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Welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author, M M Bordeaux!

 It's great to welcome another Wild Rose Press author to my blog today! And what a delicious array of handsomeness adorns this fabulous can a girl's eyes not be drawn to it?? I'd love Ms Bordeaux to share the name of the cover artist - he or she most definitely deserves an acknowledgment, lol!

Okay, now I've stopped lusting, let's start with the questions...

1) When and why did you decide to be a published author?
In my early career as a graphic designer I was fortunate to spend several years working for firms in Europe. I began writing advertising and promotional copy to accompany my design concepts. I came to enjoy writing and decided to try my hand at fiction. I was successful getting my short erotic fiction published and finally decided to try a full-length book. I’m delighted that the Wild Rose Press has published my first erotic romance.

2) What is the best and worst thing you’ve learned from an editor?
I think one of the best things I’ve learned from an editor is not to be too attached to “little darlings” that sound great but don’t really advance the story. Sometimes whole pages can be eliminated, which end up making the book better and the story tighter. I’ve also learned how easy it is to slip out of POV. My editor at TWRP, Angela Anderson, was also great in confronting me about what my characters were feeling, what’s in their head at any given moment, what’s behind the dialogue that they are having. I’ve heard horror stories from first time authors, but my editorial experience was great. I actually can’t think of any bad things I’ve learned, at least not from an editor.

3) Favorite authors?
There are so many great authors I like that it’s hard to narrow it down! I like Opal Carew a lot. She writes hot stories that appeal to me. Maya Banks and Jaci Burton are also favorites. At TWRP, Randi Alexander’s new book “Turn Up the Heat” has some sexy f/f scenes. I haven’t written female/female relationships yet but that could be fun. Desiree Holt’s new book, “Buckskin, Boots and Bondage” has some hot ménage scenes, which, if you read “One Hard Ride,” you’ll know appeal to me. She also writes sexy bondage scenes which I might try writing someday.

4) Typical day?
 My days are usually split between my design work and writing. Not on a particular schedule, but as time, projects, and three helpful cats allow.

 5) Blurb
Amanda Sloane's passion has been solely focused on becoming a well-respected, NYC art appraiser. With that appetite sated, she can no longer ignore her body's carnal desires. Tasked with authenticating an uncataloged Randell painting that could be worth millions, she meets a trio of Texas ranch hands who take her on an erotic ride imagined only in her deepest fantasy. Between ranch owners, Jake and Justin Morgan, and their ranch foreman, Luke, the cowboys ignite in Amanda a raging fire of uninhibited sexuality. For years, the Morgan brothers have fought off their greedy cousin's attempts to take their ranch, including poison and sabotage. Now, Jake is counting on the elegant and sophisticated art appraiser to authenticate his grandaddy's painting to stave off foreclosure on the family ranch. Awakening the big city vixen's sexual hunger has his body ablaze with need and his heart yearning for love. Can Amanda give up the intoxicating pleasure of her sexual awakening? Or is Jake's love unconditional enough to encourage her to continue her erotic odyssey?

6) Who would you cast to play hero and heroine in a movie?
I hesitate to say because I think the reader should have his or her own idea of who the characters are and what they look like. There has been a lot of buzz recently about Christian Grey in “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The composite drawing I saw didn’t look anything like I imagined the character.

7) Did you plan the book or write it as it came?
I had a half dozen scenes in mind that were spaced out from the beginning to the end of the book. These scenes set the basic story I wanted to tell, and established the relationships, sexual and otherwise, between the characters.
The rest of the book was written as it came, to tie all the primary scenes together.

8) What surprised you the most when you became published?
How much fun it is to find “One Hard Ride” on Amazon!

9) Do you have a dedicated writing space, and what does it look like?
 I write at a desk and worktable in an office for design projects which are pushed aside when I want/need to write.

10) What’s next?
I’m working on a new book and two short stories (or novellas). Ummm. Maybe now is the time to add some f/f or bondage – what do you think?

I can be reached via my blog at .

Great interview! I really enjoyed finding out more about you and your work - okay, over to you guys, comments???

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  1. Thanks for the interview, Rachel. That hot cover for One Hard Ride was designed by my TWRP editor, the multi-talented Angela Anderson.