Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sexy Halloween!!

Is Halloween sexy?

I must admit I have never gone in for the fetish/sexy Halloween costume thing but since I started writing erotic romance I am SO upset I didn't think to write a Halloween based story this year! How much fun to set a sizzling witch/vampire dressed couple getting it on at a costume party...or a hunky zombie searching for his blood-thirsty devil's assistant at the creepy forest where no one in town ever goes on Halloween...

Why didn't these story ideas come to me months ago when I should have been making my Halloween submission?? Well, that opportunity may be gone but it's certainly started me thinking about other holiday themes and the sexy, sensual scenarios they evoke.

I would love to know how soon before the big date you guys submit your 'holiday' stories or where you look for your inspiration? Or better still, anyone want to tell us about your recently released Halloween offering? I could do with downloading some scary, sexy reading tonight!

Rachel x

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  1. Last year, around this time, I began what I thought was going to be a very short, short, very mild-manned, PG-rated Halloween story, an updated fairy tale/legend sort of thing about a little, but much-storied village in my suburban county.

    And here we are a year later, a long longer and way more steamy.

    Go figure.

    Sometimes ya just never know where the sexy, demonic muse will lead!