Monday, 18 February 2013

Thrilled by a Fourth Acceptance – Will I get a fifth?

My first erotic romance novella, “Explicitly English” was published by The Wild Rose Press in 2010. My lovely editor patiently helped me learn more and more about writing erotic romance fiction as opposed to writing mainstream romance and I still very much consider myself a student of this popular genre.

The key ingredient for both writer and reader of erotic romance is red-hot sensuality – the sexual tension between the couple, the physical and mental sensations they arouse in each other, the tastes, smells and sights they experience when they are together is paramount in creating an erotic and thrilling atmosphere in which readers can completely lose ourselves.

The difference a reader wants when they choose to buy an erotic romance rather than a mainstream romance is not the sex but the ‘no holds barred’ erotic experience the heroine and hero are experiencing. The reader doesn’t necessarily want every vivid, technical detail– who wants to read about endless genitalia and bouncing bosoms?

They want the sensations – they want to be squirming on their seat or fidgeting in their bed. They want to be turned on. Hopefully turned on enough to turn to their partner and demand to be taken care of! To me, this can only happen if they are inside the heroine or hero’s head and riding the wave right along with them.

I hope this is what I achieve in my writing and will keep on achieving it. Every writer worries that once they sold book number one, they won’t sell number two and on it goes. As for me? Well, I have sold four erotic romance novellas to The Wild Rose Press and I am just plotting the fifth…wish me luck! In the meantime, here is the blurb for my next release, currently titled “Teach Me To Ride”, enjoy!


Journalist, Caroline James has ambitions to work in London. She wants to be the best female investigative journalist the city has ever seen. Yet, no London paper will give her a chance without some big credentials to back up her hunger for success. But she hasn’t the money to leave the small picturesque town of Fayre Mead, England. She’s stuck and her resentment is building.
As a horse trainer and son of a famous show jumper, passion for horses flows through Michael Canton’s veins. His mother warned him off a career in the ring, knowing the flashy showmanship, betrayal and infidelity would change him. But now Michael’s tyrannical father is pressuring him to compete and with emotions running high, it could be a step too far for this father and son…
When Michael meets Caroline, sparks fly emotionally, ambitiously and sexually. Someone is going to get burned…

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