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Welcome Decadent Publishing author, Krystal Shannan...

 Welcome Krystal! Looking forward to our chat, but I have to say how much I love your cover. Who was the artist? SO eye-catching! Anyway, let's get started...

1)  Who is your favorite author and why?
My favorite author… that’s like trying to pick a favorite child. But, if I have to choose, then I will say Gena Showalter. Her characters, world building, and exciting plots never fail. I always know I’m in for a good adventure and a steamy love story.

2)  When did you first consider yourself a writer?
High school was the first time I think I really considered writing as a career, but instead I became a teacher. I needed a job and I love kids…so it made sense. I’m good at teaching. I have a lot of patience and compassion for children, but I’m better at writing and I do hope to eventually write full time instead of teaching.

3)  Describe your writing space?
The loveseat in the living room, my soft memory foam bed, or my desk. It’s really all good. I don’t have one particular place that I have to be.

4)  What are you reading now?
I am reading Heather Thurmeier’s Stuck on You, Carrie Ann Ryan’s Finding Abigail, and Kallypso Master’s Nobody’s Angel.

5)  How many books have your written?  Which is your favorite?
I have published three. I have two more completely written, ready for submission and four more plotted to start on. My favorite… again with the choosing! I ‘heart’ them all.

6)  What comes first, plot or characters?
Their names come to me first. I can’t write without a name. Then they tell me their story –the plot. Then I go back to the characters and find out more about them as individuals.

7)  Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?
I have not.

8)  What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I love to read.

9)  Tell us about your latest book?
This tour is about A Very Russian Christmas. A contemporary love story about the daughter of a Russian mobster who meets a retired Marine. But, my newest release is Chasing Sam, the first book in a new shifter series for me.

10) What’s next for you?
Next for me… Finding Hope, Book 2 in my Pool of Souls series releases in March. I and then I start working on Book 2 for the shifter series and the first book in a Fae series. Lots of paranormal in the works!

A Very Russian Christmas
by Krystal Shannan
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense
Category(ies): Action, Interracial/Multicultural
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Release Date: December 7, 2012
Heat Level: Sizzling
Word Count: 13,000

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For most of her adult life, bodyguards have shadowed Ksenia Sharanov, daughter of a Russian mobster. Her one serious relationship left her broken hearted when she learned he only sought her father’s power and money.

A ski vacation with her college roommates ends on a terrifying note. Her father’s enemies have been following her more closely than anyone could have anticipated. The mistake will cost a life…but will it cost her heart? Or will she find love in the arms of a complete stranger?

Matt O’Reilly, a retired Marine, generally keeps to himself. Working as a deputy in a small country sheriff’s office, provides just enough seclusion for him to cut himself off from his family’s pity and the heartache of losing his wife. He never thought love would be in the books for him again. Will the sudden arrival of a spunky dark-haired Russian beauty change his mind?

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains explicit sex scenes and/or situations and adult language which may be considered offensive to some readers.

“Ksenia, I want—”

She sat up, straddling him, yanked the hoodie off, and chunked it across the room. Her bra was next. It snapped open easily. She sighed as her breasts fell free. Her nipples hardened, aching for his touch. God, she wanted him so much.

“I know. So do I.”

Matt tugged off his shirt and reached for her breasts. He thumbed her pebbled nipples, sending sparks straight to her core. She moaned and arched toward him.

His strong arms enveloped her and he rolled, pressing her against the bed with the weight of his body. Matt raised his torso and slid off her sweatpants and panties. Seconds later, his own were history as well. He drew the comforter up over their backs, and she grinned up at him. His gaze held such heat and passion. Matt wanted her—not Sharanov power.

Her hands closed around his hard erection, and he groaned. She felt powerful; that she could make him feel such pleasure only increased her own desire.

“I need you, please.” Her body ached to be filled. His mouth latched to a nipple and she hissed in pleasure. She arched her back, pressing against his chest. Her body thrummed with need. Matt ran a hand over her bare mound and pressed down on her clit. Her whole body shuddered through the swirling erotic sensations. He dipped a finger through her slick center and thrust it into her tight pussy. Then he added another finger and she ground against him. More.

He threw the covers off and jumped from the bed.

“Matt!” She moaned in protest.

“I need a condom.”

“I have a patch. Get back in bed.”

She purred as he slid back into bed beside her. Ksenia trailed her hands along his taut sides, reveling in the pleasure his mouth was showering on her breasts.

His cock brushed against her slick folds, and then it was inside her. She clenched his shoulders and moaned. He moved with long strokes while plying her neck and breasts with kisses. She rocked against him, writhing and mewling. Ksenia quivered when he pulled out before she could peak. B`lyad’. “No,” she said with a growl. The emptiness was torture.

“Flip over, sweetheart.” She raised an eyebrow at the command, but she was so ready to come, she was willing to do just about anything. “Grab hold of the headboard.”

Ksenia allowed a wide smile to grow on her face. She turned, gripped the bed frame with both hands and wiggled her ass in the air playfully. He grabbed her hips. “Hold your orgasm until I say.”


“No complaining, you can do it. I promise it will be worth it.”

It better be.

She took a deep breath and nodded over her shoulder. Matt rubbed his cock against her clit a few times before sinking back into her pussy. She gasped at the first thrust, but stayed in control. He was so hard and thick. As her body accommodated him, he pumped harder. Her climax was coming.

“Please. Now?”

“You can come now, sweetheart.”

Thank God!


About the Author
Krystal Shannan lives in Texas with her husband and young daughter. She teaches in the public schools and writes as much as she can in her free time. If any more spare time can be squeezed from her day, she enjoys reading romance in all genres, but especially paranormal. In addition to a doting husband and a spunky daughter, a stubborn Welsh Corgi completes the household, adding hours of entertainment and fun to their lives.

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