Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Siren Publishing author Eliza March is talking Goals...

Welcome to my site, Eliza! When I received your post through, I couldn't wait to read it as I've never had a guest talking about achieving goals before and it is often a subject raised in so many writer interviews. How do I achieve mine? Hard work and belief, end ofI!

Now let's here from someone a lot more inspiring than me, I suspect...

How to Achieve Your Goals by Eliza March

I always refer to my vivid imagination and my ability to identify with my characters as my multiple personality disorder. I believe it was inspired by my career choice. In a service industry, you learn to be what people want or expect in order to make your way. Apparently, I learned my lessons well. Now I write books to immerse those various characters in their own stories and as an author I please myself, and hopefully my readers, too. I want to share something I learned about achieving one’s goals. Perhaps this is something we can all practice.

I most admire those people able to do or have an interest in many things, those involved and/or who inspire others to do likewise. When you think about the people who are most memorable to you, they seem to know so much about so many different and varied things. The one character in my life who inspired me, who was my guru, my mentor, was like that.

First rule he taught me was to FOCUS. If you want something, IMAGINE it, VISUALIZE it. Put a picture in your mind, see yourself accomplishing it, and you will.

· The Second rule, SEE what isn’t obvious. The first time I saw an olive grove was with this man. I mentioned how I loved the gnarled shape of the trees, and then he proceeded to tell me everything there is to know about growing the trees, preparing the olives, using them: canning, jarring and pressing them. He tied their story to the local economy, told me how that family of growers had fought during the depression, became successful despite the odds.

· Third rule - QUESTION everything. What’s really happening? If I mentioned anything to him, he could tell me about it down to its chemical composition. He made the grove come alive for me. It became more than the gnarled trees. It became lives, and industry, a story. And everyone and everything has one.

· And the fourth rule, maybe the most important rule, is when you can look into your heart, BELIEVE you can have it, anything.

Just watch what you can achieve following these four simple points, but don’t let anyone or anything sway you.

Good luck and best wishes . . . Eliza March

Love it, love it, love it!! What a wonderfully inspiring post, Eliza. I have read articles and seen programmes that say over and again, in order to achieve what you want you must see it and believe it. These two things are key. Great job, thank you for being here!

Eliza and I would love to hear your stories and tactics...

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  1. Thanks, Rachel. I'm happy to share this insight. It's always easy to spout the words - it's often more difficult to practice staying focused. My mentor advised keeping a picture somewhere close by, representing your goals, in order to remind you when you faultered. He also said to make sure that what you think you want is actually WHAT you want.