Thursday, 1 November 2012

Giveaway Time!!!

For my latest novella, Hot Summer Sands, I ran a poll to come up with the hero and heroine occupations and setting. I'd like to do that again but also add whether you'd like to see me write another contemporary or my first historical.

So it's over to you! - I've listed a few options below.

Choose your favourite combination and let me know in the comments. Whichever combination I choose to write next, the person who suggested it will win a free copy of either Explicitly English, Coming Back or Hot Summer Sands - winner's choice!

Okay, here are the options:

1) Contemporary or Historical (if historical, which era?)?

2) Hero occupation

3) Heroine occupation

4) Setting

What do you think???

Can't wait to read you suggestions... :)

I'll announce the winner on Saturday morning...

Rachel x

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