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Welcome Penny Amici...

Today, I welcome Penny Amici, contributor to a brand new anthology of erotic short stories edited by D L King. Voyeur Eyes Only is available now from Amazon - I for one will be downloading a copy. Nothing better than taking a short dip into the fun and games before heading back to work. Yum!

Take it away, Penny...

Say It Out Loud

By Penny Amici

Saying out loud that you write erotica, when confronted with questions of ‘what do you do?’ seems, for me anyway, to always bring about the same effect from people. “Really? You write porn?”

No, I don’t write porn, I write erotica and there is a difference. A fine line difference, but still, it’s there. Not that there’s anything wrong with writing porn. There isn’t. It’s just that I personally do not write it.

So, to avoid the inevitable, I started telling people that I write romance. Most of the time, that satisfies their curiosity. Sometimes though, if they are readers, I will be asked what kind of romance. Then I have to go one step further and add … adult romance. That’s when the eyebrow cocks and the head tilts and the dreaded words are blurted. “You mean porn?” No, I mean adult romance. Erotica.

Guys tend to think it’s cool. Of course they would. They’re guys. They are envisioning all sorts of sordid things in their head. Wondering secretly if I am writing about my own sex life. I can almost see the gears turning as their eyes glaze over. They ask all kinds of questions.

Women, not so much. Most women tend to get real quiet and back off immediately. I never quite understood that. Why would a woman get frosty, when I tell her that I write erotic fiction for a living? It’s women who read the most erotica anyway! It got me thinking. Am I hitting too close to home? Perhaps hinting at secrets not yet shared with their partners? Am I too open in my sexuality that it makes them uncomfortable? I don’t know. I don’t get it. But who am I to question females? I am, after all, a female. And I certainly know how fickle I can be!

I finally came to the conclusion that we must embrace ourselves for what we are, whether people agree with you or not. If they don’t like how you act or what you do for a living, that’s their problem, not yours. I am an empowered alluring creature. And so are you! It matters not whether you are gay, straight, frigid, open, a geek or a gender bender. Embrace what you’ve got! Say it out loud!

I met the most amazing people in Las Vegas when attending the Erotic Writers Conference. So open-minded! I felt I had finally found my circle. My niche. My gang. It felt good. It felt like home. And I was happy. No judgments here.

Being happy, for me, spurs creativity. And that inspiration awoke my Muse, who in turn prompted my fingers to write the story, ‘The Mist Between Us’ that is included in the anthology, ‘Voyeur Eyes Only.’

I am proud to be an erotic author and I am going to say out loud, “I write erotica!”

May you have the peace to be comfortable in your skin and proud of whatever it is that you do, so that you too, can say it out loud!

Below is a tiny excerpt of my story. I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and by the way, I am not writing about my own sex life. Do horror writers actually go out and chainsaw heads off so they can pen it realistically? I think not.


Excerpt from ‘The Mist Between Us”

I see you.

Palms pressed flat against the floor to ceiling glass of the Flamingo Hotel. The twinkling lights of the Strip reflect in the window, making your naked body glow electric.

I bet it feels that way, too. Doesn’t it? Electric.

When he approaches you from behind and kicks your legs apart, I can just make out his serpentine tongue playing soft over saliva-shiny lips. He’s tickling the thick nest of black whiskers growing full around his mouth and they glisten wet, holding anticipation in their prickly stiffness.

You must have exhaled quickly, because the sudden fog on the window obscures your pretty face for a moment. But, my disappointment doesn’t last long as the mist fades and I am treated to a most delicious expression of glazed eyes and use-me-please mouth.

Your head lolls slightly sideways, as if it takes just a bit too much energy to hold it erect any longer. And this is when I see him slide one arm around your belly and his other hand reaches between your spread thighs to cover your pussy.

Your lips purse and a second mist comes between us to hang heavy on the glass. This little game you and I have going, this game of hide and reveal, is really turning me on. My pussy is starting to tingle in ways usually reserved only for men. I’ve never reacted like this towards another woman before and I’m a bit confused by it. But, oh my fucking god, your X of a silhouette is so damn sexy framed in that window.


An erotic collection of shorts stories by best-selling authors with a central theme of voyeurism in Las Vegas.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Not anymore…

High above the Las Vegas strip, at the top of Skylane Tower, the rooms come with one special amenity; a high powered telescope. When a group of erotica writers descend on Sin City for their annual conference, the voyeurs witness first hand, that some authors live by the adage, ‘write what you know’.

A woman’s curiosity is piqued as she observes a beautiful stranger being bound in silky red rope. A man scouting for new sex slaves, watches as an elegant woman gets more than her hands dirty. A prostitute pulls a switch - sending her lover out on a call. A simple slip of the hand, causes a case of mistaken room identity and a linen closet at a nearby hotel, sees more action than all of them combined. And that is just the beginning…

They say perception is reality. Is what the Voyeur sees through their spyglass just a fantasy; on which side of the lens would you like to be?

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You know that unadulterated, narcissistic pleasure that enjoying Happy Hour brings? Ya … that …

Late bloomer, Penny Amici began writing mid-life in 2009 on her blog, where her weekly Thirsty Thursday short erotic stories always finish off with a provocatively named cocktail recipe.

“Get your juices flowing, it’s Happy Hour!”

Cocktails for the Body. Erotica for the Mind.

Penny’s erotic fiction can also be found online at e[lust] and SexPress.

Follow her on Twitter: @VineyardRoad and @PMAdesigns

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