Thursday, 16 September 2010

Sassy Sayde Grace is with me today - Bring 'em on home, girl!

Let’s Write

Hello everyone! First let me say a huge thank you to my host today for having me! I’m thrilled to be here sharing my stories with everyone today. I’ve been wondering what in the world to talk about so as I was sitting down I thought about the different topics that I’d like to share my opinions on but none seemed quite right. You see , my first book with The Wild Rose Press RIDING DOUBLE came out in May and my second book THE HARDER THEY BUCK will be released soon from The Wild Rose Press and I’m working on my third for them. I have a series that I call Cowgirl Tough, where three friends own a rodeo production company and provide rodeo stock to a large rodeo circuit. I’m working on the third book and I’m stuck. Nothing seems to be just right for this character. In fact, I’ve started, stopped, deleted, rewritten, and deleted some more. If I put all the words that I’ve written so far then deleted into one file I’d have a HUGE manuscript.

As I was complaining about this to my critique partner she starts mentioning other books I’m writing or have written. She told me she sure would love to see a certain book of mine redone and I said, “HELL TO THE NO!”. I mean, I’m stuck, freaking stuck like a two wheel drive in river mud, but then two minutes later I found myself opening the file she’d asked me about. And guess what, I’ve rewritten the first three chapters and keep going back to add more layers of emotions, depth, and sexual tension.

Doing this I found that my problem with my cowgirl book was that I wasn’t going deep enough into that character. I was just skimming the top and instead of swimming or treading water I sank!

Today, just as a fun little exercise for those of you who may be stuck too, or who just want to play I want you to add to my story. Add a sentence or two just for fun and let’s see where it goes. By commenting I’ll enter you to win a free copy of RIDING DOUBLE.

All right boys and girls let’s get started.

“Life was a bitch, the bronc was a bitch and so was the woman who’d just flung his engagement ring back and marched off. Evan Jackson glanced at the ring near his cowboy boot. Every cell in his being screamed to run after Jolie and slide his ring back on her finger. He couldn’t. He wouldn’t.”

Okay, next. Tell us why he couldn’t and wouldn’t go after her. It can be serious or silly just have fun!

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This is great! Thank you for coming up with such a fun, interactive wordplay for my readers (and surely yours after today!) to take part in. Come on, people, get those creative juices flowing and you will be in with a chance to win Riding Double!!


  1. "For one thing, he'd have to bend down and pick the damn ring up which was a little too much like groveling for him. A man had to have some pride. And secondly, if he leaned over, he'd puke on his boots and the ring."

    Sayde, glad to stop by! Don't enter me for the contest :)

  2. Oh why not? Is it because I still owe you a copy :) Or are you just not wanting one? :) thanks for stopping by Danica and I love your humor as always!

  3. Hi Sayde - great post today! As you know, I own (and love!) Riding Double, so you can scratch my name from the contest also.

    Here goes:

    The first thing to come up would be the seven - or was it eight - shots of tequila he’d downed at his bachelor party, and after that would come… "Ah, crap!" Nothing. He hadn’t eaten since breakfast today. That’s why the liquor hit so damn hard. And why he’d ridden the bronc to Jolie’s house at three AM. And why he’d broken his own vow of silence and told her about…

  4. He couldn't, he wouldn't because even though he loved her, he now knew it would never work between them. His love for her was not as deep as it needed to be for a happy marriage. He knew that now. Now that he'd learned what loving another man felt like. He'd found his deep, abiding love with that new cowpoke, Jake. And boy was he a cow poke. It was a shame, really, cause even though the woman was a bitch, she sure could...

  5. Your critique partner sounds brilliant and insightful. :)

    My attempt:

    For God's sakes. The woman loved animals, yet she couldn't love him? So he was half ferret and half werewolf. He bayed at the moon and could find stuff in really small places. Damn southern women. So hard to please.

  6. Randi, so great! 12 shots! Wow I like that man already! Thanks so much for the compliment on RD!

  7. Sherry! A cowpoke? OMG I love it! You really are crazy!

  8. Becca! A were ferret? OMG I love it. That should be your next book! And yes us southern women are hard to please!

  9. Oh and by the way, YES my cp is brillant! What can I say I have the best friends! Thanks y'all! And thank you sooo much to our host today!

  10. The only reason he'd asked her to marry him was to bankroll his dream of buying the Bar-C out from under the owner, one Katie Winslow, the first and last woman he'd ever loved. The last time he saw her, he'd begged her to run away with him. But she'd been raised with all the things money could buy and he was a dirt poor cowhand with nothing to offer. With no more than a shake of her head, she'd smashed his heart under the heel of her boot and sashayed away.

  11. Great idea, btw! That was lots of fun! Thanks for letting us play.

  12. Oh my goodness, Darah Lace you just so gave me the best idea but I'll let you take that story and ride hard with it cause WOW! So good!And I'm glad you enjoyed the story telling :) It's been tons of fun reading everyone's posts.