Saturday, 4 August 2012

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Preston Moore was Rose Juan's biggest regret. A year ago they shared a toe curling kiss but they never closed the deal. When Rose runs into Preston at an open house she's tempted to show him her own hot properties. Or will Preston make an offer of his own?


He was either ignoring her or he didn’t hear her because he marched right over to the pool and stooped beside the fragrant lime gelatin. The width of his shoulders strained against the white cotton shirt.

Her hands throbbed with the need to tangle in the thick black hair at the nape of his neck and slowly ramble across his back before yanking him tight to her aching, heavy breasts.

He poked the green waters as he balanced on the balls of his feet.

She inched slowly forward. “Oh look.” Rose pointed to the center of the pool. “Those are my sunglasses. Could you grab them?”

“Sure.” Preston stretched out and plucked the sunnies from the middle of the pool. As he handed them back, she leaned forward to grab them. Her foot slipped. She shrieked as her left hand slid over his firm ass and caught between his thighs. She struggled to stay up, failed, and knocked him down.

Instead of a splash, there was a giant sucking, slurping sound as he face-planted in the big green pool of slime.

Rose quickly climbed off Preston and scrambled to her feet. Before she could ask if he needed a hand, he was standing beside her with specks of green scattered across his shirt and face. “What type of people put—”

“Amber.” The name put a smile on her face. “My old co-worker surprised her husband with a bath of gelatin one night, and for a week after, she came to work with an orange glow.”

Preston laughed. “I can’t believe she would have told you. I’ve heard of whipped cream, mud wrestling, but a bathtub of gelatin.”

“I know. Can you imagine how sticky you’d be?”

“Hmm,” he licked his lips. “You’ve got a little green something on your cheek.” He leaned closer. “I can think of a few things I’d like to taste with you.”

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