Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry, Sexy Christmas!!!

Woohoo!! Christmas is here!!

What are you guys up to? Lots of family, friends, food and wine, I hope! ;)

Christmas lunch will be spent with my parents and my hubby's as well as the kids and dog - I am lucky enough to not be hosting this year so will relax and thoroughly enjoy, yay!

As the year draws to end, I'm already starting to think what I want to achieve in 2013 and there will definitely be a series on the cards...a trilogy, I hope. I'm thinking along the lines of three sisters or three employees working for the same business :)

With several ideas bouncing around, the series is still very much in the planning stage but the biggest stickler is whether to do historical or contemporary - I am so torn, lol!

Anyway, we shall see - in the meantime, I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to all my lovely readers who continue to support my writing and badger me to get the next story written. I am thrilled that I have just contracted novella number 4 and hope it will be released sometime during Summer 2013, I'll keep you posted!


Rachel x

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