Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday Promo - Emma Lai....


Miss Annabelle Abbott's reckless determination to find a husband has delivered her into the hands of fortune hunters more than once. So it's only logical her next suitor prove he's more attracted to her person than her fortune...isn't it? After a heated kiss with a delicious duke is interrupted, Annabelle is left hungry for answers. What more is there between a man and a woman? Why does she ache in strange places? And how far is she willing to go to find the answers? 

All his life, Gareth Grey, Duke of Powis, has done his duty and obeyed Society's strictures. But when he encounters Miss Annabelle Abbott, he can't resist dancing her onto the deserted terrace in hopes of stealing a taste of her lips. The beautiful debutante's ensuing antics arouse Gareth's body and test his much-valued control. Left with no real choice but to rescue the headstrong woman from ruin, Gareth offers marriage and gives in to her wanton ways. 

However, when she misbehaves one too many times on the way to the altar, Gareth decides she needs a lesson in control, and Annabelle's left with only one last question...will he teach her that lesson at least once more?


William just purchased a lovely mare from Minerva’s father for me. A bit of a bribe to get me to behave, I’m sure.” She laughed, but it sounded forced to his ears.

“And do you misbehave often?” His hands tightened, but he resisted the urge to tug her closer and encourage her to misbehave with him. He could well see why this dance was considered dangerous. It definitely tempted him to forget his manners—and her virtue. The scent of lilacs and sunshine beckoned him to bury his nose in her neck, lick the pulse beating beneath the fine skin and taste her flavor.

“On occasion…” She stared off in the distance while her voice trailed off on a sigh.

A yearning to erase the pensive air about her, coupled with the desire pounding through his veins, directed his steps toward the open doors leading to the terrace. The cool evening air brushed his cheeks as he continued to twirl her about the empty terrace. It was too early in the evening for people to seek the solace of the outdoors.

“Whatever are we doing out of doors?” A small smile creased the corner of her eyes.

Satisfaction relaxed his shoulders. It had been so easy to distract her from whatever dark thoughts she’d had in the ballroom. How easy would it be to convince her to misbehave with him? He inched her closer. He dropped his head so his lips teased her hair. “Giving you occasion to misbehave.”

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