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Welcome Eternal Press author, Gianna Bruno!!

So pleased to have you here today, Gianna. I just do not seem to host enough of my fellow Eternal Press authors (and it's not for want to trying!) so it's great that you are happy to share news of your latest release as well as your existing Hot Chocolate Kiss.

Over to you!

Thanks so much for having me today. I’ve been busy getting ready for release day, and it’s almost here. The Journey comes out with Eternal Press on December 7, and I can’t wait!

It’s an erotic (and I mean five flames) paranormal novella with historic elements and I just love the way it all came together. Topped off by a gorgeous cover designed by Amanda Kelsey, I couldn’t be more pleased.

Can you tell us a little about your current titles and where can they be purchased?

The Journey is my second title with Eternal Press. Last January, they published my novellette Hot Chocolate Kiss.

Here are the blurbs for each, and I think readers can see for themselves.

The Journey is slow, sumptuous, much more a traditional fantasy with lots of spells, action,
and adventure. And ménage.

As the North prepares to battle the South, a witch, a sailor and escaped slaves discover the journey is not about a destination, but rather overcoming the obstacles along the way.

They don't hang witches in Salem anymore, but Milena's punishment is being shunned. When her lover Thomas' ship is lost at sea, she fears he perished with the rest of the crew leaving her alone in a town bracing for a war over slavery, but still rife with an older form of prejudice.
Milena travels into the Forest and Sea Otherworlds to search for him, paying the fairies for her passage with bodily pleasures. Circe, the evil mermaid holding Thomas hostage, demands even more. She faces off against Circe in her underwater lair, endures the wrath of a colony of escaped slaves, and learns the terrible truth of what led to the shipwreck that left Thomas as its only survivor.
On the long journey, Milena learns to use her powers in ways she never imagined and discovers surprising truths about her own past. Left questioning everything she has ever believed, she must make the choice whether to return home with Thomas or stay in the Otherworlds forever.

Hot Chocolate Kiss is a fast-paced, sexy read that guys love for the sports—on and off the slopes. It’s a great stocking stuffer or Valentine’s Day gift.

Extreme weather, three witches, two skiers fighting their own demons…and each other. Who wins?

Keela Branford’s passion for extreme winter sports, fueled by anger at a cheating soon to be ex-husband, drives her to brave sub-zero wind chills and break a lot of rules--including the one to never ski alone. There are just some battles that have to be fought despite the risks.
Keela doesn't think much of Rick Marston, a ski lift attendant who is brazen enough to question Keela's judgment. And she thinks even less of his invitation for a drink when she comes down from the summit. She's sworn off controlling jocks like her ex, and is determined to exorcise the demon of self-doubt inside her. Will Keela win the battle against The Witches waiting for her on the ski slopes? And will the heat between Keela and the man who gets in the middle rout them for good?

I’d like to invite everyone to my release day chat at My time slot is , but if that isn’t convenient, they can join in the loop chat on the Eternal Press Readers’s Group or Fever Loop (for erotic fiction). I’ll be popping in and out all day and there will be plenty of opportunities to win goodies from me and the other release day authors.

The 25% discount codes for all Eternal Press titles purchased through their website applies to The Journey and Hot Chocolate Kiss. If readers would like a personalized gift note, or prefer signed, print copies they can contact me through my website I’m running a special holiday package deal on print books, including a box of chocolates. Pricing will vary according to shipping costs.

The 25% discount code for downloads of all Eternal Press titles is given out every release day, so be sure to visit the EP chatroom or my blog on December 7.

My titles are also available in all electronic formats from Fictionwise, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

What are you working on now?

I’m writing a contemporary erotic collection entitled At Home with Peter and Sandra. It’s a humorous look at a couple in the suburbs trying to re-invent their relationship. Snarky, five flames, and I’m having a blast writing it.

I’m also planning a Sexy Seasons series, featuring Rick and Keela from Hot Chocolate Kiss. Winter is covered, but I’ve got spring, fall and summer adventures planned for them including an enchanted forest hike, a trip to Salem for Samhain, and supernatural surfing in the summer.

Do you have a specific writing style?

Yes and no. I’ve long thought of myself as a magical realist and most of my stories are just this side of reality. Hot Chocolate Kiss and At Home with Peter and Sandra have a chick-lit feel with clipped, snarky prose. The Journey, which has more elements of high fantasy, conforms to the conventions of that genre with lush language and symbolism. It’s very different than anything I’ve ever written before.

Where can readers find you on the web?

Folks can keep in touch with me in lots of ways, depending upon their preference for level of contact:

They can take their pick, depending upon preference for level of contact.

I have a blog on Blogger,

And I’m on Twitter and Facebook if folks want periodic news and updates. I can put readers on an email list, or they can join my group. I’m really serious about not spamming or jamming people’s inboxes. Just the facts, ma’am.

My Facebook Fan Page is at!/pages/Gianna-Bruno/153839997984159?v=wall

Readers can follow me on Twitter

My website has all my contact information, forums, links to reviews, purchase information for all electronic formats and print copies of my books.

Here’s a little preview of The Journey:

Villagers swarmed around the dappled gray stallion to obstruct her passage. They buzzed like flies on dung. Since the day Milena stumbled dazed and disoriented out of the Swampscott forest, and Hecabe's lair, they'd branded her a sorceress. Thomas found her huddled near the docks, knowing little of the world and nothing of her origins, surviving only by an innate ability to forage and perform simple magic. He transformed her from an illiterate, illegitimate enigma with his love and attention, teaching her numbers, letters and the ways of the civilized.
If not for the laws on the books, and the protection Thomas provided, Milena would have been hanged. Being shunned was the extent of her punishment. And for that she owed him her loyalty and fidelity. Perhaps the winds of war blowing since Lincoln's election and the Southerners' secession now occupied the Northerners' attention, but Milena knew prejudice to be a blinder as effective as those used on skittish work horses.
"Go back into the woods where you belong, witch." A woman reached up and tugged Milena's ebony plaits. "Immodesty in dress and action. No cap covering your hair, devil worship at the full moon."
Greystone reared. The crowd fled the horse's shrill whinny and pawing hooves.
The woman spat on the ground. "Good riddance, demoness. Ride your ghost mount back whence you came."
Milena clutched the horse's middle with her legs, regained her balance and continued on to the docks. The gray, sticky aura of the sea's wrath shrouded everything in Milena's sight. Whitecaps frothed on the bay. Plumes of sea spray surged through the planks with each swell the agitated waters. A steady wind dispersed black clouds over the town.
Hateful eyes glared from a safe distance. She tethered Greystone and walked into the shipping company office. Her footsteps echoed in the room. The workers fell silent.
She approached the purser's desk. He surveyed her from the neckline of her sackcloth dress down to the battered boots on her feet. "What business have you here, witch?"
"To inquire after Thomas Harper." Milena ignored her heart pounding and stared directly into his eyes. He would not intimidate her.
"And of what interest is he to you?" A smirk spread over his face.
The vision of Thomas headed into the forest on the day he left flashed through her mind. Milena's voice quavered despite her effort. "He's my husband."
Unmoved, the brute spoke with the venom of a poisonous snake. "His ship was last seen leaving Cay West on two months ago. The ship went down, but no one knows where." His crooked smile indicated perverse delight in delivering the news.
Despair surged through Milena's body like lightning. Her heart trembled with grief, the empty pit in her soul ached. Why had the spirits not spoken the truth? She would not show any vulnerability, she would not react, she would not give them the pleasure of seeing her cry.

Great excerpt! Please drop by for the live chat with Gianna if you can, they are a lot of fun...

Comments? Questions? Gianna is waiting to hear from you.



  1. Thanks for hosting me, Rachel. I love the picture on your blog. The couple is so in love, and so connected with each other, it enchants me. Just the kind of relationship we're all looking for, right? Lots of work to get there, though. Ask Keela from Hot Chocolate Kiss, or Milena from The Journey.

    Andrew Richardson has posted a sneak peek, and his preview. Check it out and win an electronic copy if you leave a message there.

    If you've read Hot Chocolate Kiss, leave a message here and win and electronic copy of The Journey.

  2. I'm pretty sure everybody wins here. lol

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  3. Hello, Gianna.

    I haven't read Hot Chocolate Kiss, yet, but it's been added to my must have list.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  4. What was your favorite thing about Hot Chocolate Kiss, Diedre?