Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Welcome Breathless & Eternal Press author, Mary Corrales!

Before I pass you the floor, Mary, I have to say just how very hot your cover is, phew-wee! That is fabulous! Who was the cover artist, he or she deserves a mention. You have chosen a great topic to get us all talking today, over to you...

Thanks for having me here today, Rachel. I wanted to pay tribute to a legendary bad boy known for his passion. Intrigued? Good, because I want to hear from readers out there.

I remember him larger than life and so full of passion I couldn’t take my eyes from the television. His name was James Dean and the movie was Rebel Without A Cause. I have watched that movie so many times that I can recite lines perfectly. Yes, I’m fun to watch movies with. I’m only irritating when it’s a silent movie and I’m putting in lines, but I digress.

James Dean passed away, September 30th 1955, way before I was even born, yet his legend lives on due to the incredibly passionate way he portrayed characters. The outbursts and struggles he displayed in Rebel Without A Cause made you long to be co-star, Natalie Wood, just for a taste of the emotions he unleashed.

How many times do we fall in love with the tormented hero in romances, because we can feel their passionate struggles right through the pages. We long to be that special heroine wrapped in the hero’s ardent embrace. I always try to remember that display of emotion when writing my characters, hopefully capturing some of that great expression in every scene.

The movie heroes I loved later consisted of pirates where I fell in love with Tyrone Power in the Black Swan and bikers like Marlon Brando portrayed in The Wild Ones, but I’ll never forget my first taste of passion thanks to movie icon, James Dean.

What movie star stirs your passions?

Mary Corrales


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Great post, Mary - I have a confession to make....I have never seen Rebel Without A Cause! Yes, I am ducking as you throw a plate at me, LOL! But I am going to fix that this weekend, promise - it's about time, don't you think?

Come on everyone! This is a great chance to get us all talking,,,


  1. I LOVE James Dean! He died over 20 years before I was born, but I've watched his movies over and over again too. OMG, "East of Eden" is my fav. He seems even more tormented and totally irresistible in that one. I only wishd he could've lived to be in more movies.

  2. Oops. Forgot to say...I totally love that cover too. Congrats on the release.

  3. Thank you for having me here today, Rachel. The cover artist is my publisher, Justyn Perry. Very talented!

    Hi Miranda! Thanks for coming by. Yes, there is just something so yummy about a tormented guy. I loved East of Eden as well.

  4. Hi Mary
    Tormented to long for but not to live with. LOL!
    Love your sexy cover.

  5. I was cutting my eye teeth at the time James Dean starred in Rebel Without A Cause and can remember being only interested in boys later on who wore the loafers and had their cigarettes inside the arm of their white shirts and was tough looking. I guess maybe to be truthful I already had my eye teeth since I was 8 years old when all this took place. He was THE MAN and an IDOL for many teenagers in my era. ha ha

  6. What an awesome cover on your book Dangerous Moves and I can only imagine how hot it is. If I get it to read I will be sure to wear oven mitts. ha susan Leech

  7. Hi AMBER, you are so right, girl. Lol. Thanks for coming by.

    Ah, SUSAN, I think you recognized a sexy man even at 8 years old. Mitts might come in handy. Lol. Thanks!

  8. The cover--hot, hot, hot
    James Dean--hot, hot, hot

    What more can you say? Yes, East of Eden was a great part for him. I heard or read something about him being buried in his car. True?
    And, Rebel Without a Cause, he brings you to your knees. He did well in The Giant, but had too small a part.

    Congrats on the release, Mary. I wish you many sales.

  9. Hi Lorrie, thanks for coming by.

    I think his car is supposedly still out there somewhere. It's said to be cursed or something, because the another owner died in a car accident after him. Weird.

  10. You sure know how to pick the PERFECT hero representative, Mary! I fell in love with James Dean before I was old enough to even realize what a crush was! "Rebel" is my fave movie, too, of his!

    Now I have to RE-read your "Dangerous Moves" and picture James in the hero's part! Oh what a bother! NOT!! LOL!

    hugs and HAPPY Sales, dear friend!
    Kari Thomas,

  11. Lol, hi Kari! Hmm, I deny all that I was thinking about James when creating Dangerous Moves.

    Girl, you'd so ruin my reputation...if I had a good one to begin with. ROLF

    Hugs back!

  12. Loved that rebel, myself! James Dean was one hot guy. Great post, Mary.

  13. Hi, Maggie! Isn't he just the best. *sigh* Thanks for coming by. :)

  14. Hi Rachel and Mary! Mary, the heroes I love most are those who are a little (or a lot) tormented. They are filled with angst and passion, very HOT! Great post :).

  15. Thanks Helen. Yep, they're just so engrossing to read in books or watch in a good movie.

    Plus, they stay with you long after the end. *sigh*