Monday, 15 November 2010

Sayde has something to say about men and pregnant dogs!

I am SO happy to welcome back my new friend, Sayde Grace! Funny, happy and a great writer, today Sayde is talking about the stuff we all like to discuss - HUSBANDS!!

Hello everyone!! Thanks so much to our lovely host today for having me here! I love doing guest blogs but sometimes I have to stop and think about what I’m going to write about. I love adding an excerpt and picture of my latest book but I also like to discuss things about life first.

Some of you that follow twitter may already know I’m married with two young children. And you will already know about my latest rant! But for those of you who don’t know I’ll tell you now ☺ My husband is a big hunter. We have dogs specifically trained for his sport and we have nothing but females. For some reason the male dogs never last around our house. Couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that we have four females who constantly growl and bark at them. But let’s get on with the story.
A few years ago my husband decided it was time to take his “prize” hunting dog to get bred. Well I wanted no part in this but he went through with it anyway. The poor thing had a false pregnancy!! Now at the ripe age of 11 he took her once again to get bred. This time it took!
So I wasn’t thrilled with this news this time either. Why? Well the hubby will start off real strong on caring for the female and the pups. But within a week or so it’ll be me mainly caring for them. Now, that would be all right if it wasn’t for the care he’s already started. Five years ago when I was seven months pregnant with our little girl the hubby worked on the crib for all of an hour before declaring it was a piece of shit and to just buy one already put together. Two years later same thing! At seven months pregnant each time, I rolled around on the floor putting together the “piece of shits” . I’ve laughed over this for years, it’s a great story to tell. BUT now that his “prized” dog is having puppies he has spent two days building a puppy mansion!! Needless to say I’m hoping he will be happy living in it ☺
So I told you all that story to tell you this story. I’ve read several authors and readers rant on twitter. I enjoy a good rant once and a while. But I’ve read a few political rants and some “I’m so drunk and that dude at the bar is FINE” tweets. An editor that I follow recently blogged about tweeting too much information can be harmful for your career. I totally believe this. So what do you feel is too much info? Is my puppy rant too much information for you?

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Her second novella in her Built Cowgirl Tough series, THE HARDER THEY BUCK, was just released with The Wild Rose Press under their Scarlet Rose Line.

Raised by parents who don’t believe in affection, Melanie Brantley developed a hard-edged outlook on life...and love. But then along comes a cowboy who makes her blood boil, and not only with anger. A fact that scares the hell out of her. Enough that she seeks solace at Minx, a club that caters to the more carnal pleasures.

After recovering from a bull ride gone wrong, Lance Wright is ready to move forward and he's set his sights on Melanie. Her temper tells him all he needs to know about the passion he'd find in her bed. The wildcat fights him every step of the way, but she's in for a surprise. The harder Melanie bucks, the more Lance wants to ride.
The alarm on Melanie’s cell phone vibrated, thank god. She’d stayed the hour and a half she’d promised. Time to get the heck outta here.

“Someone important?” Lance’s low voice whispered behind her.

Melanie tensed. She’d been just about to run for the hills. “Kinda. What do you want?” She turned and stared at him. His deep brown hair was half hidden under his black cowboy hat, and his long sleeved orange and white plaid shirt stood out in a sea of red and green shirts. His eyes danced with mischief, and she fought not to dance with them. One thing she did love was a guy to play with, and Lance was always ready to play.

“I’m glad you invited your sister up for the holidays. She’s nice. I was worried when Billie said she was coming up.” He smirked. “It’s hard enough around here with you, but I sure didn’t need another woman threatening me with bodily harm.”

“Leave my baby sister alone,” she nearly growled.

“Can’t do that—unless you’d like to take her place. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit if you’d hold off on hurting me to go out with me, at least once.” He leaned close, his spicy cologne filling her nose and setting her on path to sure destruction. “All that passion you have, I can help you put it to good use.” He nipped her ear.

She wanted to lean into him, to press her body against his and do just what he’d said. Yes, she knew he’d use her passion to drive her to the brink of madness, and what was more, if she let him, she would drive herself further. There was something about Lance Wright that upped her emotions. Never before had a man stirred such hate and love. She’d always heard the line between love and hate was thinly veiled, and standing so close to Lance, feeling his body heat against hers, she knew it was the truth.

Great taster, Sayde! Feels & sounds a great story - can't wait to buy it. With regard to your post question - this type of Tweet is great! I think followers like to get to know the writer, want to see the human side of them that makes them real. A rant about what's going on if your life without being malicious is perfect!

What do you think everyone? Let's get talking!


  1. Oh Sayde, you made me laugh this morning, reminding me so much of my own hubby's DIY projects. Like the time he decided to "touch up" a dark spot on our white living room wall with a can of spray paint...without doing anything to contain the spray! (I tried to tell myself afterward that white-speckled dark wood trim had a certain charm to it. Maybe I'd even start a new trend!) Thankfully my sons are now grown and can intercede on my behalf!

    Thanks for the laugh. I needed it! Your story sounds wonderful! I love cowboys!

  2. Great post, Sayde. I didn't mind reading about the pregnant dog or your husband, in fact it made me smile sounds just like a man. (vbg)

    Another Cowboy Kink book I have to go buy. I'm enjoying the series so much.

  3. Oh Leah, I'm feeling your pain about the walls! Thankfully my husband stays away from indoor projects like that! It wouldn't be good at this point! I'm so glad I'm not the only one out there with a husband like mine :) Glad I could make you laugh. Just for the record the dog had 3 puppies yesterday and he sat in the ran under a tarp to make sure she was all right! REALLY?? Geez, he's killing me!

  4. Marie! I was hoping my rant wouldn't be too much!And yes the husband is a typical man. Glad you're enjoying the Cowboy Kink line.

  5. Hello your dog story was not too much it definitely made me laugh! So congrats on the new additions to the family... are you keeping all of them?
    I haven't read your books yet but I saw some that I will read as soon as my TBR pile goes down... Alot ;)
    Great interview!

  6. Sayde,

    LOL that your husband sat under the tarp to make sure the dog was okay as she had the puppies. I wonder was he that considerate when you had kids?

  7. Hey Sayde! Great story about your hubby and the dogs...not too much info at all. I got a kick out of it. :)

  8. Xee, you'd better go get you some cowboy love!! And god no, we will not be keeping them all. Just two out of the three :) That will bring us up to six dogs.