Sunday, 4 December 2011

Novella Number Three has left the building...

Well, the first three chapters anyway! I sent them off to my editor on Friday and now have everything crossed that she loves the beginning enough to want to read the end, lol! This is my longest story so far at around 30.000 words and although it has a British hero and heroine, it is set in the Greek island of Zante. I am super-excited about it!

The working title is "Greek Gratification" and here's the blurb:

Michelle Hutton leaves everything behind and flies from the UK to Greece in search of a new beginning. Her first encounter is with a sexy, pro-bono lawyer with a body that could adorn the cover of Playgirl. When they talk, he tells her his sister has a restaurant that desperately needs a new chef. Sam Clarke seems too good to be true. And Michelle doesn’t trust anyone else after being let down time and again by the people she loves. Including the mother she left behind. But Sam is just too hard to resist…

Sam Clarke is a busy man – a man on a mission to help women in jeopardy. So when a woman with hair like a sheet of gold and eyes bluer than the ocean walks into an airport bar needing help, what is he’s supposed to do? The electricity between them is hotter than a live wire and Sam soon learns Michelle is more than capable of demanding and getting what she wants. She doesn’t need him, he should walk away…yet time and again he goes back for more.

What do you think?

I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything, eekkK!!

Rachel x

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