Saturday, 19 November 2011

Which sub-genre next? Historical, contemporary, paranormal?

Mmm…which sub-genre of erotic romance do I write next? That’s the question bugging me right now.

I am a writer who needs change, likes to learn different nuances of this wonderful craft, try different themes, sub-genres, conflicts to keep both my readers and me, interested. The same is true of my reading material, I love erotic romance, historical romance, contemporary romance and romantic comedy.

My debut release, ‘Explicitly English’ was a contemporary erotic romance, so is my latest 'Coming Back', my third which I am writing is contemporary but set overseas in Greece but already I am feeling the need to write something different with my next story. But what?

Recently I put up a poll asking my followers and visitors to choose a preferred erotic romance sub-genre. After the poll closed it was very hard to judge but the consensus seemed to be you guys crave either contemporary or historical erotic romance.

But what about the ever popular paranormal? Or those luscious cowboys? The thrills of a romantic suspense with those naughty boys in uniform? Mmm, delicious, I’m licking my lips just thinking about it!Even as I am writing this, the ideas are germinating…the lusts growing. I can’t help wondering how other writers create their stories. Do they start with an idea and immediately know in which sub-genre that story will fit into? Or maybe most writers aren’t like me and once they find the sub-genre they want to write, they stick to it. What do you think? I’d love to know what you guys write and/or read. Help me out!

Rachel x


  1. I love them all. And I write many genres concurrently. I guess I have to go with the old standard answer of - whatever is calling to you loudest.

  2. I also enjoy writing all genres. I usually pick a genre first, and then comes the characters and storylines. Do what your intuition guides you to the most! :)