Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, New Submisson...

I have yet to hear anything from my editor regarding my latest novella submission, but then again, as I only emailed it to her on December 15th, it's hardly surprising! I am so excited to hear what she thinks of this one as I really tried to get the emotion of the characters across as well as the clear sexual tension between them.

This is the first story of mine (tentatively called Coming Back), that had me tearing up as well as getting turned on while writing it. I have tried my best to get across the heroine's emotional turmoil upon the return of the man who left her without warning two years before the story begins. She is fiesty and determined - not one to sit around waiting for a man. But love hurts - a lot. And when the hero turns up at her bar, unannounced, it is clear just what is going on inside her...

Here's an excerpt, let me know what you think!

She screwed her eyes shut against the harsh sting of tears. Damn him. What did he mean he was back? For good? For her?

The silence bore down on her but no words came. Kelly didn’t trust herself to speak so she shook her head and pursed her lips together instead. He could fill the god damn silence, he could provide the answers.

After what felt like a fortnight, he cleared his throat. “So? Do you like it I am back or not?”

She snapped her eyes open as something painful twisted in her chest – a stroke of a knife tip scoring across her heart. “Not.”

“I missed you, Kelly. A lot.”

Curling her hands around the smooth edge of the bar, she held on. “I can’t do this. You can’t do this.”

Yet undeniable love for him swelled traitorously inside her belly, catching her body alight with a raging heat for him. To feel him inside her. To have his hands caress the heat of her sensitized skin. She swallowed, gripped the bar tighter. Two years since she’d seen him but time hadn’t alter his gorgeous six foot three height, or faded eyes the color of a warm blue sea, shrouded with lashes as black as midnight. Beneath his black bomber jacket, he wore a crisp white T-shirt which served to deliciously enhance the lines of some pretty outstanding pecs.

Kelly blew out a shaky breath and despite the screaming warnings in her head, reached across the bar and cupped her hand to his jaw.


  1. Rachel -- Don't start obsessing! It's only been 2 weeks (holiday-filled weeks, at that. From the excerpt, sounds like a great story!

  2. You're right, Taryn - I'm not really obsessing, just excited!

    Happy New Year,

    Rachel x