Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hot Summer Sands - the reviews are coming in!!

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The release of a book is a mixed bag of emotions for an author - euphoria that it's done, it's out there and there is nothing for you to do but to promote your baby from the rooftop...or laptop! Of course, the other thing that comes with it are the dreaded reviews. Lord, the trepidation is horrible!

So HOT SUMMER SANDS was released August 17th...and the first two reveiws are in. I am happy to say, I am no longer hiding under my pillow or Googling my name like a maniac. They're good, people, VERY good and Rachel is a happy, dancing girlie!

What do you think??

Thanks to everyone who has already bought a copy and said how much they enjoyed it - I am hoping to have novella number four queried to my editor by the end of September. Watch this space!

Rachel x

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