Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Yum...what a nice little treat Olivia Starke has for us today!

Welcome to my site, Olivia! I have to say when I received your post, I was very pleased I could share such a quartet of deliciousness farther than just the two of us. What a delicious choice of heroes and I hadn't even heard of number three so of course, the past few days have been spent with a little googling...

Take it away, my friend!

Top 4 Sexiest Heroes

Today I thought I’d blog on my top picks for movies’ sexiest action heroes. These are the men of the big screen we flock to see, perhaps not for their awesome acting skills (let’s face it some are just straight up eye candy only) but they do put a smile on our face for a good two hours. And let’s face it sometimes that’s all we need from a good man ;;)

Number 4

You’re not afraid of the dark, are you? Okay hands down this is one of the sexiest lines I’ve ever heard courtesy of Pitch Black. I personally love the movie, so it didn’t win academy awards, so what! Vin Diesel isn’t especially known for his wit, but hell he can fill out a muscle shirt not to mention that deep sexy voice that sends my heart all a-flutter (okay it’s not my heart but you catch my drift)! Speaking of drift there was this little movie called Tokyo Drift which brings me to...

Number 3

…our next actor, Paul Walker. He and Vin make up the awesome duo in some of my favorite flics, the Fast and Furious series (I know not Tokyo Drift, but still <3 the movie sans Vin.) With his incredible boy next door looks couple with his less than stellar acting performances, he manages to capture the attention of my libido none-the-less.

Number 2

English actor Jason Statham is a hottie times ten who looks equally compelling nearly naked as he does donning a snazzy suit. I’m a huge fan of The Transporter series, and yes even Crank—you either love it or leave it when it comes to the movie. Who can resist his bad ass persona combined with that incredible Brit accent? I certainly can't! And honestly his acting ain't that bad considering the roles he plays.

Number 1

Okay I know you’re probably thinking Brad Pitt goes here. This Springfield, Missouri boy (sorry had to throw that part in since I grew up and live nearby) is tops on many women’s stud list. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of his looks though his ability to morph into his many characters is impressive. Yes he is classic gorgeous, but somehow doesn’t flip my switch, though I do enjoy his performances.

I’ve decided to reserve this honorable #1 position to (drum roll please…)

Johnny Depp. I mean its JOHNNY DEPP what more needs to be said? The Pirates of the Caribbean series made us remember this yum-worthy man, but his roles have been as varied as his abilities. Edward Scissorhands, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Sweeny Todd, etc etc etc.

He’s not a muscle bound action hero, his look can be a bit…unkempt, but I am captured by each movie he stars in. I’ve been a fan since 21 Jump Street, remember that 80s series? I was young but I do remember him specifically, though the other actors are hazy.

Would I jump his bones? Probably not, I think I’d be too star struck, but I’m sure I’d make a complete fool of myself and that’s a true measure of man-hottness.

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Great, just great!! Loving the men, loving the blog - comments anyone? I know you must have some opinions of these four...or more!


  1. Hi!What a fun blog, all the hunks we love to dream of. Thanks Olivia!

  2. Thanks for dropping in Kate! I can always count on you :)

  3. Interesting choices. Jason Statham really does it for me~~

  4. I think Mr. Statham could do it for rock lol

  5. It's a tie between Paul Walker and Jason Statham. Both are really hot. Good choices, Olivia