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Welcome Ellora's Cave author, Sarina Wilde...

So thrilled to host Ellora's Cave author, Sarina Wilde to my blog today. Welcome Sarina!

OMG, you have to tell me if it was you or your editor who came up with the "Spare Dick" title!! I can't stop grinning every time I look at your cover - SO great :D

Great to have you here, let's get on with the questions...

1)   What is your writing routine? What is a routine? All kidding aside, I have a full-time job in addition to being in the midst of pursing an advanced university degree—also full-time. Somewhere in all that, I sandwich parenting a teenager and writing. That often means either working late at night or very early in the morning. Did I mention hubby?

2)   Which is your favorite romance subgenre to read? To write? I have to confess I love reading stories about big, tough military guys, but don’t give me any wimpy heroines either. When it comes to writing, I still like my alpha guys (even if they’re having fun with each other), but they might be alphas in personality more than muscle.

3)   What do you expect from an editor? Know your stuff because I know mine. I don’t mind a tough editor, but I would like a rationale for suggested changes. It’s not like I suddenly decided to throw a few words on a page and –oh look – I have a story! I’ve spent time crafting plot and writing. If there’s a problem, I don’t mind changing it, but I do like to know why.

4)   What are you working on right now? I’m cleaning up a final draft of another ménage novel that was originally titled For the Love of Lucas, but –LOL – after titling a story Spare Dick, I guess I’ll have to come up with something a little more off the wall. It’s about two guys who hire a nanny to help with their son. There are a lot of other issues, but that’s the simplest I can make it. I thought about Naughty Nanny, but I’m open to suggestions.

5)   Your biggest piece of advice to aspiring novelists? It’s not enough to be a good writer. The market is flooded with writing thanks to the digital age in which we live. This is a business that requires professional skills such as networking and marketing. That’s tough to learn because most of us would prefer to spend all our time writing (or reading!).

6)   Tease us with a blurb or short excerpt:  Bringing another guy into the bedroom was supposed to spice up Kevin and Jill’s married life. But when Jill insists their third should be someone they don’t know, Kevin’s concerned. His police detective mentality doesn’t want a stranger in their bed.
Then his new partner volunteers for the job. Adam Heller’s more than willing to satisfy Jill’s and Kevin’s every desire. It’s the perfect solution. Jill doesn’t know who Hell is and Kevin has the security of including someone he trusts. What could possibly go wrong?
Their night at a local hotel is hotter than any of them dreamed of—until an early morning page reveals Hell’s true identity. Now, in the midst of investigating a possible serial killer, Hell and Kevin struggle to convince Jill that Hell is more than just a spare dick.
Inside Scoop: Jill’s lusty ménage partners are pretty adventurous and even get up to some male/male action—both within and outside the threesome.

7)   What was your favorite subject in school and why? I loved learning languages. I tackled German and Spanish in secondary school, lived in Switzerland for a year, practiced my Spanish on a couple of cute bartenders in northern Spain then picked up French in college, where I delighted in torturing the professor. Sorry, but after learning German grammar, Spanish and French were a breeze. Nowadays, I’m working on an advanced degree in education, concentrating on becoming a specialist in teaching people how to read. (Building that customer base, don’t you know!)

8)   What is your favorite dessert? Chocolate chip cookies. They are the food of life, edible at any time of day in any amount.

9)   High heels, sneakers or flip flops? Definitely flip flops…or clogs. I wear those when I teach so I can feel taller because I hate high heels.

10)                  Where can readers find you? Spare Dick is available at Ellora’s Cave, on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. You’ll find me on facebook and Twitter.

Thanks so much for letting my stop by, Rachel!


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  1. I won't even tell you what the original title of Spare Dick was, just that the publisher didn't like it. I brainstormed a list of other titles, then, being the smart alec I am, I tossed Spare Dick on the table (not literally of course). The publisher loved it. And I learned a valuable lesson about titles.