Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Senior Scarlet Rose editor, Trish Owens shares some tips!

As i am without a guest author today, i thought I'd share some insight into the Wild Rose Press writing guidelines as far as their erotic romance line (Scarlet Rose) is concerned. I know a lot of my readers and visitors aspire to become published writers so here are a few hints from Editor, Trish Owens...

Take it away, Trish!

Good morning!

I'm Trish Owens, Scarlet editor. I've been with TWRP for three years now (I think? Maybe this is going on 4.) My favorite thing about editing erotic romance is I'm not stuck in one genre--I love variety! I like the idea of having a paranormal, futuristic, historical,  a suspense...and an occasional cowboy on my desk at the same time! Yummy.

A personal bit about me--I have a husband, 2 kids, a dog, 1 1/2 cats (one lives part time at my MIL's) 10 chickens and 2 beef cows (we have a small farm--lots of dirt in my house!) I'm a horseback riding instructor when I'm not editing. So if you send me an animal story, expect it to be vetted carefully! I also love to knit and do decorative painting on wood and glass for sale and gifts.

On the editing side--I'm a tough but fair editor (I think. But I'm not friends on facebook with my authors, or I'd know the truth.) My strong points are getting emotion into your story without it being sappy (I hate sappy) and pacing. I also like the sexy parts. :o)

What we've seen enough of--believe it or not, we have had a ton of stories where the heroine is a romance writer and stuck, and needs a handsome man to bring her out of her writing funk. While they're great stories, it's a plot line I think we'd like to not see for a bit.

We also don't accept marriages that have gone awry. It should be a boy-meets-girl scenario. No hanky-panky to spice up an existing relationship.

What we like to see--excellent writing, of course. Something fresh and exciting. Use your sex scenes to build your characters and show growth from the beginning to the end of the story. LOTS of detail in the sex scenes--put what you think is too much, and you're probably just right. LOL

What sells best--BDSM, menage, anything double rose. Miniature length seems to do the best as well. However, we have a lot of single roses and shorter lengths that sell just as well. Promotion is a big key. Getting yourself out on the blogs, drumming up a following goes a long way to selling a lot of books.


Comments?? Let's get talking about writing! :)

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