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Welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author, Lelani Black!

Welcome back to my blog, Lelani! Loving the Boss With Benefits theme...even the title gets the expectations hitched up a notch or two, yum...Anyway, welcome! Looking forward to reading your post :)

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My Review of Reviews

By Lelani Black

I love a good review. What author doesn’t? I don’t even mind the average reviews where the reader didn’t connect with the story. As a reader, not everything I get my hands on will always resonate, either.

As a writer, I know that some readers will “get” the message in my stories. Others? Not so much. As a reader, a poor review of someone else’s work doesn’t stop me from buying their story, either. It can actually get me to buy the book just so I can make my own determinations.

One thing that sticks in my craw? When others scorn good reviews, convinced only friends and family can possibly love the story. Friends and family are readers, too. Often, they may be the only ones initially brave enough to put their name out there and review, for example, an erotica romance.

If you’re an author whose release could use some reviews, go to a review site and ask them if they’ll do a review. Pay attention to your publisher’s policies regarding sending your books out to be reviewed—example: make sure it’s not a site that your publisher has already sent your book to. Sometimes getting a review is a waiting game. It’s a plus if the review site also posts their reviews on Amazon, and Goodreads. But if they don’t, they’ll still have a following that may boost your book’s visibility when they review it.

True story—a writer acquaintance had me review their works-in-progress, offline. Everything from poems, to short stories, to novellas etc… I gave lots of feedback, kept it all positive and bright, even though it was not my genre. This person read one of my books, then basically trashed my work to me. Had nothing good to say. The characters were all wrong, the motivations were all wrong, the erotic scenes would never happen that way etc… After having my published work given a callous drop-kick by this individual, I gathered my bearings, and like a good author, said, “Thank you for your thoughts,” and ended the Lelani Black free nuggets of feedback and critique program that I was lavishly throwing this person’s way.

Months later this person pops up in my rearview mirror and asks me for yet another review of their own work! Oh-em-geee! Yup, one of those bang-head-against-rock-wall lessons that I’ll forever cherish.

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Author Bio: Lelani Black is a multi-published author of Erotic Romance whose characters live, and love, in exotic island settings. Her debut erotic romance, Boss With Benefits, is now available in Audio book through her audio publisher, AudioMinx, at Amazon and at other audio book e-tailers.

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Great post, Lelani - reviews are part and parcel of the business BUT under no circumstances is it okay to put down someone's work in such a way it has zero use. You know what I mean - the times when an author has nothing to learn or improve on from your observations. Hmm...oh, yes. We've all been there!


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  1. Thank you so much, Rachel, for having me on today. Congratulations on your new book contract! The story and setting sound exciting, and wonderful. Ah, yes, those lovely reviews...when books I read don't resonate with me as much as others, I'll still find something redeeming about it. What made it special? What made this book stand out? As writers we know how much work (and occasionally tears) went into crafting that story. I see why some writers don't read reviews at all--they don't want a bad review to sour their outlook, but chocolate or a glass of wine can come in handy in a bad review crisis ;)