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With parents who own a Vegas strip club, elementary school teacher Sara Piermont has always steered clear of kinky. Now she's ready to sow her own wild oats and give in to the sexual fantasies taunting her. Her cousin's bachelorette weekend at an all-inclusive dude ranch seems the perfect place to let her hair down. And Dane Dumen is the rugged cowboy she has set her sights on for a weekend of uninhibited passion. 

Dane loves to walk on the wild side, and sexy Sarah is the perfect muse for a fantasy weekend filled with restraints and other naughty things. Though he's never stepped over the line between a fling and commitment, Sarah proves to be a lure he can't resist. Dane quickly finds he's playing with fire and has to decide...rein in his heart or risk a permanent brand.

Book Four of the Dume Ranch Series


It took Dane less than thirty seconds to decide to follow her. He slipped through the door and checked to make sure they were alone.

Her reflection frowned at him. “You realize this is the women’s restroom, right?”

Her eyes were suspiciously bright. Had she been crying? He felt like an ass for upsetting her, though he wasn’t really sure what he’d said to cause her angst.

Those pouty lips and come-hither bedroom eyes just begged for attention, and he’d be damned if he let any of those jokers in the bar near her. Not when she was wedged so firmly under his skin already. He hadn’t been kidding when he said it’d be safer for her back at the ranch. There he could keep an eye on her, make sure she didn’t end up with some guy who could really hurt her.

And why the hell did he care about her getting hurt? She wasn’t his anything. Damn, listening to Dustin wax poetic love for Shannon was starting to rub off on him and turn him into a pussy. He didn’t care how many grandchildren his mother wanted. He wasn’t ready to get married.

Realizing she was waiting for him to speak, he gave a lazy grin and lifted his shoulder. “I’m up for an adventure.” And he hoped she was, too.

Sara grinned, and the brilliance took his breath away.

She locked the bathroom door, barring anyone else entry and crooked her finger. “Well, let’s get to exploring.”

Shit, yeah. Let’s go exploring.

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