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Welcome Decadent Publishing author, KevaD!

Hi, KevaD! Great to have you here and to be a part of your ongoing tour - I have heard so many fantastic things about Decadent Publishing even though I haven't submitted anything to them yet. They certainly seem to be going from strength to strength - any insider tips for my visitors and I??

I want to thank Ms. Leigh for having the courage and courtesy to allow me to be here today.

I’m David Kentner, a prize-winning author and journalist. As KevaD (Dave K backwards), I write mystery, suspense, horror, comedy, contemporary, historical – pretty much whatever story is demanding to be told. The one common thread in everything I write is love. I can’t help it. There has to be some sort of love story or interest, even if that love is a bit convoluted and perverted. Yes, I’ve gone there. In my short story psychological horror series Catherine’s Toys, the main character is in physical and emotional love with his alter ego, the sexually insatiable Catherine. Yes, it’s very strange, and, no, it’s not an autobiography.

But, that’s why I love writing. Authors have the freedom to explore anywhere and everywhere our imaginations take us. My stories range from sweet and innocent to Holy Hannah break out the asbestos gloves – from first love to an abused sex slave who kills her latest owner and tries to find the home and family she’s never known and may not have – from contemporary to the Civil War to a 1955 setting the Historic Novel Society termed “dead on” for accuracy.

I’m married – my wife reminds me of that fact every payday when she scarfs up my check – and live in northwestern Illinois about 120 miles or so due west of Chicago. My secondary hobby these days is buying and selling farm style antiques. It’s fun. I guess I don’t really need any other reason for doing it. My primary hobby is writing the weekly national column The Readers’ Writers where I interview authors for GateHouse News Service. Again, it’s fun. I’ve met, sort of, a lot of truly wonderful writers who keep me in awe of their work. I suppose, in a way, I’m an author groupie. Talented storytellers really do fascinate me.

On the reading side of things, I read just about anything and everything. There isn’t a genre that doesn’t have a place on my bookshelves, and I enjoy nothing more than discovering a new author who grabs my attention with their masterful prose and captivating plots. I’m not a fan of cookie cutter. If the story and characters aren’t original and non-formulaic, I probably won’t read much past the first few pages. But that’s because I believe reading should be – here it comes again – fun! If it isn’t, what’s the point? I love imagination, which brings us to why I’m here today.

My latest release Kantu’s Heart, a time travel romantic suspense novel published by Decadent Publishing as part of their Western Escape line – aren’t you glad the commercial break is finished? – is an example of imagination run amuck.

The story opens with the murders of Kantu and his mate, his heart, Sanda. They’re cave dwellers who lived and loved fifty thousand years ago. Kantu awakens in contemporary Freewill, Wyoming. Confused and saddened by what man has done to the world he knew, Kantu is convinced his ancient deities are punishing him for failing to protect his mate. That is, until he spots a woman he believes to be Sanda in the arms of the man who killed her.

Sandra Harn has no idea why the regal, proud, and probably insane Native American standing in the middle of a rodeo arena has awakened an intense need within her. After all, the man is offering to fight to the death the entire Crow Indian nation in order to spare the life of a bull. When the self-proclaimed warrior suddenly turns and unleashes his unfurled fury on her male companion, Sandra’s mind screams run, while her body begs to surrender.

Kantu’s Heart is a mixture of historical, contemporary, and Native American lore and mythology. The real challenge was keeping Kantu’s appearance in the modern world from eroding to a cartoonish character fumbling through comical situations. That’s just not who he is. He’s a strong, skilled, and decisive warrior with little use for insincere words.

Sandra/Sanda was also a bit of a challenge in that she isn’t aware of her past life, and, because of that, needed a conveyance to bring that part of her to a level of consciousness. Once more, I drew on Native American beliefs and provided her the gift of confusing visions that Kantu’s presence unravels for her.

Thanks for visiting with me. I truly do appreciate it and hope to see you again.

Title: Kantu's Heart (DP’s “Western Escape” Series)
Author: KevaD
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Length: 159 pages
Main Sub-Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Sub-Categories: Erotic

Available at:

Before the ice age, warrior Kantu lost his tribe, his mate Sanda, and his life to a vicious band of cannibals led by his most powerful enemy. He awakens in a world beyond his comprehension only to find his mate in the arms of her killer. Misery and strength meld into one goal—to win back his heart and kill his enemy.

With a nudge from her gentle guardian, Sandra Harn travels to Freewill, WY, looking for bargains at the annual rummage sale and, hopefully, answers to her mysterious past. Once there, visions of a time before the town existed make her question her sanity. When an exotic stranger with flowing raven hair and a body she can’t resist tries to kill her companion, logic tells her to run, but her heart and body have other ideas.


Sanda’s gaze dropped to Kantu’s chest. He glanced at his shirt hanging on a fence post and hoped his skin would not offend her in this world where everyone covered their bodies.
“How did you get those scars.”

Her hand started to reach out to him; she jerked it back and folded her arms under her bosom. Her nipples dotted the pink of her shirt. Sanda raised her arms to conceal the delicate rises of flesh he had sucked and licked once upon a time gone by.

A cloud of sadness dampened his eyes. He breathed deep to try and clear his mind of the memory of her breasts, their taste and feel in his mouth, the wetness between her thighs when he entered her, the tightness of his sac before his seed flowed. He grimaced and turned his back to her.

“Did I say something wrong?” Her voice trembled. “I’m sorry if I did.”

“No,” he said in a constricted breath. “It is not you. The scars are the mark of a warrior. My father dragged a claw across my body three times - one for each man I killed my first time in battle.”

“Are you serious? You killed three men? Were you in the army or something?”

He clamped his lips together. His eyes burned, and a tear streaked down his face. This Sanda did not know him at all.

“No.” Her voice softened to a tuft of air. “You weren’t. I know that. I just don’t know how I know that.” A barely audible sigh sounded behind him. “I sometimes see the forest at the MGR before it existed, when it was an open plain. One night the whole town melted into nothing, and I was alone with grass all around me. I could feel the dew on each blade.”

Her fingers touched his shoulder, her natural, wild scent floated into his nostrils. He rested his cheek on the back of Sanda’s hand. Sparks of desire flickered through him, a longing to be held by his mate, his heart, quivered in his chest and arms.

“I know you, don’t I?” A tremor vibrated from her fingers into his shoulder.

He lifted her hand to his cheek and turned to face her. Her eyes shone like summer rain as her gaze drifted back and forth as if searching for something she believed might be found in his eyes, but couldn’t quite see.

“Yes,” he whispered.

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About the Author:
KevaD is David "DA" Kentner, prolific author of romance, suspense, horror, fantasy, and winner of American Mensa, Ltd’s Calliope magazine 18th annual fiction competition. His weekly column "The Readers' Writers" in which he interviews famous and soon-to-be-famous authors appears in newspapers across the country.

When not writing, shoveling snow, or mowing their 5 acres outside Freeport, IL, he's trying to explain to his wife the TV has more than SOAP and GAME channels, and pizza really is a necessary and required food group.


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  1. First, thanks again, Rachel, for hosting me here today.
    Insiders tips for Decadent Publishing?

    Decadent has a number of lines to choose from for both readers and authors. Their 1 Night Stand series are quick erotic reads of the smoking hot kind. There's a heroes line for readers who prefer men who put the "A" in Alpha male. And, of course, there's the Western Escape line my story is a part of. But, Decadent considers stories that don't quite fit into one of their lines either. Like many publishers, Decadent loves originality and a unique, well told tale.
    My best advice is to peruse Decadent's lines and see which one is the best fit, then submit a story. The acquisition team will definitely take a look at it.

    By the way, if anyone is interested in a FREE erotic anthology, check out Erotic Escapades which contains my short story "One Night Minstrels." Eight authors, eight romantic, erotic stories.