Saturday, 23 June 2012

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Marine biologist Morgan Johansen doesn't believe in fairy tales, so when rumors of a sexy male siren surface, she sets out on her boat to prove them wrong. But when she's tossed overboard by her ex, she comes face to face with a strong, virile siren who's undeniably real and promises to awaken her every erotic fantasy.

Racing to save his people, Erik, heir to the siren kingdom, must find the one woman destined to be his queen. When Morgan hits the water, he feels her presence and knows instantly she's the one. Now he must convince her to abandon her strict scientific beliefs and submit to the powerful desire that grips them both. But one question remains to be answered...

Will Morgan return to the surface, or will she surrender to the siren prince?


“I can’t stop thinking about Aeron.”

“If he’s out there, my men will find him. They know these waters better than anyone,” Erik said, moving back within reach.

She nodded once and swallowed back the tears. Erik’s men would find him. She had to believe that. What other choice did she have? She wasn’t strong enough to make it back up to the surface, even with Erik’s help. For the first time in her life, she felt completely helpless. The reality of her situation settled like a lead weight in her stomach.

Erik lowered himself next to her, reached out and touched her lips with the tip of his finger, a barely there touch that sent a jolt of electricity straight to her womb. “You have beautiful lips.”

She trembled under his warm touch. He looked at her as though he wanted to possess her. More frightening was her need to be possessed by this man. It had to be that weird siren attraction pulling at her, luring her into his dark, mysterious web of desire. And damn, she was falling hard.

She jerked her head away, breaking contact. “Stop,” she whispered.

Allowing him to touch her earlier had been a mistake. Just the feel of his skin on hers made her want to abandon all reason and crawl into his arms. It didn’t matter that he was the enemy and keeping her here against her will. All she wanted was the feel of his hard muscles pressed against her. 

“As you wish.” He rose to his feet and looked down at her, his face unreadable. “But know this, Morgan. You will be mine. Sooner or later.”

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