Saturday, 10 December 2011

Time for your help...

I'm not sure if many of my visitors remember, but for my latest novella (currently under consideration), I held a fun contest where I gave achoice of three settings, three heroines and three heroes and the winning combination became the basis for my next story.

Remember? No? Well, I want to call on your fabulous help again to get my creative juices flowing and put my butt in the chair. This time though, I also want you to decide whether I should write contemporary or Victorian historical too :)

The person/s who suggest my favourite combination will win a copy of either Explicitly English or Coming Back, winner's choice! Okay, here's the choices...

Hero Occupation:

If you chose Contemporary:

Mechanic, Teacher or Architect

If you chose Victorian historical:

Boat-builder, Gentleman, Artist

Heroine Occupation

If you choose Contemporary:

Hairdresser, Dance Teacher, Writer

If you choose Victorian historical:

Lady's Maid, Milliner or Glove Maker


Bath, England

Paris, France

Virginia, USA

Okay, there's your choices....over to you!

Remember, the winning combination gets a free download of either of my books...Good Luck!

Rachel x



  1. I'm thinking mechanic/writer/Virginia. Blue collar/newspaper writer/in the mountains. Maybe have the writer doing a series of stories about race car mechanics in the VA mountains. Mechanic would be totally blue collar. Self made.


  2. Hi Rachel. This one was tough because I love historical. I can see a gentleman, a lady's maid roaming around Bath, England or Virginia and just the conflict arising from their different stations.
    But for contemporary, I can see a mechanic, dance teacher in Paris or Virginia.

    So many choices and combinations. Good luck!

  3. Contemporary
    Setting Virginia, USA
    Hero Occupation: Mechanic
    Heroine Occupation Dance Teacher

    I like this combination

  4. Okay, and the winner is....Amber!!! Yay!!!

    The mechanic seems super popular, ladies - why is that, I wonder? All that grime, dirt and grease, lol?

    So that's it, my next book will feature a mechanic, a dance teacher set in Virginia - I have a few ideas brewing...but feel free to expand your thinking, Amber!

    I'll be emailing you for your choice of Explicitly English or Coming Back in just a minute, enjoy!

    Rachel x