Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bianca writes from as sexy sounding a condo as her work, love it!!

Welcome, Bianca! I am so happy to have you hear, I really feel as though we got to know each other through our exchanging of emails while I was on holiday, LOL! Shall we get on with the interview?

1) Who is your favourite author and why?

So many from which to choose! I guess my all time favorite is Oscar Wilde. I love his sarcastic wit, innuendoes and the lush language.

2) When did you first consider yourself a writer? When I won the Georgia Romance Writers Magnolia Award with a vampire romance before they were even heard of. Berkley called, said they didn’t publish vampire stories but asked if I had anything else to submit. That really dates me! Hindsight is 20-20—and regrets I have a few—I didn’t say what are you looking for.

3) Describe your writing space? Two months ago, I moved, so I’m settling into this new space. I bought a condo in town. Square footage is limited but the floor plan is open, and one of the bedrooms is the “piano room” (it’s painted red). In the living room,over the back of the brown leather sofa, my traditional inlaid desk faces a fireplace with a plain marble surround and the flat panel TV (which I rarely watch). The floor, too, are marble. The rug is Persian Meshad(got a great deal on Craigslist! Scented candles and the baby grand with a player system lend ambience. I love my bachelorette pad!!

4) What are you reading now? Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. I started reading the book on the plane to and fro a visit with my son in England. I found it very much like the DaVinci Code. I really enjoyed Sebastian by Anne Bishop.

5) How many books have you written? Four completed manuscripts—under a different name.

6) Which is your favourite? Hot Spanish Nights is my favorite. I loved writing about the sexy, brave men who fight bulls on horseback. For many years, I bred, trained and showed Andalusian horses. They are magical. The stallions are proud but gentle. The Andalusian has often been used as the unicorn in films (The Dark Crystal). I immersed myself in the story of a young woman who flew to Spain to buy a spectacular stallion—and found a two-legged stud who made her forget why she’d boarded that plane.

7) What comes first, plot or characters? Characters, always, they introduce themselves and tell the story. Granted, I toss a lot of pages by way of introduction.

8) Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? Constantly. I have the day job from HELL—I’m a legal assistant. I come home completely whipped. Life gets in the way of my fun and creativity.

9) What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Drive, hard and fast. I’ve always been a devotee of sports cars—top down and pedal to the metal. I also love piano, the theatre and symphony. I enjoy quiet evenings at home and going out with my friends. I have two spectacular friends—Lisa and Beda—who, over a bottle of wine, edit my scribbling. I no longer own horses but the love of them never fades.

10) Tell us about your latest book? The hero in Hot Spanish Nights, Damián Xeres, is hot, hot, hot on the surface yet a secret self lurks behind the mask of the courageous rejoneador and wealthy heir to a sherry empire. When he introduced himself, I fell in love with that other man as well as the façade the world sees. Erica, the heroine, has the single-minded focus that people who live and breathe horses bring to their sport, but when she meets the hero, her world—and her reason for rushing to Spain—spin ninety-degrees. Their parents are business associates. An affair between Erica and Damián spells scandal, but love—or lust—makes you feel like you’re dying if you deny the feelings.


Erica didn't need to close her eyes to picture the man riding behind her. His white shirt was open at the neck, the sprinkling of dark hair on his chest visible. For just a moment, she leaned back against that muscled chest, pretending the strong arm lightly circling her waist hugged her tight. As she rocked with the cadence of the horse's canter, she imagined Damián's firm, hot cock pressed to her butt. When she visualized how his erection would look in the tight riding breeches, a pleasant shiver glided over her.
Mustn't let my imagination run away like this.
"Sit deep," he said, and her fantasy became a reality as he slid closer.
His long legs molded to hers, moving ever so slightly to the three-beat thud of hooves. Sweat broke on her brow. Her heart pounded in her ears, resonating in her core. She should inch away from the hard pressure on her ass, but he felt too damned good. Images of turning around and doing him on the horse scrolled through her mind. She lost the rhythm of the stallion’s smooth gait and slid to the side.
Damián's arm closed around her waist, steadying her. "We must work on your seat, Erica. You look beautiful on a horse, but you must become one with him."
Thinking of becoming one with him—the man not the horse—had caused the problem.

11) What’s next for you? My second erotic novella has been submitted to The Wild Rose Press as well as other publishers who publish shorts. Eden is the story of an angel, injured in the Second War in Heaven, who plummets from the sky into a woman’s arms and wants to stay there—despite the consequences.

Bianca lives in Texas with her baby grand piano and is very fond of her snazzy little convertible. She still believes the power of love—and the power of lust—and enjoys delving into the soul of both of the L-Words, bringing to life hot men and the hot women who love them on the sizzling page.

Phew!!I LOVED the excerpt, Bianca! In fact, I am to do a little Wild Rose Press shopping right now, fantastic. Bring on the comments and questions, Bianca would love to hear from you!


  1. Bianca,

    Loved the interview. I tend to write from characters first, too. Ever have a "voice" that your not sure where it came from (and I don't mean that literally ;-).

  2. Louisa, I hear voices all the time! :-) Thanks for dropping by! And thanks Rachel for having me on your blog.

  3. I hear voices too. :) Super interview! The story sounds sizzling.

  4. Very enjoyable excerpt, Bianca. I write characters first, too, although they tend to change a lot in the process of making them fit a plot, LOL.

  5. Great interview Bianca! I have no doubt that this new story will be as great as the first. And I for one can't wait to read it!
    Good luck with sales Bianca!

  6. Thanks for the well wishes, Mary. Barbara, I understand totally about trying to rein the characters into the plot! And thanks for stopping by, Beth

  7. Wonderful interview, Bianca! Best of luck to you. Your latest book sounds wonderful.

  8. Hi, Bianca, Glad to see your first blog. You did well and I want to read this book!

  9. Hi Bianca, great blog especially for a virgin. Love the excerpt.



  10. Bianca, I enjoyed learning more about you and discovering your lovely apartment. What a hot excerpt so well written. Fingers crossed for this book. It will do well.

  11. Great interview. I loved the excerpt and can't wait to put this hot romance on my ereader! Yeah Bianca!

  12. Scarlet took time away from her new grandbaby to visit and read Bianca's blog. Coming to you from Babyville with brand new GD!

  13. Wow Scarlet. I am honored! I have a 7 month old grandson. Fun, fun, fun until they take the pacifier away. :-)