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Welcome back Carrie Ann Ryan!!

Hi Carrie Ann, welcome back to my site. I'm not sure but I think this might be your third visit with me which already tells us you are multi-published! How is the tour going? Hope you are having a good time

On with the questions!

Hi! Thank you so much for having me here today!

1) Who is your favourite author and why?

Oh, this is always such a hard question. I have so many favorite authors. But to pick one out of the hat….hmm….Lorelei James comes to mind right now. I’ve yet to read a bad cowboy romance from the woman. The men are sexy, smooth, rough, ragged cowboys with different personalities. The women are strong, snarky, and perfect for their women.

Love it.

2) When did you first consider yourself a writer?

Hmm…I think I’m still working on that LOL. But when I got my first email from a reader saying she really enjoyed my work and wanted to know more about the Jamenson brothers.

3) Describe your writing space?

Right now, since we are still at graduate school, we live in a small one bedroom apt. So I write sitting on the couch. As of last weekend, I moved to the kitchen table. We’ll see out that works, though the cats are not too happy LOL.

3) What are you reading now?

I read a 350 page book in an hour so that will change by the time you read this from when I’m typing. But I’m reading Bobby by Cat Johnson. Apparently I have a cowboy theme going one LOL.

5) How many books have your written? Which is your favourite?

I have three books, including Trinity Bound, published. Though I have three others in the works. So far, of the published ones, Trinity Bound is my favorite. I think I really found my voice in it.

6) What comes first, plot or characters?

Characters. The plot can change for me, but without knowing who the characters are, I don’t know what plot would come.

7) Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

Not for ideas. That I have. It’s more of fear of writing. Does that make sense? Someone says you suck and you’re afraid of putting words on paper. It’s happened a couple of times, but then I talk to my cp Lia Davis, and I’m okay.

8) What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

If I’m not writing, then I’m reading or teaching. I don’t have time for much else.

9) Tell us about your latest book?

Trinity Bound is an m/m/f ménage about Reed, Josh, and Hannah. Reed and Hannah were taken from their homes and Josh is the one who is left to save them. The book centers on how these three can work together to form a relationship and how they can become a family.

And of course, there is an evil Pack of werewolves bent on keeping that from happening.

10) What’s next for you?

I have two more books coming out this year. At least. Enforcer’s Redemption is the fourth book in the Redwood Pack series and is Adam’s story. His story is going to go a bit darker than the rest, because as some of you know, Adam’s backstory got a bit darker.

I’m also working on a new series called Dante’s Circle. Dust of My Wings is the first book and centers on Shade, an angel, sent to earth to protect the secrets of the supernatural. Lily, a lab tech, is the woman who stands in his way. Dante’s Circle will have seven books surrounding a group of seven women and the men the fall for.

Here is the series blurb:

Humans aren’t as alone as they choose to believe. Every human possesses a trait of supernatural that lays dormant within their genetic make-up. Centuries of diluting and breeding have allowed humans to think they are alone and untouched by magic. But what happens when something changes?

Thank you so much for having me!


by Carrie Ann Ryan



Hannah Lewis, a rare earth witch, is taken from the only life she’s ever known. Held against her will by a sadistic wolf, she almost gives up hope that she’d ever see her real life again. But as her fellow captive, a werewolf named Reed, tries to calm her fears, she begins to feel a spark of something she never thought she’d feel – love. But is Reed, alone, enough to get her out of this dark basement so she can move on with her life?

Reed Jamenson, the artist of a werewolf Pack of Alpha males, knows instinctually that Hannah is his mate. Thus, despite their imprisonment, he will do all to protect her and then worry about their hearts. But is he strong enough to find a way for both of them to escape? And why does he feel as though something else is missing?

Josh Kolb, an ex-military human, stumbles upon Reed and Hannah and finds he must trust this new world of supernatural beings to survive. But that desire will lead the three to a triangle of attraction that will test the boundaries they all possess and its consequences in defeating the enemy. Can they all trust one another to save themselves and life as they know it? Even at the cost of their own hearts?



Snowflakes stuck to Josh’s eyelashes and he bat them away. A strong gust blew past him, the cold chilling his bones. He surveyed his surroundings, taking a silent step through the undergrowth. Tall trees reached to the sky, blocking whatever sunlight filtered through the dreary storm clouds. Their limbs heavy with leaves and the extra weight of collecting snow drooped down, dropping snow bundles on his shoulder and in one unfortunate incident, his face. If only he could have Found these two in the nice spring or cool fall months. No, he had to search for them in the onset of winter and the beginning of what looked to be a deadly snow storm. Lucky guy.

When he left his bench on Main Street, he had quickly gone home to fetch some of his equipment. He dressed warmer, grabbed a pack with extra clothes for Reed and the witch, some food and water, and weapons. Lots of weapons. Knifes and blades of various shapes and sizes adorned his body. He had his SIG strapped to his side, with extra ammo in his belt. Sadly he didn’t have any silver, but lead would at least slow the beasts down if they came after him.

And they would. Because as he followed the trail in his mind to this remote bunker, his sense of unease swelled to a staggering sensation. Crap, he might not make it this time. He was but one man. One human at that. But looking down at the lair that held two people that he needed to find, he set aside those worries and the creeps it gave off. The two of them were more important – for some unknown reason. And if anyone truly knew him, they would know that it was freaking hard to give Josh the creeps. But he ignored those chills as well.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Carrie Ann Ryan is a paranormal and contemporary romance author. After spending too much time behind a lab bench, she decided to dive into the romance world and find her werewolf mate - even if its just in her books. Happy endings are always near - even if you have to get over the challenges of falling in love first.

Her first book, An Alpha's Path, is the first in her Redwood Pack series. She's also an avid reader and lover of romance and fiction novels. She love meeting new authors and new worlds. Any recommendations you have are appreciated. Carrie Ann lives in New England with her husband and two kittens.

Carrie Ann loves hearing from readers. You can find her at:



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Twitter: @CarrieAnnRyan

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  1. Thank you for hosting Carrie Ann today.

  2. Good Morning!!! After reading the interview, I thought, "Wow, and I am a busy person?!?"

    How do you manage graduate school, teaching, and writing? Whew! Graduate school took up all my time. My poor children didn't know what to do.

    I am with you about Lorelei! Love her books. She was my reintroduction to romance after a 15 year reading hiatus to raise kids, etc... Love Lorelei!

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    1. I'm a little bit busy LOL. We'll see how it works.
      Lorelei is amazing!!

  3. There's this old saying that if you need something done ask someone who is busy and it will get done, ask someone who isn't and it probably won't get done. A lot of people thrive on being busy, it looks like you're one of the them Carrie. I wish you continued writing success.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

    1. Thank you Julianne! Though right now anything else on my plate might make me go a bit crazy LOL

  4. Your book sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing! I love reading how other authors write. :)

  5. Nice to see I'm not the only one who is sometimes afraid about actually putting the words down for fear of what others might say..

  6. I think your book sounds awesome. Lots of luck with it.

  7. I had some happy days living in graduate student housing (and then faculty hosing) in the "old" days. Looking back, I'm not sure how my hubby & I managed in such small quarters.

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  8. Carrie...I have much respect for you! You are very talented and will go far...I have no doubts! I am enjoying the Redwood series and look forward to reading more from you!! Stay with it, You're a star!

  9. You are an inspiration, Carrie Ann! I wish you much success. :-)

  10. Great excerpt. I love that cover.

  11. This book sounds great. I will have to add it to my TBR pile.

    kandj7299 at verizon dot net

  12. Finished Trinity Bound and loved it! Looking forward to Enforcer's Redemption. Hope it will be out soon!


  13. Thank you much for the chance to win, and the great interview!!! Love the cover by the way!!!


  14. Great interview...thanks for the contest...


  15. I think it is true that human used to have other senses that we have evolved out of. Science proves it - we don't really see everything because we don't need to, where as we could if we retrain our brains. Same with smell and hearing. If we train ourselves to focus, we get some of that back. Now I don't necessary think we had everything, but there is truth behind it.

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