Thursday, 10 November 2011

My favorite reads!!

I have been asked to talk about my favorite books which is a very hard request because I LOVE books. I am a self-confessed bibliophile who has over two hundred books yet to be read on my shelves – and I am still buying more! I haven’t a Kindle at the moment (although it will be on my Xmas list this year), but I know once I do that pile will grow even more.

If I am forced to name my favorites, I will have to go with favorite erotic romance and favorite mainstream romance because the two are very different for me. Each sub-genre gives me something different or suits a certain mood I am in when I am choosing what to read next.

Favorite mainstream romance is probably anything by Nora Roberts – I admire her skill as a writer immensely. Everyone knows how prolific she is but what I love most about her stories, is her ability to deliver fantastic characters EVERY time. Sure, some of the stories have a familiar feel but I always find her characters infinitely different…others have fervently disagreed with me on this, by the way.

My top three Nora Roberts so far are:

Montana Sky

Seaswept (book 1 in the Chesapeake series)


I know there are many, many other great Nora books but it’s going to take me until I’m sixty to read them all, I swear!

As for erotic romance, I know I am going to be delivered a damn good story every time by Desiree Holt, Kyann Waters & Emma Lai.

As they are all novellas, I am far too pushed to name a favorite but urge your visitors to give each of these ladies a try. You will NOT be disappointed!

Rachel x


  1. Blue Smoke is another one of Nora's that's fantastic. If you haven't read it, do check it out next! I love her, too. She's wonderful.

  2. Hi Scarlett!

    Yep, read that one too - really good! Do you watch the TV movies? What do you think of them? A lot of people criticize them but I just take them for what they are and enjoy them anyway.

    Rachel x