Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author, Tess Lamont!

Hi Tess,

Lovely to have you here - I think the topic of your post is a great one to get us all talking about erotic romance. I can't wait to read your reasons for loving the genre - I'll make sure I post mine at the end!

4 Reasons to Read Erotic Romance

First of all, I'd like to thank Rachel for allowing me to guest blog & congratulate her on her upcoming release. We share an editor over at the wilder side of the Wild Rose Press & so I know her story is going to be fantastic!

Now, onto a question that's been on my mind for the last few days: Why read erotic romance?

I think all writers are also readers and I am no exception. I write erotic romance, but I read it as well. In fact, I read erotic romance often. *Clears throat.* Make that very often. Why?

1. The "ah" factor.

Unlike straight erotica (think Anais Nin), when I read erotic romance, I know I can expect a physically and emotionally satisfying ending. I'm not knocking Anais. I store Delta of Venus and A Spy in the House of Love in my "favorites" bookcase. But before erotic romance came along, I often found a disconnect between sexual fulfillment and emotional fulfillment in the stories I read. Though the ending may not be a Happily Ever After, when I read Erotic Romance, I know I am guaranteed a satisfying emotional ending.

2. New things!

In America, they just released a new National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior? It turns out that Americans are experimenting with greater abandon than ever before! (Woo Hoo!) Reading erotic romancecan be a nice, safe way to explore new ways to express sensuality.

In my September Wild Rose Press release, Bound to Surrender, I even had to do some research before I understood what my characters wanted to try! (I wrote about that experience over on my blog, www.tesslamont.com.) When I read and write Erotic Romance, I always find some little tidbit that makes be think, "oh, that might be nice."

3. I thought I was the only one.

This is kind of the inverse of #2. IMHO, nothing is sexier than confidence. But to own it, you gotta feel comfortable and to feel comfortable you gotta know you aren't the only one . Carrie may have had some great sensual adventures, but she also had Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda to help her sort out her feelings. You may not be up for trying everything you read in erotic Romance, but you will come across things that prove someone else "gets it".

4. It is all about you.

Life is busy.hectic.sometimes even frantic. When you settle in with an erotic romance you can just sink into your chair and enjoy. Maybe you have a lover, maybe you don't.but either way, you know you are going to be aroused. And, you can bring that knowledge to your next encounter.

What do you think? What are some other reasons to read the genre we all love?

Fab post, Tess...mmm, my reasons for reading/writing/loving erotic romance??

1) I like getting turned on
2) I like seeing sex as serious extension of a relationship without having to hide it
3) Writing sensual sex scenes is the best fun in the world!
4) It proves men do not hold the monopoly in thinking they know what sex is all about

OK, guys, come (!!) and share your secrets!!

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  1. Great post...Rachel, I agree with all your reasons. Reading/writing about sex is FUN. It is a turn on. It's the ultimate fantasy...you can indulge in the taboo with no strings attached.