Friday, 25 May 2012

Time for a contest...

As I don't have a guest author today, I thought it was about time I ran a contest...

I am working on novella number four today and as I'm a pantser I sometimes get stuck when I'm writing with no idea where to go next - especially when the characters take me to a place I had no idea they wanted to go!

So I need your help...

If I give you the set-up, let's have some fun and you tell me what you'd like to see happen next. My favorite scenario will win a copy of either Explicitly English or Coming Back - winner's choice.
I can't guarantee it will make it onto the pages of the book but you never know...

Okay, the story is set in a rural village in the UK during the annual horse trials - there is plenty of skin-tight trousers, open shirts and often empty stables that can be taken advantage of ;)

My hero is a horse trainer, my heroine a journalist looking for a story. She happens upon a top show jumper (married and father to three gorgeous children) enjoying far too much of a good time with one of his dedicated fans. She is torn between breaking open the story to scandal or walking away. Should she? Shouldn't she? Then the hero catches her watching, he's angry, thinking this woman is purposely setting out to ruin the rider's career and marriage...what happens next? It's up to you!

Make your answers fun and inventive - this is a chance to let those naughty imaginations run wild!

I'll pick a winner on Sunday - good luck!

Rachel x


  1. I say have her intend to just walk away, but when the hero assumes she's trying to ruin the guy and his marrage, have her taunt the hero with the fact that she is a journalist and has every right to scoop the story. That way, when she doesn't use the info she has, but someone else does, it will add great conflict with her trying to convice the hero that it wasn't her .. :)

  2. Ooh, Maxine, i LIKE it!! ;)

    Thanks for taking part!

    R x

  3. Oh, I like Maxine's answer.

    Or then he sets out to prove to her what he's really like but then they realize they have a little crush on each other and what do they do about it?

  4. My thoughts are that the horse trainer should be one of a set of twins. The hero could try to intimidate her to keep her from writing the story while trying to avoid "romantic complications" without revealing who he really is. Maybe the bachelor twin could be an agent or private investigator pretending to be his brother so he can investigate shady goings on during the horse trials (doping maybe or equipment malfunction?). The trainer and journalist would have to work together to find the culprit.

    Mindy :)

  5. Thank you so much for taking part, ladies!! Really enjoyed your suggestions and thought processes - very surprised how clean the suggestions were too, lol!

    Okay, my winner is Maxine - love the idea of the heroine having to prove her innocence. Really great.

    Let me know which one of my stories you'd like a PDF of and I'll send it straight out. Congrats! :)

    R x