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Welcome Ellora's Cave author, A. M. Griffin…

1)   What is the best and worse thing you have learned from an editor/agent?

When I wrote my first book Dangerously Mine, I had no clue how to write a book and what it entailed. I just wrote it and submitted it. My first editor, bless her heart, accepted it and gave me a list of issues to work on. And man, oh man, was it a hefty list. It had all kinds of things on there that I didn’t recognize. One was dialogue tags, she wanted me to fix them. Okay, but what the heck are dialogue tags? And secondly, she wanted me to find a critique partner, someone who would help me develop my book. My first thought was really? There are people out there who would do that for me? LOL. I learned so much from the first editor.

2)   What is your typical day?
Hectic. I work full-time and I’m a full-time wife and mother. When I’m actively writing I’m able to start at around 7 and I write until about midnight or later, go sleep and wake up to just do it again. But I do it not because I have to, but because I love it and I like seeing the finished product.

3)   What do you read while in the midst of a project? Or don’t you?
No, I don’t read while I’m working on a book. It’s too distracting and I have few hours in the day to work on my writing as it is. But, when I am between projects I will indulge. I just finished all three books in the Enders game series and a historical romance. I adore historicals, anything with regency romance and Scottish Highland warriors do it for me.

4)    What do you do with a paperback once you’ve read it?
If its one that I know my mother would enjoy I give it to her. Once she’s done with it she gives it to the library in her apartment building. If it’s one that I don’t think she’ll enjoy or one that I particularly love, I keep it for my personal library. But I do have to admit that my bookshelf is quite overflowing.
5)    Are you nervous about friends reading your book?
Heck no! I want them to read it. I need the Amazon numbers! LOL. I’m not ashamed of anything that I do. My friends and family are eagerly anticipating my releases. The best text messages are from friends and family who text me about the book and the characters and describe a situation like it’s my first time knowing about it. It usually starts off with, “I can't believe (fill in the blank) did that!” I love it.
6)    What things inspire you to write? Location, music, film or even in a book?
Hmm…none of those things. I right to hush the voices in my head. My characters are very vocal and only quiet when I’m telling their story. After I finish their story I feel a sense of accomplishment.

7)   Share your blurb or short excerpt from your latest release with us
Will be provided by Goddess Fish

8)    What’s next for you?
I’m in edits with the fourth book in the Loving Dangerously series titled Dangerously His and I’m one week from submitting the fifth book titled Dangerously Forever. Dangerously His is about two people who want to be together but are being separated by forces they can’t control. Dangerously Forever is the story where Eva (from Dangerously Mine) and her best friend Allysan finally reunite. It’s definitely not the end of the series. There are still so many worlds and characters to explore.

Dangerously Hers
by A.M. Griffin



Loving Dangerously, Book Three Jess hates aliens. After the invasion that destroyed Earth, the extraterrestrial bastards sold her to a brothel as a sex slave. She may have escaped but the old memories and fears still linger in the dark corners of her mind. Supposedly Sonis is just the place for her—somewhere safe, where she can heal and start fresh. She’s almost hopeful…until she meets Rasha, her new boss.

Rasha, Captain of the Sonis Royal Guard, is a warrior through and through. He’s huge, sinfully sexy and could have any woman on Sonis—but the woman he wants is Jess. He’s very much an alien and Jess knows she should hate him or at least be wary, but whenever he’s around, she loses control. She tells herself it’s only sex—amazing, mind-blowing sex like nothing else she’s ever experienced—but there’s something about Rasha that shakes her soul. The feel of his skin against hers, the look in his eyes as he touches her—they make her want to believe it’s possible to find love and begin again.

A Romantica® science fiction erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Rasha raised it out of her grasp. “You should never try to take a warrior’s weapon.”

She pulled her hand back in record speed. “I wasn’t trying to take it. I wanted to feel it.”

He lowered his weapon in front of her.

She flicked her hand out nonchalantly. “Never mind. You're acting like it’s been kissed by Jesus or something.”


“Forget about it. It’s precious, I get it.”

“There’s no reason to get upset. If you no longer want to touch this weapon, I have another…weapon…you can touch.”

She shifted on her feet, feeling the bumbling idiot trying to rise to the surface. “No, thank you.” Yes, please.

He ran his hands down his muscular thighs. “Another time then?”

Jess had the fleeting thought of him running his hands on her. Oh jeez, how good would those hands feel on me.


“I shall leave you alone. I’m sure you have plenty of work to do.”

“Alone? again?” As she spoke, she immediately wanted to take the words back.

He cocked his head. “I could stay if you wish. Eva said you would need ‘space’ in the beginning.”

She snorted. The sound wasn’t pretty at all. She might as well have oinked like a pig while she was at it. “I don’t wish you to stay.”

“Really? Are you sure? We could do something about that.”

Was his voice always this deep?

She picked at her hair nervously. “About what?”

He inhaled sharply. “I can smell you.” Then he let his gaze drop to crotch.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

A. M. Griffin is a wife who rarely cooks, mother of three, dog owner (and sometimes dog owned), a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She’s a hard worker whose two favorite outlets are reading and writing. She enjoys reading everything from mystery novels to historical romances and of course fantasy romance. She is a believer in the unbelievable, open to all possibilities from mermaids in our oceans and seas, angels in the skies and intelligent life forms in distant galaxies.

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