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The lovely, funny & talented Sayde Grace is here!!

Sayde is visiting with a new take on the blog post today ; ) She's making you work for your book prize, LOL! Take it away, Sayde...

The Query Game

Most readers will never realize that the book they are so engrossed in went through a tremendous amount of marketing before it was ever put on the shelves. Usually when I guest blog somewhere I give a little story and post an excerpt of whichever book I’m promoting. Today I want to do something a little different. Today we are going to play the Query Game.

First I’ll tell you what a query is. A query is a one to two page letter describing your book and your work that make you stand out in the mist of hundreds of other queries. You want these to be snazzy and eye catching. Now, I don’t mean send in pages to editors or agents with glitter all over them but you want the writing to really sale your work.

I’m going to post several paragraphs from a few of my books. Three of the books have been sold while one has not. I’m not a marketing genus so don’t expect a whole lot J First person to pick the query that has not sold will win a copy of my newest release.

Query 1.

Waking up tattooed, mated and a werewolf would shock most people but for Siddalee Brighton it’s just another day.

Sidda has always held a burning hunger for her best friend, werewolf Jasper Gandillion. But she never realized what belonging to the animal within him would mean until he marks her in a show of passion and dominance proving he’s the only Alpha who can tame her. The intense mating awakens the werewolf inside her who is determined not to submit to any male and takes nothing off anyone, not even Jasper.

Sidda’s awakening as Alpha female alerts the father she never knew, that she is alive. Sidda happens to be the first of many illegal breeding experiments that Luna Werewolf Nation Alpha, Dane Velham has created. Can Sidda stop her father from creating more experiments and free the ones he’s already made? Can she trust Jasper to stand by her side after he finds out she’s an experiment herself? Or will Sidda be forced into a life of servitude to the man who created her.


Being the Alpha female of both the werewolf and vampire species has given half vampire/werewolf Josephine Wade a problem--two actually. The first, Etienne Bordeaux, her former vampire lover is on his way to her plantation in hopes of seducing her back to his side. The second, her estranged Alpha Werewolf husband, Braxton Wade, wants to show his mate that although she may be dominant, he’s even more so, especially with her under him and his teeth marking her. Both powerful males want her back, but only one can have her heart, body and soul.

As Josephine tries to control the situation between her former lover and her husband, her world begins to unravel. What was once the truth, is now fiction--what was fiction is now truth. Only she can be the one to unite both truth and fiction to save those closest to her, and take her place beside her true mate in both the Werewolf and Vampire worlds.


Tattooed, pierced, and smart mouthed, Harper Dailey thinks she’s tough enough for whatever life has to throw at her. Unfortunately Harper isn’t ready for the trouble that the ghost of legendary gun fighter Luke Short will bring into her life. Harper’s life has always been intertwined with the ghost world but none of her experiences have ever consisted of deadly wooing.

If having one over blown male ego around isn’t enough, Harper’s drop-your-panties-sexy ex, Colt Bryan shows up wanting her back. Harper is about to turn him away but just can’t resist a night of smoking hot sex with the cowboy. As things heat up between Harper and Colt, Luke finds out about it and decides to prove he’s the only one for Harper even if he has to make her a ghost to have her.

Harper tries to hide from Luke in her one horse, population twenty-five, podunk home town in north Texas. What she doesn’t know is there’s no hiding from a ghost, even under the sheets of your ex’s bed.


On the verge of selling her Rodeo Production Company, Billie turns to young bareback rider Chet Haskins for a night of fun. She expects to get her mind off her business and her bull rider ex-fiancĂ©e, Bo Bennett. What she get’s is a night of pleasure with Chet and Bo.

Billie finds herself quite literally between two hot cowboys and can’t decide whether to move forward with Chet or start over with Bo. After several hot sinful nights with both men, she’s convinced she belongs with Bo.

But with good comes bad, and just when Billie has fallen in love with Bo and his one year old daughter, Lana, things get complicated. Lana’s mother wants Bo back. Good doesn’t always tromp evil, but a badass cowgirl like Billie will always get the cowboy.

All right, now no cheating. No going to my website and reading my list or googling my name. Which one hasn’t sold based on the queries above?

For more information about Sayde and all her books please visit http://saydegrace.com or follow her on twitter at http://twitter.com/saydegrace/

Fun! Love it ! Can't wait to see the responses....over to you, good people!

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