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Welcome Liquid Silver author, Elizabeth Finn!!

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your ongoing tour today, Elizabeth! I am looking forward to learning more about you and your work - let's get started with the interview!

1)   What is your writing routine?
·      I don’t have a set routine – I’m definitely not that organized. I tend to cram writing in wherever and whenever I can. I work full time in Human Resources, I’m a parent of a toddler, I’m a half-time college student going in to my senior year of business management, and I’m just plain busy! I stay up far too late writing on many nights, and I’ve been known to pull out my laptop in an airport restaurant on a long layover just to crank some words out.

2)   Which author/s inspire you to write?
·      I fell in love with Johanna Lindsey years ago, and I have to say this was my introduction into the romance genre. Her books are where I fell in love with reading romance.

3)   Which is your favorite romance subgenre to read? To write?
·      I love any and all to read, but currently I’m writing contemporary. I like the real life authenticity of it. I have to admit though… I’m a sucker for paranormal, and I’m actually finishing up a paranormal romance of my own that I hope to contract soon.

4)   How do you deal with criticism/rejection?
·      It can be hard. It’s hard for anyone. First and foremost, I walk away to begin with. The initial emotional reaction you might have shouldn’t dictate your reaction to the criticizer. I walk away for as long as I need to, and then analyze the criticism, and give it whatever level of attention it deserves. If it holds no merit, I dismiss it, if does hold merit, I’ll consider it. Coping with and dealing with criticism isn’t ever going to be easy, and I’m an arguer by nature, so I really do have to stifle my urge to fire back.

5)   What do you expect from an editor?
·      A lot! They’re the eyes that you don’t have because you’ve gotten too close to your own manuscript. I will never catch all of the little errors or inconsistencies in my writing, and the more I read it and edit it, the more my eyes learn to pass right over some basic mistakes. I’m almost always hearing the sentence in my head before I even read it when it comes to my own work, so to me, and editor is the fresh set of eyes that you need to catch all of the things you can’t! It’s a big responsibility!

6)   Which is your favorite character in the book?  Why?
·      I love Logan. I love his intelligence and drive. He is good from the word go in my opinion. His life is on a path that can’t be easily diverged from, but he fights tooth and nail for Rowan throughout the book even knowing he can’t keep her.  He’s stern and stoic at times, and he’s not without his flaws, but he’s incredibly caring and protective of his girl.

7) What are you working on right now?
·      I’m finishing up on edits for my December release, Restoring Jordan, and I’m really excited for this release. I’m also just finishing writing a paranormal erotic romance that I hope to have contracted soon!

8) Your biggest piece of advice to aspiring novelists?
·      Just try it. It seems daunting when you’re first starting out, and the idea of writing an entire book can be intimidating, but you get to that point where you look back and your book is 90,000 words long, and you know you’ve made it!

9) Where can readers find you? Elizabethfinnfiction.com or email at elizabethfinn77@gmail.com – I love to hear from people!

Brother’s Keeper
by Elizabeth Finn



Rowan is a high school senior. Logan is her best friend’s much older brother. With one ill-fated phone call, Rowan’s darkest secret is discovered, and she finds herself at Logan’s mercy, begging for his silence. Can he keep his distance while protecting her from the secret threatening to destroy her?


I beg my brain to concentrate on my book but can’t seem to keep my eyes where they should be. I keep looking up and watching Rowan. She’s pulling off her clothes, and I almost choke until I realize she has her dance clothes on underneath. She is sitting spread eagle on the floor, her back to me, lacing her toe shoes up her ankles. I can’t take my gaze away from her. She looks up to the wall of mirrors in front of her and catches me watching her from behind. She smiles shyly, and I smile back. I sit with my book open on my lap for the entire hour but don’t manage to make it past the first page.

I watch her as she stretches. I watch her as she goes through positions. She is beautiful—her lines so elegant. She may look small and unobtrusive at any other time, but when she’s in her element, she radiates and takes over the room. Her face is confident and calm, seductive but not intentionally so. The way she moves is so effortless, and her body is so amazingly balanced as she easily forces her body into positions that would make the average person groan in pain. I almost burst out laughing as I remember the acrobatics she attempted just shortly ago outside on the sidewalk.

Watching her body move is mesmerizing and does nothing for my vow to control my desire for her. Gay as Anthony most definitely is, I’m unrealistically jealous of the way he is allowed to touch her, pushing her legs into exactly the position he wants, turning and spreading her hips at his leisure, even sliding his hand around her firm buttocks to catch the back of her thigh and lift her leg at just the right angle. I catch myself holding my breath on more than one occasion, and by the time her hour is up, I’m her number one fan. I love ballet. She strolls over to me and sits down. She looks down before I even notice and sees just how far I’ve not made it in my book. I’m still on page one.

She smiles shyly before commenting. “Must be a boring book.” She has no idea…

“In comparison to other things, yeah, you could say that. Are you ready?”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Elizabeth Finn is an Iowa native, where she lives with her husband and son. By day, Elizabeth is a Human Resources Specialist, but by night, she checks her professionalism at the door and immerses herself in the world of writing contemporary erotic romance. Look for more to come from Elizabeth Finn.

Visit Elizabeth at ElizabethFinn.WordPress.com, Facebook.com/ElizabethFinnFiction or email to ElizabethFinn77@gmail.com. She would love to hear from you!

Elizabeth will be awarding a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.
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  1. Loved the excerpt. Sounds a great book!


  2. Congrats on the new release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the great interview and excerpt.


  3. I would not handle criticism well. I'd have to step back from it. A helpful critique on the other hand..