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Welcome Liquid Books author, Kathleen Scott!

Welcome to my blogspot, Kathleen! Before I let you take the floor I have to say how in love with your book cover I am! It is amazing! I wish you loads of sales - who was the artist? Absolutely beautiful.

Okay, gushing over - take it away!

The Beauty of the Series
By Kathleen Scott

I love a series.
The first one I remember getting my voracious eyes on was the intrepid Nancy Drew back when I still wore pigtails and pinafores. (Yes, back in the early to mid 70s our dresses did resemble pinafores.) There was just something about following along with Nancy and Ned on their various adventures that sucked me in and refused to let go. I loved the way the adventures never really ended, that if I went back to the library, there would be another book waiting to be read. Then I discovered fantasy fiction.
Let’s face it, no one does a series like a fantasy author. It’s written on their vary DNA to produce multi-book epics that stretch on long past the lifespan of the author. (Robert Jordan and Marion Zimmer Bradley anyone?) Is it any wonder then that when I started my writing journey it was on a road littered with the twists and turns of the plots that took several books to complete the arc?

My brain doesn’t seem to work any other way. I can come up with an idea for a one off and the next thing you know I have a notebook full of ideas for supporting characters to get their own stories. It’s a sickness really. Can’t seem to stop myself from plotting out the evolution of the characters/world/planets/political climates on into books four or five. This is sometimes good since there is always something to write. I never lack for new ideas. Sometimes it can make marketing a bit trickier, especially if the series doesn’t have a particular “tag” to them. This is the case with what I call my Scicia saga.

Technically all the books do not take place on the planet of Scicia, but the nexus of the plots did originate from there as do the characters, regardless of what planet the actual story takes place. But how do you go back and let readers who enjoy book two but haven’t read book one, know that book one is actually out there and waiting for them to download and enjoy? It’s hard, I’ll grant you. Not impossible though.

I know when I pick up a series to read, I always want to start at book one. Doesn’t always happen that way for one reason or another, but when it does, I do go back and read what I missed. Kind of brings me up to date. I did that recently with the Amelia Peabody Mysteries by Elizabeth Peters. A friend of mine suggested I’d love the series since it is set in my favorite historical time period – the Victorian Era—and deals with a favorite topic of mine, archeology.
Unfortunately, when I set out to read them, I could only obtain book three of the series and had to wait for books one and two. No sweat, says I, I’ll start at book three since they are mysteries and each one should pretty much stand alone. Right? Well, sort of.

The relationship between Peabody and her husband, Emerson, is so dynamic and hilarious I wanted to see how it evolved from the beginning. I was not disappointed when I finally got my hands on book one. As a matter of fact, I’m glad I went back and read it, as it made their relationship all the more endearing having seen the origination.

Which brings me back to the point of my own series: the stories are richer if you see where they all began. Unlike some of my other series where the books really are stand alones that are set in the same world but with different characters, the Scicia saga has one long underlying plot that unfolds the deeper into the series a reader gets. The actions and responses of the characters in Private Negotiations impact the lives of the characters in Intimate Weapons, which leads to the crises in Clandestine Alliance. Covert Operations’ story line runs concurrent with Clandestine Alliance, and the final book, Public Displays follows a few months after.
I’ll admit. I’ve had a lot of fun writing and imagining the worlds in the Scicia saga. Caught somewhere between the pageantry of the royal court life and the high tech exploits of inter-stellar travel, I had a blast with rules and governments and histories.
Why don’t you come along and step inside book one for a moment.

Private Negotiations by Kathleen Scott

For the past ten years, war has ravaged the planet of Scicia. The countries of Telesia and Vanden have painted the land with the blood of their people, neither side coming out the clear victor. The recent death of the Vanden Regent has brought his heir to the throne and with it a new chance for peace. That is, if the memories of an illicit love and a false identity do not derail the process first.

Vanden Regent, Loden Espacian has waited a long time to claim Rinalda D’Aubry as his bride. Four years before, on a mission to Presari Station, Loden attempted to seduce secrets from the Telesian Chancellor’s beautiful daughter. His quest failed when she did not divulge even so much as her family ties and Loden fell helplessly in love. Now, the war has taken a terrible toll on Vanden’s resources. With his country on the verge of collapse, Rinalda is within the walls of his palace as the Telesian peace emissary. The only chance for Loden to save his country is to find a way back to Rinalda’s good graces and once again win her heart.

When Sergeant Rinalda D’Aubry agreed with her father’s plan of going to Vanden as the emissary in a peace envoy, she had no idea she’d come face to face with the man she thought was lost to a wartime romance. Dreams of him have sustained her during some of her worst days and nights, fighting in a bloody war of her father’s making. The man she remembers was a common foot soldier, not the heir to the Vanden throne. Memories of their passionate lovemaking threatens to ignite the air between them, burning all who stand in the way. Betrayed and humiliated, Rinalda vows to rise above her broken heart to save both countries from destruction before it’s too late for redemption. But not before her father's secrets threaten to destroy the fragile peace and the new love growing between Loden and Rinalda, along with the promises of the future they plan to build together.

Available now from Liquid Silver Books

***** But the action and suspense did not stop there – here’s a blurb from book two*****

Intimate Weapons by Kathleen Scott

Jovita Rees is running for her life.
Infused with nanites to heighten her natural abilities, she has become little better than a weapon for her people. When used as a focus, Jovita can open wormholes at will. Not just in space, but in water or land. This ability has become a great asset to her people, the Celedons. Fearful her powers will be used as a weapon, she stows away on a transport ship to Presari Station. Once there, she tucks herself away on a ship bound for Scicia. – The Vanden ambassador, first-advisor to the Regent, Mallic Telonis, is taking his leave from the peace talks.

A known connoisseur of beautiful women and non-committed sex, Jovita hides in his suite aboard the vessel, hoping she can exchange sex for a passage to Vanden. Mallic is shocked to find a beautiful Celedon woman in his bed. Too bad that despite her offer of memorable sex, she is terrified at the very thought of his touch. He knows this by the color in her cheeks and the awkward way she moves. He is also troubled she would go through so much trouble and offer her body for a ride across the galaxy. When he gets out of her that she wishes political asylum, he tells her that she needed only to tell him that and he would have gladly taken her back to Vanden. There is no need to offer her body.

Mallic returns to the palace only to find it in an uproar. The Paladins want to settle the uninhabitable region of the planet to set up an outpost. They have called upon the Vandens and Telesians to assist in this endeavor and they aren’t being nice about it either.

Into the fray, word comes that a powerful weapon has been smuggled off of Celedon. It is a break-through technology that could change the balance of power in the known worlds. Mallic fears Jovita knows where the weapon is kept, but never dreams the woman he has begun to lust after more than any other he’s known, may be the weapon in question.

Available now from Liquid Silver Books.


Since starting the Scicia saga, I’ve had ideas for a few other series, two contemporaries and one more fantasy and sci-fi mixes. As I said, it is a sickness I endure and which I hope I never recover.

- Kathleen Scott

Great post, Kathleen! It's funny you chose to blog about writing series as this is an idea I have had perculating for a while now. I worry that if I start it, I won't be able to stick to it. How do you stop that from happening? Do you plan the entire series before you starting writing?

Comments? Questions?

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