Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Erotic romance author Toni Zuma is joining me today, welcome!

First of all, Toni - how hot is your cover??? I LOVE it! Who was the cover artist? She or he definitely deserves a mention - it's sexy yet classy. Fabulous!

Hey, everyone. I’m Toni Zuma, and I write erotic contemporary romances. Thanks, Rachel, for inviting me to guest blog today. I’m going to be talking about love, picante style, and why it’s good for you.

I read an article awhile back called 13 Simple Tips for Seriously Better Sex*. I won't go into all 13, but I had to share the tip that made the number 3 spot: Read Something Hot. Hot -- as in erotic.

Let’s share the logic of number 3, shall we?

  • Having sex is good for our health.
  • Reading erotic novels can light a fire under our libidos, which can lead to more and better sex.
  • Therefore, reading erotic novels is also good for our health.

Ever thought about giving tip number 3 a try? You have nothing to lose except stress, that icky pent-up feeling deep in your belly, a few minutes of your favorite TV program, the routine.

There’s an endless array of erotic books on the market today to get you going, including the easy-to-buy e-books, and in subgenres ranging from paranormal and fantasy to contemporary and historical. Many are no more than the cost of a cup of coffee and take less than an hour to read. And for those of you read on your trusty e-reader, no one will know why you’re blushing.

At heart, erotic romance is like “regular” romance except the sex is more detailed. To illustrate, here’s a passage from my own erotic romance, Hot Summer Fling (

With each stroke, I tugged him toward my wetness, letting him brush against the hot opening, enticing him to come inside. But he refused to be rushed.

He inched down my body, leaving kisses on my stomach, licks to my belly button, and nips on my thighs before settling his head between my legs. The feel of him between my legs, his breath against me, was about more than I could stand.

When his lips began tugging at me and, oh God, his tongue began lapping and circling my c!it, I grabbed his head, holding his probing mouth closer. I was almost there. And he knew it.

Want another example? OK, here’s an excerpt from the as-yet-unnamed novel I’m working on now about a lusty American woman who found herself a lusty Irish man.

Sean drizzled kisses like rain over Kristin’s body, running shivers up her insides, trillions of tiny sensations awaking in hunger. She threw her head back and let his talented lips do incredible things to her neck, her nipples, and the underside of her breasts. Let them dance across her ribs, tease her belly, her navel. His hands joined in, caressing her flesh, slowly, carefully, as if he didn’t want to miss a single inch. His warmth penetrated everywhere he touched, causing wave after wave of desire to crash through her.

He slid both hands down her legs and palmed her mound, pressing against it with the heel of his hand, kneading. He parted her damp lips with his thumbs, gently, like he was opening a delicate and rare treasure box, and placed them on her c!it. Clipping the flesh between both thumbs, he gently rubbed it to a tiny peak. She cried out in pleasure.

“Ah, Sean. It feels so good.”

“Hold on, love. There’s more.”

With erotic romance, there’s always more. More love, more laughs, more sex. Do something good for your health today. Read an erotic romance and enjoy love, picante style!

Toni Zuma



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Great excerpt, Toni - how long have you been writing erotic romance? My readers love to hear writers personal stories and how they broke into the elusive publishing world. Fabulous to have you hear, enjoy!


  1. Hi, Rachel: I've been writing erotic romance for about two years. *Hot Summer Fling* was my first published ebook and, as I mentioned, I'm working on a second.

    The cover is HOT!!! Thanks for commenting on it. Renee Rocco of Lyrical Press designed it. Simple. Clean. Speaks volumes. TZ

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