Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Obsessions - we all have them. Emma Jay confesses hers...

I have been known to have an obsession or two over time. I surround myself with music or books, I change my ringtone (which I did this morning) or buy a shirt (time out to look online for a new T—should I get long sleeved or short?)

Sports teams, time periods, authors, TV shows and actors are my favorite obsessions. Back in the 90s, I had a Spurs shirt for every day of the week. I currently have a stack of books set in Tudor times, I spent a fortune on eBay getting Nora Roberts’ backlist (before she started releasing those 2-for-1 reissues), I own every Larissa Ione and Colleen Gleason novel though I’ve only read the first couple of each series. I’ve seen and own every episode of Supernatural, as well as accompanying books and graphic novels.

The biggest clue when I’m obsessed? I watch movies most people have never seen based on obsessions with actors. When Javier Bardem was my obsession, I even watched Spanish movies, thanks to my local library, which has quite the Javier collection. My DVD case is a tribute to past obsessions—Jam and Kabluey, along with Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy, thanks to Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Miracle Match, Dear Frankie, 300, Nim’s Island and Beowulf and Grendal thanks to Gerard Butler. Avatar (2 versions), Terminator Salvation and yes, even Clash of the Titans thanks to Sam Worthington.

Currently, my obsession is Justified, the F/X series, and its star Timothy Olyphant. The other night I even watched Rock Star, which was kinda painful, just for the few scenes with Tim. My Netflix queue is loaded down with his work. I can’t wait to get Deadwood J

Do you get obsessed (or should I say, passionate) about shows, actors, movies?

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Emma, you could be my sister, LOL! I am just like this - I often get to the point of hiding my purchases from my husband. Not because he would put a stop to my buying but because he knows me so well and knows damn well it will be something else next month. I hate it when he's right!!

My obsession right now (same as you!) is anything to do with the Tudors - I have also been fascinated by the era but because of the TV series, I am worse than ever. i want to know more and more and more!

R x


  1. Rachel, right now I have the DVD about the six wives of Henry VIII. I particularly am interested in Anne of Cleaves and Katherine Howard.

  2. Yes, I am definitely an obsessive person. Right now (actually for the last 3 years) my obsession has been Celtic Thunder. All my life it's been books. I rival book stores and libraries. And now I can't wait for the new season's celebrities to be announced on Dancing With the Stars.

  3. She, I'm looking forward to that list, too! If not for my Nook, I'd rival some bookstores myself! I have calmed down lately and not bought EVERY book I want!