Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sara York is talking Sci-Fi Erotic Romance...

This is a brand new sub-genre for me, Sara so I am really looking forward to reading your post - and your stories!

I’m so happy to be here on Rachel Leigh’s blog. If you haven’t checked out Rachel’s book, Explicitly English, you should. Rachael’s book is all about British stockbrokers and other humans. Mighty sexy humans I might say, where as my books are a bit more alien in nature.

In Runaway Princess, Regina, has run away to the pleasure planet to find--well pleasure and loads of it. But she get’s more than she bargains for when she’s sold as a slave. She’s got to use her smarts and her body to survive. What she doesn’t know is the man who bought her isn’t who she thinks he is. Runaway Princess is the follow up to Princess Slave.

Back here on planet Earth women are sold as sex slaves and their lives aren’t glamorous or good. They have little chance of escape. If you are interested in learning more about preventing human trafficking click here -

Sex is wonderful when shared between two consenting adults. In

>Speedtracer Olivia is a kick ass assassin who got caught off guard by her enemy. She’s ready to rip his throat out but soon becomes a consenting adult once she sees what Keenan looks like. He’s hotter than hot more tasty than ice-cream. Totally yummy and Olivia doesn’t hesitate to take a bite.

You might wonder why I chose to write Sci-Fi erotic romance. Sex shared by humans can be wild and exciting, but sex in other worlds can be way out there. With Regina in Runaway Princess, the pleasure planet is a total fantasy world where anything goes. I like the freedom of writing characters with unique parts that take acrobatic sex to interesting heights.

I write erotic romance because sex between two people can be so beautiful when they develop a relationship that is super deep. I hope that you can see the deep development with my characters and grow to love them as I have. Check me out at

First of all, thank you so much for your kind comments regarding Explicitly English! I kind of like the characters too, yum!

Great post as an intro to this genre of erotic romance - I have to be honest, I didn't know it existed! Did you always enjoy straight Sci-Fi and then add your own sexy mix?


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