!

Will I do it? Who knows, but I'm going to try. How about you? Do you want to join me in the five hundred words per day challenge? It makes you feel a whole lot better than the manic November challenge of NaNo (50,000 words in a month) which I’ve failed to do both times I tried.

So here’s my plan for 2012 – please share yours with me so I don’t feel quite so vulnerable putting it out there like this, LOL!

And in between? Lots and lots of promo/blogging and everything else I can manage!

Hmmm…when it’s written out like that, it doesn’t seem quite so easy, does it? Hey, we can only do our best, people. LET’S GO!!!

Here’s the blurb and an excerpt from my latest release, “Coming Back” from The Wild Rose Press.


Kelly Hampton loved once...and lost. After two years of looking for Sean MacKenzie in other men--and failing miserably--she takes a vow of celibacy. No sex until she finds love. Then Sean strolls back into her bar, reigniting old flames. No one has come close to understanding or satisfying her like he did. Her body burns for the passion they once shared, but her heart still remembers the pain.

Sean escaped Jessop Hill and his father's fists in the middle of the night without a word--even to his love, Kelly--to protect his battered mother, but he never forgot the explosively erotic relationship he left behind. Now his father is dead and Sean is back for the only woman he's ever wanted. Their reunion is full of fire – but can sexual attraction and noble intentions overcome years of heartache or will Kelly walk away to protect her heart this time.


The stranger…all the massive height and width of him kept walking ever closer without as much as a blip to his stride. Kelly stared and when his gaze met hers, recognition hit her between the eyes like a demolition ball. Her breath caught and her heart picked up speed. No. No, it couldn’t be. Swallowing hard, she lifted her chin and crossed her arms to hide the shaking in her hands. He looked away from her, casually taking in his surroundings as he continued to approach the bar. No, she was wrong, it couldn’t be him.

This was a potentially dangerous situation. She was alone, and the guy was built like a Trojan warrior. Instinctively, she inched her hand below the bar and curled her fingers around one of the three aluminum baseball bats dotted beneath it at four feet spaces. Any funny stuff and this arrogant son of bitch wouldn’t know what hit him.

He reached the bar, shook the rain from his dark blonde hair, spattering the polished wood of the bar and looked straight into Kelly’s eyes.

Oh, shit. It was him. Her heart turned over. “Sean?” she croaked.

His smile was slow, sexy and completely irresistible – and Kelly promptly trembled with the effort it took not to leap over the bar and slam his face between her breasts.


  1. GREAT Post, and so encouraging to procrastinators like me (grin)! Wishing all the best in your goals for 2012!

    hugs, Kari Thomas,

  2. Love the blurb and excerpt. We are all in goal mode at the moment. I have posted about them also, although very vaguely because it made it easy but thanks to you I think I also believe 500 words is manageable. I once posted that practicing writing everyday helps you write everyday, lol. This something I NEED!
    Thanks Rach